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AE: pre-built Player Characters

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This is a pretty long-distance concept, but hypothetically, I think it'd be awesome if mission architects were able to pre-build characters that would be used by the player during their missions.


This would open up a lot of creative possibilities:


- Mission arcs featuring a single pre-built Player Character.

- Mission arcs featuring any number of pre-built Player Characters (perhaps on a mission-by-mission basis; this is pretty popular in contemporary Story Modes).

- Missions with a "Character Select" screen of sorts with multiple pre-built Player Characters to choose from.

- Missions that allow for the player to select either pre-built characters OR one of their own.

- Missions that would allow the player to select a pre-built Player Character, then respec them to their own tastes for the duration of the instance.


I understand this is pretty unreasonable given the current resources, but it's fun to think about for the far future :]

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