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Redside RP group LF info


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I have a villain concept toon i have always wanted to run. A pure Redside Blaster. Pure Villain. I am leaning towards a Brain in a jar on top of a robot with Energy Blast powers.  I do have a backstory for it.  

I am getting ready to drop this thing into Mercy.  I was wondering if there are any Redside RP groups that I could join?

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I joined a group called "Villains of Paragon city" A heavy Evil RP SG that runs a lot on Blue and some on Red.  Evidently a reboot of a group from Virtue.  They are doin base construction.  There are 10 or more peeps on each time I log in.  They do in game events.


I thought it might not be a great fit because my toon is a pure villain., and they did a SG event Blueside as I rolled in.  But I like to give everything a chance and I enjoy mostly rolling solo except for TF and RP.  Harder on a Blaster but that is the challenge isn't it.?


Then last night, out of the Blue (I suppose literally here?) a leader offers up the Redside Bank badge run.  5-6 of us rolled all night, not just grabbing badges but wrecking the Mayhem maps and robbing banks.  We even did Atlas twice because someone missed the badge (late joiner?) and we robbed that bank again. Invader accolade done! Those of you who have been dedicated Redsiders know how nice it is to get that out of the way. Also, I am impressed with the group a lot for doing the event and doing it well.


If you have a inkling to do some crimes look up this SG!

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