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Possible Contoller Bug


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I may have a potential bug with my mind controller...


I'm trying to slot the Enhancement - Dampened Spirits (set) into the Terrify skill but its greyed out. 


The tooltip says Accurate To-Hit Debuff are allowed and Dampened Spirits is a To-Hit Debuff... 


I've loaded up in Mids Reborn and I can slot the Enhancements into the Skill, no problems.






What are your thoughts.

Thanks in Advance.




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Well, it lists ACCURATE to hit debuffs but NOT ToHit Debuffs on the allowed enhancements.  Sounds like it's an omission rather than a bug per se.


I'd agree that if it'll take the Accurate version it should also take the standard version as well.  That it doesn't is either an oversight or a deliberate decision by the Dev team.

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