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Base-building "simple" additional parts


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I'm positive I'm just reinventing the wheel here! But I've been doing some base-touring and seeing the amazing work folks have done with the existing base-building system, especially in constructing objects out of carefully clipping random pieces through each other/walls/floors just so. Stoves out of counters plus flipped over trash cans and lampposts and npcs turned upside down so just soles stick above, etc. The kind of stuff that makes me feel badly about my own creativity in a good way!


And I had this thought: I think everyone could do even better work along those lines if they had pieces available that were simple geometric solids, ideally at a few different size-ranges (I know re-sizing pieces would be even better but is probably a long-range recoding nightmare goal), and color-tintable. Spheres and cubes and cones and tetrahedrons and such--a variety of those available would really open up the possibilities of what builders could do with clipping objects through each other.

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