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consolidating various pvp-related links that have been posted elsewhere into one place. if anything's missing post it below or you can ask me to add it to this post.



pvp wiki page - covers a lot of technical info well like base resistances, diminishing returns, damage differences, and pvp flags on powers. good place to start with no prior or outdated pvp info.


pvp discord - the unofficial homecoming pvp discord. lots of helpful people willing to answer specific questions. advice skews towards team arena over pvp zones or dueling. also home of pvpbot who you can use to search builds in the spreadsheets and generate popmenus for test server build testing


8v8 demo stats - summary stats for 8v8 matches jul 2020 - sept 2022 by me (may go offline)

attack chain timing calc - Basics on common 8v8 PvP attack chains by dexington


arena/kickball primer - my writeup of general info for arena pvp and kickball specifically.


emp basics - my writeup covering some of the basics of healing in arena team pvp (and pvp in general). links to VODs with additional emp info at the end. for new healers with some starting pvp knowledge.


pvp builds - spreadsheet listing all Mids/Pines builds that have been posted to the pvp discord #build-discussion channel (no longer updated). Note there’s no curation of the list, so the builds may not be good.


mids’ reborn hero designer - the program almost everyone uses to plan their character’s builds before respec’ing/leveling, usually up to date for homecoming servers


general build advice - good comment by Dan Petro on general pvp build philosophy (be sure to also read his other comments in the thread)


attack frame data - frame data on popular pvp attacks put together by mallex

attack chain guide - Basics on common 8v8 PvP attack chains


pvp calc - Mallex’s calculator for figuring out effects after diminishing returns and proc rates on powers


ppm list - list of all enhancement procs with PPM rates and effects from macskull


useful binds and settings


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