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Hi there,


Over the years the leveling system has matured, its main milestones where level 50, IO Slotting and then Incarnates. The problem is, in order to benefit from the incarnates you need to run lvl 45+ content. Loads are going to say there is plenty of it, but actually its a very slim picking. My main is VET 210+ now, I've completed most content on max rep that I can retain my incarnate powers on, Ive even solo'd most of the TF's. But now I'm left with repeatable which are short, boring and have no real meaning. Im plowing through Villain Side arcs but they wont last long even on max rep to slow it down.


Currently the option is Oroborous Flashbacks, which for what they were intended for is great, miss something, go back and do it again. Unfortunately, its the most antisocial aspect of the game. You start a story arc and its in TF mode, no new players can join. if its a new one you also dont know its length so cant really expect others to commit to something that could take many many hours. 


Outside of Oroborous repeatable missions are:

Police Radio/Paper missions - After a while you are practically on first name basis with the various leaders and even know where they hang out..

RWZ repeatable - they just go on and on, have no substance or working goal

Dark Astoria - They again go on and on with no end goal

Cimerora - They again go on and on with no end goal

AE isnt even worth mentioning


This game has mode content then almost any other, but its not designed for the power that you gain. There is a lovely TF from Wavelength where you get to fight Trolls again at up to level 54. They scaled well for their damage and a lvl 54 Caliban hits like a truck with no other alterations. 


Id love for something to be done to allow characters you made and love, to be able to continue going. With the new incarnate systems comming out at some point, its going to make using those powers against end game content even harder.


Id like to suggest a few alterations that wouldn't require much effort (hopefully)


The first is "Content Restart" - When a contact is 100% complete, as in they say go bug someone else as the world is safe, they can be reset to 0%. For arcs like Unia and Maria Jenkins this would allow high level teams to form and run those pivotal missions and create dynamic flowing teams that people can come and go from easily. It cant be much more then a tag on the character profile saying 100% complete so a simple reset shouldn't be too hard and would give a huge boost to end game play-ability.


Next is to do with repeatables.


In police/paper missions, we have safeguards/mayhem's as goals, but after a while you have met and arrested all the villians. Id like this same principle to be applied to the RWZ and Dark Astoria repeatable. In RWZ, every 6 completed missions, you have to do a mini version of Save the World from LGTF, where you can fight the big boss or at least a general of his at EB or AV level.


In Dark Astoria, every 6 missions you could have to fight an avatar of MOT and break into his inner sanctum to whack him down again, small additions that would give some sense of time and structure to them.


Cimerora can have the same deal only say attacking a 5th Column construction yard similar to the 3rd Mission of the ITF.


Finally, and this would be harder, once your level 50, allow previous contacts to to usable post Flashback, only at incarnate level. With the enemy scaling up to lvl 54, and in some cases getting a tweek to their loadout if they are lacking. Imagine Skulls Bosses spamming all that Dark Energy at lvl 50 - brutal. Before people start going on about it being impractical, remember.. its already been done with The Family. They used to be machine guns, gravity controllers and Super Strength bosses, at level 50 they have beam rifles and Titan Weapons. That REALLY hurts at lvl 54 to anything.


Id rather these alterations over a new Archetype personally as new characters will always run low on content, this would mean future generations of toons can be enjoyed indefinitely and wouldn't need loads of authors to write new content continually. After all, If Synapse's TF was so important, why didn't he get heroes a little better to help him.. 


Welcoming any comments, especially from Devs




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