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Add Paragonchat.exe To Homecoming Download

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I was already using Paragonchat when Homecoming/Score went public so i had no problems with getting COH to run from Tequila. Recently I switched to Linux and got COH working in Wine. Although I had copied my Windows folder I ended up reinstalling the whole game due to Tequila getting confused over folders. Tequila downloaded the files and verified them and then complained that Paragonchat.exe was missing and would not complete the install. Luckily I had my original install so I just copied the exe to the new folder and Tequila launched COH.

Later on I did a search and saw comments about double-clicking the Homecoming button to bypass this problem but that seems a cop out. I realize that Tequila is used by several programs and it may take time to find an alternative or update the program. In the meantime it would be easier if the Paragonchat.exe is included in the files downloaded for the game.

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Homecoming.exe uses Tequila to install and launch the game. In Linux/Wine Tequila will install everything fine but won't launch the game due to a missing Paragonchat.exe. You can't even get to the Homecoming Launcher (which btw still lists Paragonchat and Icon). If Homecoming is using Tequila and Tequila depends on Paragonchat then that exe should be included.

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