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Vanguard Merit reward table ideas


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Continued from the game chat.


The idea is that, other than vanguard heavy cores (which you can only get 1 of at a time) and gr'ai matter (which you can only buy one of every 18 hours, theres not really any kinda consumables you can buy and use in other parts of the game. the temp powers are mostly for dealing with rikti specific damage and such and not that useful elsewhere. So..


we need more consumables on the table for the VG merits. the goal is silly things, cheap things and things which wont effect the AH market (even if they are sellable)


Recipes for temp powers seemed the best options:


summon rikti monkey (20 uses)

defeat 20 rikti monkies + salvage (make a mind control device, or a banana?) + inf


summon rikti drone

salvage + inf


we then came up with recipes for non summon temp powers (limited uses per craft):

rikti blaster (ranged, energy)

salvage (energy weapon, and some other things) + inf


rikti monkey fart (PBAoE, toxic, Minor DoT)

salvage + inf

"Now you too can poison the air and blind your enemies after studying from the masters."



The fact they are all numbered uses means they'd be an inf sink (crafting cost) and in this case a VG merit sink. rikti monkey fart as a temp power was everyone's favorite.


could be possible to increase the uses per crafting. gotta set a max though.


your ideas for other consumables and recipes are appreciated.

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