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  1. Hi. Have the Devs talked about proliferating more epic powers to archetypes? Like I would LOVE the tanker/brute arctic mastery on my scrapper for theme and damage diversity reasons. I apologize if this has been talked about before. I could not find anything about it. (though I am sure someone will make me look stupid and post a link lol)
  2. Thank you for the replies and help!
  3. Hello. I had a question. I am trying to pick between these two with no end game experience(haven't gotten a char past 30 lol). I like both builds and they both have pretty much the same stats but, I am not sure which is more effective end game for solo/grouping/general leveling. This is gonna be my all around character and first incarnate character. I plan on taking fire blast and fire ball for a different damage type and also extra aoe. Psionic melee has more damage but, I heard it is very resisted with each of its powers doing 90% of the damage as psionic and the rest either lethal or smashing except levitate. Ice melee has more CC with ice patch and frozen aura which I figure could help with defense failure and survivability. Or I have a 22 MA/Electric(future soul mastery) brute if you think that would be a better first 50 and all around build. It is pretty fun and survivable. Thank you for the replies and help. I appreciate it immensely.
  4. Not sure if this is necroing. I just noticed this post. I am leveling a ma/electric brute and its been awesome so far. It is very survivable thanks to the defense buff from MA. MA is a little endurance heavy but, I have only had to slightly slow down, though not enough to not maintain high fury. So far it has been a breeze to 20.
  5. I agree with the War Mace pick. I have only a level 16 one but, it is pretty good. It is my solo tanker. Damage is great so far.
  6. I know you already picked but, I did MA/Electric and so far at 12 it is pretty good. I went hero and for a super saiyan 2 theme. So far I haven't dropped past 90% hp.
  7. How is your dark/savage in survivability/damage? I made a brute one cause I thought it would pair well together but, I am only level 10 and I just get this aching feeling I was wrong for no particular reason at all. Maybe a tanker would make me think different.
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