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  1. The issue was fixed by zoning. Odd but fixed.
  2. My old bind was "/bind lshift+lbutton powexecname teleport" which used to teleport me to wherever I shift+clicked. Now I just teleport in place not to the cursor. I know that teleport received some changes but also there was a new bind command change as well. Is there a new way this should be bound now?
  3. I have been on a MM kick lately making all sorts of alts. For me the one that has been pretty sticky is a thug/poison. I think of him as a drug dealer with a gang. He has been pretty wild.
  4. You can tint the bio armor stuff to look like grotesque skin toned mutations mutations too, which would be neat. If you are not into the idea of the giant tumor-armor thing then WP is another excellent choice. Both give a good feel for being rage based too. The more enemies around you trying to hit you the angrier and deadlier you become.
  5. Everything Mick Gordon is awesome for scraplocking. Facts. That hit the spot right there. Gave me a modern Streets of Rage vibe. Love it.
  6. What I am saying is over time 2 Perf shifters, an end mod in stamina, and the panacea proc equals more end than just the 3 end mods, all with the same number of slots. it would also mean a negligable but still there 7.5% movement speed buff for what that is worth if you use the end mod in perf shift for 2 piece set bonus. I forgot to add, I believe Panacea is .75 end/sec. I think it is 150% of perf shifter but I might not be remembering that correct. I do know it is worth more than Perf shifter though.
  7. Dark armor, flat out. Savage gives good endurance discount passively which makes dark armor manageable at a very early level. The passive recharge also makes the best self heal in the game even better.
  8. I'm a fan of TOOL for scraplocking as well. Some Perfect Circle songs do well also.
  9. I would move a slot from stam to health and put a panacea in it, then put another perf shifter in stam. that will have a higher net ammount of stamina over time then just the 3 in stamina.
  10. Bodies is almost cliche though. And frankly it has been so over used in homemade youtube videos that I now associate it with garbage game-play flash-cuts.
  11. I don't exactly know why, but I read that in my head with the rainman voice and it brought a smile to my face. "Too many variable, definitely. Definitely too many variables." 😛
  12. Tagging @Redlynne so they might notice but this probably could have been a DM.
  13. I don't know exactly why @Sir Myshkin, but that makes me think of 80s action movies. hehe
  14. Its just you, me, and the music @Nemu. Only we go for full sensory scraplocking...
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