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(Lore) What was that clue referencing...


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There are some clues in missions that reference things that either were put in game, or were meant to and never did get here.

Who remembers what some of them were?


Asking because I just ran the last mission from Wincott, where you recover some magic items from the Outcasts. And I started drawing a blank on what they were supposed to be tied to.


1. Worn Tome - You recovered this worn and moldy tome from an Outcasts' hideout. The strange, rusty red text appears to be Russian.

2. Strange skull - you recovered this skull from an Outcasts's hideout. It is highly similar to a human skull, but the bones are much thinner and fragile. (I believe this was supposed to be the Avilian AT - the one that got dropped when they got wings to work.)

3. Coral bracelet - You recoverd this bracelet from an Outcasts' hideout. When you touch the beads, your finger begins to bleed. (Coralax?)


I remember one from a cargo ship where some scientists brought "something" up, I *think* it was supposed to be a servant of the Coralax (these had another name, L-something, I think) when that was going to be an AT instead of just an enemy group.

... found it in my old guide, the VIrtea.


I think there were more hints like this (like the Eye of Horus in the Oakes oil spill, pointing at the BotBS,) but can't recall them all.

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