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AHK "Combat Mouselook?"

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A user called Wayleran made this wonderful AHK script for Star Wars: The Old Republic that makes the traditional MMO control system in that game (which is very similar to CoH's) a bit more "actioney."  I wonder if there are any AHK mavens out there who could adapt it to CoH?


I know that the functionality exists to toggle Mouselook on and off with any keybind, and I do use it (I use mouse BUTTON5), and it's great; but the neat thing about the above AHK script is that it allows you to stay in mouselook mode longer - notably, for interactables (e.g. anything that's interactable at center of screen - in COH that would be things like doors, or glowies primarily) - all you have to do to interact with an interactable while in mouselook mode is press and hold the Right mouse button.  Genius!


This means that you really only have to come out of Mouselook on command (by using your chosen keybind) for interacting with the UI generally (contact conversations, fiddling with the menu, etc.) - which makes for a much smoother playing experience.


The script also works so that if you hit Enter to type or Backspace to respond, you automatically come out of mouselook.  There's also optional functionality to use (while in mouselook mode) M1, M2, Wheel Up/Down and Middle button to click numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which is very handy too.


(Note that there are some functionalities in the script that are optional and I've got many of them commented out in SWTOR - e.g. when opening some menus with keybinds, like I for inventory, etc. - that can be easily adjusted by user to taste.)


(Note also: I can't think this would be "illegal" since it's just an extension of a functionality that's already in the game, it's basically just QOL for a particular type of player preference.)

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