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Beasts chance for build up


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Has anyone experimented with putting Gaussian chance for build up in summon wolves? I've heard it has interesting interactions with thugs enforcers due to the number of targets their tactics power affects. I wonder if the same is true for the wolf howl buffs?

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I heard Gaussian proc is not great on Wolves. The Wolves only have a chance to trigger the proc when they use Howl, which has a 60s cooldown. Enforcers have a chance to trigger the proc every 10s as it activates through their Leadership power, Tactics.


You can probably test it. Wolves use Howl even when standing around idle. Just slot Gaussian, summon pets and view your pet buffs to see how often BU appears. 

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I did some testing and what you said is pretty much true. It procs rarely and the duration seemed to be less than 5 seconds. But that could just be a delay in the power window. 

I also learned just how much beasts buff their own damage. It’s impressive. 

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