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Weekly TF bonus amounts

Razor Cure

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Does anyone know if the bonus xp amount is meant to be similar, for ALL the weeklies? Like teh same rough %, appropriate to your level?

I cant quote any exact values, but it seems like teh Cap SF gives a much much small bonus, compared to others. Mr lvl 46ish blaster did Cap, will a 1mil xp bonus. My lvl 45 dom did SIlver Mantis..3 mil bonus! Now that could be because it is a higher level thing, but consider cap is max 20, and mantis is max 25...getting 3times the bonus seems excessive. Well, no, getting 1/3 for Cap seems a rip.

Again, going more but remembered amounts than actual values, but I am almost sure Posi1 and 2 still give about 3 mil bonus xp at 45ish.

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From the Wiki:


If the character completing the activity is not Level 50, approximately half a level (could be more or less depending on the average completion time of the activity) of bonus experience is awarded.


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Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 15APR24)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

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