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Magic Badge Reader

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Is Positron reading my badges?  This is the "Power Overwhelming" arc in Flashback (level 50) from Mendor Ramiel.  This toon is my main badger so, yes.  This is all true.


"(Character Name) it is... good to see you. You have been through a lot, haven't you? Serving Recluse... striking him down. We are still wary of you in the Phalanx, due to your actions against us. But, you have earned our respect for taking the fight to Recluse's door. What is it that you want from me today?"


Don't get me wrong...  I *LOVE* this sort of thing!!!!!!!  I absolutely *WANT* NPCs to react to me differently based upon different conditions (whatever those conditions may be!)  Reading my badges is a *neat* way to increase storytelling!

@Super Whatsit

Superbase passcode (Excelsior) is "passcode-6475"


It's all a Nemesis plot.  But not everything is a Nemesis plot!

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