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Multiverse characters?


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Just curious, given all the recent storylines in comics and movies, does anyone else have multiverse versions of their characters and how they played them?


I have a Coin on each of the servers, same basic backstory, all Blasters but all with a different powerset, so it's a En/En on Torchbearer and an Ice/Ice on Excelsior for instance, even the same base costume but with some slightvariations of colours at patterns


Torchbearer is my main, a recreation of my original character from Live and had to remake him. I originally made the same character on each server to make sure no one else was using my name 😉 but decided to re-roll them all as the different sets. 


In my Head Canon, I like the idea of people who change servers meeting the differing versions of Coin (Not that I RP in any way!) but it still amuses my DC Comics loving mind 🙂


Anyone else do anything similar?

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9 hours ago, RialVestro said:

So this is what it's like to be on the other end of accidentally posting a duplicate thread without realizing it... Though I've been on this end before it's the first time I've seen someone else promote my thread as the original. Usually I end up doing that myself.

Just.....stay out of my head!! It's not a nice place and I've ran out of toilet roll 😄

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