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Customizing the Crab-pack


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I like my Crab Soldier, he is super fun, his powers are nice, I like summoning spooky spider bots to bite the ankles of my enemies.
What I don't like is not being able to change the colours of the Crab legs on the backpack that I am required to wear ! There are some parts of it that can be changed but there are these little teal coloured lights at the base of the legs and the ends where the evil comes out that is always red/orange.

Would be nice if there was a second customization line under where you select the model of crabpack you want to use with 2 colour options to change these 2 aspects.
Pack Model with it's existing 2 colour options
Pack Accent with the 2 colour options to change these static elements of the pack (one to change the lights and one to change the lazers on the ends)


Also being able to change the Arachnos Symbol on the base of the crabpack and being able to change the colour of the energy weapons would be nice !

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2 minutes ago, Bossk_Hogg said:

it would also really be nice to not put your gun away

Good point, I hadn't brought it up because I only use the crabpack powers since I got to higher levels but thinking back it was one of the reasons I decided to go all crab without any of the rifle attacks

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I'd like a better variety of crab-pack options.  Like one that looks organic like an Arachnoid's arms.  Or Boney-Spikey-Spine-y.   Maybe an "energy claw pack", similar to the celestial wings.

Who says Arachnos hasn't experimented with other things on their minions?  It's not like Recluse was really worried about their retirement plans or worried about possible harm to individual mnions.

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