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I have a nice regular base built conventionally and I wanted to take advantage of above/below level building to create a sense that it's "somewhere" other than just floating in a void like it actually is. I also just wanted to develop some skill with outdoor building. So I was watching Dacy's video on the basics of building outside and decided going under would be a good move. I got that started and have some placed floor near the bottom of the base zone instance. Now the problem is I don't know what to build


The base is a semi-mystical supergroup base and it takes up 2/3 of the biggest plot. (I could put in filler rooms to enable building below but I've got a decent amount of viable placing area already.) One of the centerpieces is a huge courtyard open to the sky filled with trees and carnie tents, because we've got First Ward refugees staying with us. Originally I was going to build above the base to make it look like it's carved out of a hillside but after watching the video I thought going under would be better. I've got a huge mansion door with a telepoint in it in that courtyard and that now warps down to that platform way below the base. And I thought maybe I could create the illusion of a cavern by building something on that ground level and then piling island rocks above to block the view of the base, so it looks more like the base abuts some part of Oranbega or other ruins. 


I don't need anything functional so whatever goes in will just be for fun show,  but the extent of my ideas so far are to create a big chamber and either cram some Roman villas into the walls or put in a whole bunch of crypts and make it a graveyard. I'm not skilled at the point of actually creating say a fake city block or anything on that scale so lob me some softballs here folks!

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If you go down far enough in the base plot, it’s almost impossible to see the base. It will disappear sooner if it’s not got a ceiling and a bunch of stuff in it, but it should still disappear at the bottom of the plot. I’m just saying, you don’t have to put something like a cave, you could even have the sky open. Plus, there are placeable skies, like vortex, that could block the view if you can see the base a bit. 

I’m  sorry, I don’t really have anything I can add as far as ideas. Bases are so individual… I bet as you think about it more, you’ll find something that works for your situation. 😊



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