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Psionic Melee or Ice melee /ninjitsu


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Hello. I had a question. I am trying to pick between these two with no end game experience(haven't gotten a char past 30 lol). I like both builds and they both have pretty much the same stats but, I am not sure which is more effective end game for solo/grouping/general leveling. This is gonna be my all around character and first incarnate character. I plan on taking fire blast and fire ball for a different damage type and also extra aoe.


Psionic melee has more damage but, I heard it is very resisted with each of its powers doing 90% of the damage as psionic and the rest either lethal or smashing except levitate.


Ice melee has more CC with ice patch and frozen aura which I figure could help with defense failure and survivability.


Or I have a 22 MA/Electric(future soul mastery) brute if you think that would be a better first 50 and all around build. It is pretty fun and survivable. Thank you for the replies and help. I appreciate it immensely.

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I would tell you to go with Ice Melee, Psi Melee is a mix of Smashing, Lethal and Psionic damages, those are some of the most resisted damage types across the board. Ice melee is much more forgiving and has the CC you mentioned, it genuinely feels a lot more survivable and honestly with procs Ice Melee becomes pretty in line with Psi Melee.



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