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Regen Debuff build


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Hehe. Bots/Trap is overkill... Trap alone is -1000 Regen, permanently, so even against a +3 AV it will shut it down.


Traps for any AT is a good answer. Other options are:

Robots for MM.

Radiation, Thermal, Cold Domination, and Dark Miasma/Affinity. All of these put out comparable -Regen, though Dark's varies from about 250% to 750% depending on when Howling Twilight is up, while the others are a consistent 500%.

Bio Armor has -Regen, not that high but the best for melee ATs.

Some of the newer Blaster secondaries have -Regen, such as Plant, but it's pretty minor compared to the sets above.

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I think it was patched to not allow the -regen in Drain Psyche to accept enhancements so it's not potentially the highest single-activation source of -regen in a powerset anymore.

For what it's worth Rad gets both Lingering Radiation's -500% and EM Pulse's -1000%, if you're not talking about sources that could be made permanent; however, since Poison Trap uses a pseudopet to apply the effect, Traps can still surpass by placing multiple traps to stack -1000% debuffs.

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