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  1. Know what would be great? If when they figure out what they are doing with Rage (as they seem to be pondering a change to it) they went ahead and proliferated SS... Oh to dream.
  2. Shield on scrappers is what would happen if they allowed performance enhancing drugs in Rugby. Just do it and watch the carnage...
  3. Also of note: Even a poorly optimized attack chain in either of those sets with still be 110% playable and do very respectable damage. Sometimes I think the forums may imply that a non-optimal attack chain is somehow bad (not saying you did Munki just seemed a apropos time to bring it up). Even a poorly made character is quite often VERY playable as compared to other MMOs "broken" charactors. There are also some diminishing return on investment on the way to full optimization. Quite often once you get your Def/Res set up and are safe any bonuses to haste/dmg/DPS are just icing on the cake.
  4. Depends on the secondary. Dark melee has a toolbox that is suited for filling gaps in secondaries that are either end intensive or don't have some means of healing (like SR, SD, or DA). Fire is more suited for a self contained secondary that does not need support from it's primary (like WP or Inv).
  5. I wish the dev team would give us something on this. Even that was just a "It is harder than you think to proliferate these sets than it sounds".
  6. I have dozens of characters but for some reason this particular one really sparked something for me. I have been on him pretty non stop for a few days now. Even typed out a little backstory which I rarely do unless I love a character. Death's Breath. My DM/SR stalker. I colored the SR dark purple too so it looks like he turns to vapor when hidden and ninja run looks like a ball of vapor tearing across the map. Backstory: Reapers. The impartial handlers of souls. Meeting them is inevitable. Everything has it's time. Be you righteous or evil, all face death. Lately there has been many more righteous souls entering the soul well though. Too many. Balance must be restored. For the first time ever the Reapers are taking direct action. Reaper #4650 AKA Death's Breath is sent to do the unthinkable. To save lives rather than take them... well the righteous ones anyways.
  7. Defender: The Tanker won't be able to hold agro on that many mobs at once. Tanker: It's cool. I brought my scrap-bro.
  8. I have an SD/MA tanker that has been surprisingly strong. Good single target damage, extra AOE with SD, MA on tankers has a parry-like attack now which basically caps melee def without IOs, and frankly a mix of punch and kick animation make her feel like a proper brawler and that is supremely pleasing.
  9. I always wanted PPD with the hardsuit badass as the T3, special T1 would be an equalizer and two regular agents. I could easily make a whole cool set out of that and it would feel like more techy mercs.
  10. I image that, because the upgrades add costume pieces, this might be harder than you think. Having it try to add a bandana to a full helmet would be either horrendous or error causing.
  11. Tested my 25 merc MM out and he was sublime. Mercs just hang back and shred with their guns for ages (I don't have a T3 yet though but I assume it is good too). It is kinda funny if your graphics are set right they will get a hilarious amount of shell casings under the pack as they unleash all that lead.
  12. I have the same issue. Correct folder macro gives no errors or anything. Clicking it just does nothing at all.
  13. I have a Kat/Nin that feals incredibly fast. Nin gives some great movement and kat animates extremely fast.
  14. First time I ever made it in time to donate hehe. Thanks everyone! Community, Devs, everyone.
  15. I agree that finding a way to make this into a toggle is a lot of work and may not be worth it. But the fact that it appears to be pretty widely accepted that it isn't exactly a fun mechanic, perhaps it warrants a broader discussion on what kheldians need to be brought into line with other ATs. If they have a kryptonite does it need to show up consistently from 1-50? Is having their kryptonite in every mission make a lot of sense in most stories? Should they be more varied and interesting or should they evolve at you level similar to council mobs? I would like to hear what people think in this regard.
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