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Best epic pool for AoE damage?


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The Sonic cones hit more targets than many of the cones in other Sentinel Primaries.  So while you may not care for them, they are more functional than many of the other sets.  

Most of the Epics have only 1 good PBAoE power with varying levels of use.  Fire Sword Circle is probably one of the strongest direct damage ones maybe followed by Engulfing Darkness.  

For simplicity, I'll take Tashibishi from Ninja Tools if I can devote some slots to it for damage procs.  I do not mind if enemies run since I run all ranged attack chains, but enemies will try to flee the effect area.  So that may turn you off.

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You’re forced to use cones on sonic, but slotting enhancements which increase range will increase the arc of the cone making it more like an aoe. You could use an epic pool like fire. And take one of the nuke incarnates at 50. As good as you can get I think.

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