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  1. Well done! The icons look fantastic, and I hope to see something like this added to the game. I'm a big fan of the Chrysopoeia icon. I appreciate the references like Greek Fire and its clear that you did a lot of research for this. This would be a very cool to see in the game. Once again, well done.
  2. First of all, this needs to happen. Secondly, another Temporary Power that I believe should be changed is [Manifold Resonator]. The temp power says that it will make you intangible and you'd slowly phase back into normal reality, but it doesn't do any of the effects it says. Idealy, the temp should have you intangible and you are to slowly phase back into normal space in a span of 30 seconds.
  3. Love this idea. It should have a watery effect on top of the glue area.
  4. Impromtu request, please give Captives and Escorts the 'Captured Cower' emote. I simply do not understand why they would give it to bosses and enemies but not to the people it's intended for.
  5. I would like to see Beast Mastery's Henchmen buffs apply to other peoples Beast Henchmen, like how thugs leadership applies to all thugs in the group.
  6. Literally my first thought when I read the name of the thread lol
  7. This entire selection is beautful. Currently, my most recent character I'm playing is a Necromancer. I recently got my Lich, and despite the fact that he looks cool and seems great in theory, he's no where near as good as he could be. A former Necromancer being summoned back from the grave to do your bidding is such a great idea and yet they are so pitiful. Everything in this section is making the Lich as he should be.
  8. Agreed. Many of the NPCs, as seen in the A.E. NPC Catalog, already have 1-54 versions, which also makes this easier to be implimented. Fighting greys wouldn't be much of an issue either.
  9. You can finish a mini-arc, but once you're outside of the range, the contact is gone and you can't complete the arc.
  10. I still really like the idea of giving the equips the aura buffs. If I had a suggestion, I would like to see selecting the equip powers unlock the res and def buffs as an aura as that would be more convenient to newly respawned pets. Much needed regardless, +1
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