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The Alchemist Archetype: A Lesson in Transmutation


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Hello, everyone, I am OmnibusOmnh. Since returning back to City of Heroes, I have had the chance to play many more powers than I ever did during the NCSoft days. I have since discovered some of these powers did not even exist at that time, and the time has come for me to introduce my idea for a new powerset as well...or rather, a new archetype. Huge thanks to @Tyrannical and @Blackfeather, and special thanks to @Monos Kingfor helping put it together and @Vanden for providing the icons. 


With inspiration from my favorite ATs, introducing...


The Alchemist


"Harness ethereal forces through the ancient science of Alchemy. Alchemists have learned transmutation, through which they erect constructs, summon projectiles, and even conjure artificial beings in their pursuit of knowledge. Combat as an Alchemists brings you closer to Magnum Opus, which will enhance your power to it's ultimate state. While most powers cost traditional endurance, more powerful abilities instead draw directly from your Opus bar." 



Archetype Icon: Read Me - Alchemy Options Docs


The alchemist is a potent caster and combatant, who uses Transmutation to fill various archetypal roles. The foundation of Transmutation is the players ability to utilize the Philosopher's Stone, the player must activate this inherent as it is pivotal to enhancing their strength, and defense in combat. Various powers are enhanced by the use of the Philosophers Stone, while others may come with a price.




Temporary.png.4e62b61e20fc241fb2a0da619d72ee09.png Philosophers Stone 


Activating this inherent requires the player to completely fill-in in the Magnum Opus Bar (Opus Bar for Short) 

An Alchemist does this by generating the life-force of defeated foes and using the energy in order to convert their Prima Materia (First Matter in all existence) to complete the stone.

The Opus Bar requires the player to complete four phases in order to be selected. (Once a phase is completed it cannot be depleted normally or return to a previous phase). They are modeled after the 4 processes needed to complete the Philosopher's Stone in Traditional Alchemy. Each stage replaces the last, until finally activating the Philosopher's Stone. 


View Stages



  KYuEwp2_TeQMlVxW0ycpl61ijOpq6AmKeGx1BSf9TkUkOWEPF2eq1ZeNHd6cHbo3qREJXyzEjnIArQJ6BfVAZqAPjQUwW4HEJ6OUFMGHIRQWuGH7iRRAcrKLV5ImGt3A5hH24lRQ  Magnum Opus (segments added for clarity


  •  Decomposition (Blackening)                                                                      




The First stage in the creation of the Philosophers Stone is Decomposition. The player begins to immerse themselves in a blackened aura that deals DoT known as Decomposition. The opponents body begins to break down into simpler forms of matter used to generate to the next phase of Magnum Opus.


  •  Purification (Whitening)                                                                                                  




The Second stage in the creation of the Philosophers Stone, is Purification, it embellishes the player with a cloak of whiteness that washes away the impurities of the previous phase. It brings a light clarity to the user. This process in turn grants the player a minor heal in game for every strike that lands on a target.


  • Illumination (Yellowing)                                                                  





The Third Stage and Final of the Opus Bar is Illumination, the player begins to emit sunlit rays around their body symbolizing the dawning of the sun and the transmutation of silver to gold (near completion of the Philosopher's Stone). Foes hit by players in this stage dealt with a slow affect as their energy is harvested for the activation of your inherent. 


  • Completion (Reddening)


(Notice) You are notified that the transmutation of all your opponents Prima Materia and Energy have been harnessed to complete the Stone, The Philosophers' Stone is fully active.


  • When first activated the life-force energy of all your defeated foes condenses around the players hands 

  • Next the saturated flow of aura is reddened and begins enveloping the player filling you with the energy and anguish of your opponents enhancing your strength   


      7SQ9tMFCw1-0A3gFc9UpKoq8qTqNzfoHY0AyG5CFqrjLMFP28BE7Q3TkHemEU9BHK6yTLQV6TjNeUlZmgJBvvOsn6hscdntT2hT-fQyCbrzHhzf3D13459GvjxdmtRhKfiVgmufX                              FcqTZ9_LlZH14b6_Q-uvfca-lhJbBJgTlUg6hh0JBCc81WdWlvYHjEqpqD9AA6ekCHKcTOGJbMp5j3p3ASzIZl6_Tr14nJuJ6wCXlz9uyGwlK4Ilg4EnTHN_PD7dUDquugc9Nqyg            


Once activated by the player the Philosophers Stone a label will appear above the players head in game called PHILOSOPHERS STONE, signifying the power is in use.  The stone grants a combination of all previous buffs from the previous stages and a complete build up in strength. When the inherent is used it will persist for 2 minutes, giving the player enough time to fully unleash the harnessed energy generated from those you sacrificed. 



                                                                                       List of Philosophers' Stone Buffs

  • Untouchable 2 seconds
  • DoT damage proc 
  • HoT (Throughout) +5% on self
  • Slow debuff proc to attacks
  • +Special (Power Boost)
  • Damage Increase
  • Resistance (All Damage, Smashing Lethal, Fire, Cold, Toxic, Psionic, Energy, Negative by 25%, however begins to fall by 5% every 30 seconds) 
  • These buffs are extended to Alchemic Henchmen you might possess for the abilities duration.



Alchemy is performed through an ancient practice known as Transmutation, through it, the Alchemist is allowed to choose between 2 primaries sets as well as 2 secondary powersets.


Primary Sets vary from secondary sets as they contain a special 9th tier transformation that can only be activated with at least half of the Opus Bar filled. These modes contain a series of 5 separate tremendous powers, and when activated, all other powers are inactive. Recharge for each ability is long, and ignores enhancements. Rather than cost endurance, each ability will directly draw from the Opus Bar.



Alchemist Primaries

The first 5 tiers of Transmutation, features the iconic Hand Clap gesture, this stance is absent for the remaining tiers as powers beyond the 5th tier use more complex alchemy to symbolize the players experience in using Transmutation.




Transmutation Melee

Transmutation Melee allows you to manipulate the process of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction in order to alter your surroundings and smite your foes. Certain abilities may strike awe into your opponents, confusing them for a short time.

View Table

  Power Level
756352230_AlchemicStrike4.png.f6a870b3f723b1c6cf3c4dc582cf96b5.png Alchemic Strike 1 Melee, Minor Damage(Smashing/Energy), Foe Disorient
Picture7.png.250cf3f063772b0addf9567ed9b6d5e3.png Alchemic Slash (Custom Weapon) 1 Melee, Moderate Damage(Smashing, Lethal, Energy), Foe Disorient 
Picture8.png.8739dcb999e3d8b178bb4a6f0e6182cb.png Alchemic Thrust 2 Melee, High Damage (Smashing/Energy) Foe Knock Up, Disorient
Picture9.png.85ffca5dafc66d5690f4adbbe07aad14.png Catalyst 6 Self + DMG To Hit +Special
Picture10.png.d4b26f79bf58bf669739ea3671803885.png Alchemic Smash 8 Melee,  Moderate Damage (Smash/Energy), Foe: -Defense, -Fly, Knockback, Chance for hold
Picture11.png.3ac589b4682a2022af3f430c1a151714.png Disassemble 12 Melee, (Cone), Moderate Damage DoT (Energy), Foe: -Defense
Picture12.png.1563a65396a1f79c62f731fcfc8fb2bb.png Reassemble 18 Melee (Targeted AoE) Moderate (Smashing/Lethal), Foe - Recharge - SPD
Picture13.png.afbe25f3d7bef89133429568ce2b2663.png Sages Strike 26 Melee, Superior Damage, (Smash/Energy), Foe: -Defense, Disorient Chance for Strong Confuse.
Picture15.png Metamorph 32 Toggle: Shapeshift +Resistance (All but Psionics)+Defense(All but Psionics) +Status Protection, Special
Picture14.png.de058a11f19add672e5c0818691efcac.png Mass Transmutation 40 Point Blank Area of Effect, High Damage (Smashing/Energy) Foe: Knock Up

Special 9th Tier Powerset


  Power Level Effect
Picture20.png.9ce6819d40737a0f517d52e7b9ddf975.png Thunder Roar 40 Melee, Extreme Damage, (Smashing/Energy), Foe Disorient, Knockdown - Perception
Picture21.png.f6707e506a5dd2a063c199570214209d.png Damascus Steel 40 Melee, Extreme Damage, (Lethal/Smashing), Foe Disorient
Picture22.png.68d5ff863f85e1d4646544fa5695c0a3.png Alkahest  40 Ranged, (Cone), (Toxic/Lethal) Foe -DEF(All), -DMG, -To-Hit
Picture23.png.f32889b234ab39b916d688933fd9bcb8.png Spiral Storm 40 Melee, (PBAoE) Moderate Damage, (Smashing/Energy) - Perception
Picture24.png.40ab55e1efe8c8e92080145d2396c2aa.png Greek Fire 40 Melee, Superior Damage, (Fire/Lethal), Foe Disorient - Recovery -EndoT
Picture25.png.2c18a02735ec9bb50a0a54fb4ccbd221.png Physicians Strike 40 Melee, Moderate Damage, (Smashing/Energy) 


756352230_AlchemicStrike4.png.f6a870b3f723b1c6cf3c4dc582cf96b5.png  Alchemic Strike

You clap your hands together harnessing surrounding energy to then preform a quick strike that deals minor damage and can disorient foes.


Picture7.png.250cf3f063772b0addf9567ed9b6d5e3.png  Alchemic Slash

You withhold the alchemic stance as you begin deconstructing and reconstructing the matter from underneath you, in order for you to assemble a weapon of your choice that is used to smite a foe.


Picture8.png.8739dcb999e3d8b178bb4a6f0e6182cb.png  Alchemic Thrust

You continue with the alchemic stance and smash your hands into the ground to preform a powerful thrust that morphs the ground beneath your opponent, launching them into the air dealing high damage.


Picture9.png.85ffca5dafc66d5690f4adbbe07aad14.png  Catalyst

You merge your fist into your palms gathering the surrounding life force to greatly increase your strength. Catalyst greatly increase the amount of damage you deal for a few seconds as well as slightly increase your chance to hit. This build up also as the chance to drain nearby foes' endurance for a short time, adding to your Opus Bar.


Picture10.png.d4b26f79bf58bf669739ea3671803885.png  Alchemic Smash

You complete the alchemic stance, compressing your fists to perform more refined blow of greater power. This attack is so devastating, it may hold the opponent.


Picture11.png.3ac589b4682a2022af3f430c1a151714.png Disassemble

You perform a fast swipe from your fingertips within a conical range on your target. This attack swiftly disassembles the matter of your opponents at a molecular level, breaking down their bodies without remolding it to your desire. This attack deals moderate energy DoT.


Picture12.png.1563a65396a1f79c62f731fcfc8fb2bb.png Reassemble

You reassemble the ground around an opponent of your choice, decreasing their movement and ability to maneuver out of harms way, impaling them allowing you possibly inflict greater wounds. This attack deals a moderate damage.


Picture13.png.afbe25f3d7bef89133429568ce2b2663.png Sages Strike

You charge a sphere of energy around your hands that channels the life force of all the Earth, fusing its energy into a concentrated strike at your opponent that deals superior damage and has a chance for Knockback. If you have filled half of your Opus bar, this attack has a chance to Enlighten your opponent, confusing them.


Picture15.png.ed909a669223e579f51fa71e17148aac.png Metamorph

By utilizing the Earths life force energy you merge with the planet, transforming your body into an avatar of the Earth itself. This power enhances your physical state and grants the player immunity to all earthly effects for short period of time. Choosing this power allows you 5 exclusive abilities. You must have at least half of your Opus Bar filled to become a Metamorph.

  • Picture20.png.9ce6819d40737a0f517d52e7b9ddf975.png Thunder Roar

You discharge a large jolting chain of ethereal energy released from the mouth in the form of lightning, that causes severe damage to a foe, striking them down, blinding them upon gazing the thunderbolt, and has a high potential for knockdown. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Metamorph state. Recharge: Very Long.

  • Picture21.png.f6707e506a5dd2a063c199570214209d.png Damascus Steel

You conjure a blade made up of a special alloy, and unleash a single fatal strike from this refined metal, to impale a target where they stand. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Metamorph state. Recharge: Very Long

  • Picture22.png.68d5ff863f85e1d4646544fa5695c0a3.png Alkahest

You produce a universal solvent, capable to dissolve every other substance. You forge this substance into a spherical shape within a conical range, splashing it onto an opponent eroding them, plummeting their offensive and defensive attributes. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Metamorph state. Recharge: Long

  • Picture23.png.f32889b234ab39b916d688933fd9bcb8.png Spiral Storm

You imbue the atmosphere with your energy to rotate the air around you rapidly, making your opponent unaware of their surroundings and dealing moderate damage. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Metamorph state. Recharge: Long

  • Picture24.png.40ab55e1efe8c8e92080145d2396c2aa.png Greek Fire

You manipulate the ancient inextinguishable flame to incinerate a foe at point bank range, this mysterious greenish flame can rapidly cremate an opponent after impact, using their stamina as a fuel source unless the fire is burned out. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Metamorph state. Recharge: Very Long

  • Picture25.png.2c18a02735ec9bb50a0a54fb4ccbd221.png Physicians Strike

You perform an enhanced blow that deals more damage than Alchemic Strike and does moderate damage. Recharge: Normal.

This attack is a spammable option for those who deem to stay in the form after the very long recharge moves are on cooldown. However, this attack costs both endurance and opus.



Picture14.png.de058a11f19add672e5c0818691efcac.png Mass Transmutation

This move entails a complete mastery of transmutation. You leap into the air and mobilize the ethereal energies of the universe around your fist, releasing a cataclysmic blast at a point blank range around you. As the strike lands, you uplift the earth underneath you within the runes, knocking foes upward. This attack deals high damage.


Transmutation Ranged

Transmutation Ranged allows you to release projectiles enhanced by earthly energy that can alter the matter of an opponent from a distance for substantial damage. Some opponents are inflicted with earthly energy directly, lowering their resistances.

View Table

  Power Level
Picture32.png.bb3197f61c3ae0d531caf5628c84016b.png Alchemic Blast 1 Ranged, Minor Damage, (Energy), Foe -Defense
Picture34.png.2f28c7ac5a4f5de8729ab2c2371f95bb.png Alchemic Lance 1 Ranged, Moderate Damage, (Energy/Lethal), Foe -Defense
Picture36.png.ee6d93c4f05a0f67ec0fa0585a8b630f.png Alchemic Assault 2 Ranged, High Damage, (Energy/Lethal), Foe: -Defense, -Resistance, Knockdown
Picture37.png.2e2639423a7192def5c6611ad407de83.png Alchemic Burst 6 Close, High Damage, (Energy/Smashing), - Foe Knockback
Picture38.png.7725df32cc45a6466033f49c77e11d51.png Teleforce 8 Sniper, Extreme Damage, (Energy/Smashing), -Recovery, -Resistance, -Defense Foe Knockback
Picture39.png.1b1886b6e8187c13d1f8160dae98a5b1.png Third Eye 12 Self: +Damage, +To Hit +Special
Picture40.png.ee6a34dba8d06ba7c315f3dd0f714861.png Elixir of Life 18 Self: +Heal +Regeneration
Picture41.png.dac1bf46fff130dc6c0e6092e373567b.png Elemental Barrage 26 Ranged, Moderate Damage, (Energy/Lethal), Foe -Defense,-Resistance Disorient, Knockback
Picture45.png.5b42841e6b050b74fcf39c40244f29b8.png Prima Materia (w/ Emerald Tablet) 32 Toggle: Shapeshift +Intangible +Defense (All but Psionics) +Status Protection, Special
Picture42.png.8e69f6e4a5cb213e1f39856d7cf6870e.png Primordial Bombardment 40

Point Blank Area of Effect, Moderate Damage, (Energy/Smashing), Foe: -End -Defense, Knockback

Special 9th Tier Powerset


  Power Level Effect
Picture46.png.dcb9ea2a8d8fcca496685e3580169074.png Shadow Wave 40 Ranged, (Cone), Extreme Damage (Negative), Foe Disorient, - Perception -To-hit
Picture47.png.a0c9f0b11c1e758a4b0dbfe4ac2e0115.png Pacification 40 Close, (Cone), Light Damage (Lethal/Smashing), Foe -Defense(All), -DMG -Resistance
Picture48.png.1b97b9f6f4b08d4be72102d11f80f6b9.png Ray of Light 40 Ranged, (Cone), Minor DoT (Energy) Foe -Endurance, -Perception, -To-Hit
Picture49.png.8ba33a8dc329def18c7688e2af7bbcaa.png Chrysopoeia 40 PBAoE, Extreme Damage (Smashing), Foe Immobilize -Recovery -Fly
Picture50.png.0a47e17344f12460811fb5ffbd07050a.png Transmission 40 PBAoE, Superior Damage (Fire/Lethal), Foe Disorient - Recovery
Picture51.png.3b985e9409d3dbff1b81fd5dc3cdb089.png Physicians Blast 40 Ranged, Moderate Damage, (Energy), Foe Knockback 


Powers Description:


Picture32.png.bb3197f61c3ae0d531caf5628c84016b.png Alchemic Blast

You begin preforming the alchemic stance for a quick bolt of life force energy as your hands extend outward, this quick rush of energy lowers the defense of a foe, fast but deals minor damage.  


Picture34.png.2f28c7ac5a4f5de8729ab2c2371f95bb.png Alchemic Lance

You continue with the alchemic stance, then you start to materialize the matter of the ground beneath you in the form of a projectile of the casters choosing, as the weapon is erected upward it lunges straight into an opponent. This attack deals moderate damage.


Picture36.png.ee6d93c4f05a0f67ec0fa0585a8b630f.png Alchemic Assault

You continue with the alchemic stance, then as you open up your palms you conjure a series of shurikens that levitate in the air until the casters hand comes to contact with the ground, at which point the shuriken is repelled forward towards the opponent, brutally wounding the foe in various places. This attacks deals high damage.


Picture37.png.2e2639423a7192def5c6611ad407de83.png Alchemic Burst

You proceed with the alchemic stance, next you begin gathering the energy particles in the air around the casters body, enveloping your hands as you hurl you arms backwards. Then as you begin to charge up a focused blast, your hands move rapidly forward, propelling the charged particles ahead, closing in on a foe at point blank range. This attack deals high damage.


Picture38.png.7725df32cc45a6466033f49c77e11d51.png Teleforce

You preform the alchemic stance a final time, next you begin emitting a focused blast condensed with all the charged particles in the air and exert them at very high speeds, ejecting them forward it garners a foes defense considerably as their atoms are morphed at a subatomic level.

(This attack is named after the dubbed "Tesla's Death Ray" nicknamed Teleforce it is a particle accelerator).


Picture39.png.1b1886b6e8187c13d1f8160dae98a5b1.png Third Eye

You awaken your third eye, improving your chance to hit and slightly increasing damage. Adds additional Opus over time.


Picture40.png.ee6a34dba8d06ba7c315f3dd0f714861.png Elixir of Life

You drink a substance of pure life force that heals you a tremendous amount, however usage of this elixir will cost a 30% of a Magnum Opus phase as it is the stone in use.


Picture41.png.dac1bf46fff130dc6c0e6092e373567b.png Elemental Barrage

You converge your fists together to channel the Earths lifeforce energy into a sphere of force that collides with a target a total of six times. The final bolt channels the earthly energy directly into the opponent, heavily degrading their defense and resistance. This attack can disorient a foe and knock them back.


Picture45.png.5b42841e6b050b74fcf39c40244f29b8.png Prima Materia

Using the legendary Emerald Tablet, you transform into a disembodied dark cloud of gas, rendering the you temporarily untouchable to foes and granting Defense to all but psionic abilities. Activating this power unveils the secret to perform the series of powers that go along with this phase. This power can only be used  with at least half of the Opus Bar filled.

(This transformations animation is accompanied with a series of books in front of the caster (known as the Emerald Tablet).

  • Picture46.png.dcb9ea2a8d8fcca496685e3580169074.png Shadow Wave

You project the dark night of the soul a blast of absolute negative energy that engulfs the target within a conical range of the caster, disorienting a foe and losing their view of their surroundings. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Prima Materia state. Recharge: Very Long 

  • Picture47.png.a0c9f0b11c1e758a4b0dbfe4ac2e0115.png Pacification

This attack nullifies the defense and resistance of a foe within a conical range of the caster, you emit a glow of white clouds, that reduces a target making them more vulnerable for the caster to inflict greater wounds. Caster glows white as a result. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Prima Materia state. Recharge Long 

  • Picture48.png.1b97b9f6f4b08d4be72102d11f80f6b9.png Ray of Light

You shine a yellow ray in front of the caster onto your opponent, this light blinds the target severely declining their perception as enemies under the rays loose their endurance over a short period of time. This attack deals minor DoT. Caster glistens yellow. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Prima Materia state. Recharge: Long 

  • Picture49.png.8ba33a8dc329def18c7688e2af7bbcaa.png Chrysopoeia

The caster begins glowing red, and erupts into a red aura, dispersing solid gold. This moves immobilizes a target, preventing them from flying, and can hold closer enemies by encasing them in gold. Deals Extreme damage. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Prima Materia state. Recharge: Very Long

Literally Greek for transmutation into gold. Use of this attack will conjure a red Ouroboros symbol beneath you for a brief moment.

  • Picture50.png.0a47e17344f12460811fb5ffbd07050a.png Transmission 

You seamlessly surge forward, lunging at an opponent from a distance and dealing damage to nearby foes. This power ignores changes to attack rate, and is only available in the Prima Materia state. Recharge: Long

  • Picture51.png.3b985e9409d3dbff1b81fd5dc3cdb089.png Physicians Blast

A comparatively weak attack releases a gust of life force energy enhanced by surrounding particles dealing moderate damage. Recharge Normal

This attack is a spammable option for those who deem to stay in the form after the very long recharge moves are on cooldown. However, this attack cost endurance.


Picture42.png.8e69f6e4a5cb213e1f39856d7cf6870e.png Primordial Bombardment

You gain supremacy over the Earths primeval energy. You call upon the sun, moon, and all sentient beings as you raise you palms, generating a miniature sun above you. Next you descend the object within a spherical area, diffusing all the energy at point blank range. Doing so absorbs the endurance of all nearby foes, repelling all enemies away and dealing Superior damage. 


Alchemist Secondaries 

An Alchemists can choose between 2 protecting sets to aid them in combat. There are no special tiers for an alchemists secondary powerset, and while hand gestures can appear time to time, they are not limited to the 5th tier. 


Alchemic Summoning

Synthetics are summons of artificial life forms, genetically mutated species, and remnants of the caster themselves created from alchemy these modified life lifeforms can seemingly alter their environment and growth rate at will. Note: The Alchemist does not benefit from Supremacy as would a mastermind. Summoned minions will receive increased +Dmg and +To-Hit only while Philosopher's Stone is active. Unlike masterminds, defensive mode will not result in damage sharing.

View Table

  Power Level Effect
Picture53.png.50cb31dd73245da105b2ace7436fa1fd.png Alchemic Push 1 Ranged, (Conical), Moderate Damage, (Energy), Foe Knockback
Picture58.png.cd83849cd1b6b5ac135a02743cf54988.png Homunculus 2 Summon one to three homunculus (Depending on your level)
Picture62.png.7672e76f729f4b553705e2acbf747fd9.png Transmutation Wave 4 Ranged, (Conical), Moderate DoT (Negative), Foe -Defense, Knockdown


10 Ranged, Enhance Artificial Summons
Picture64.png.e443993c09ffe8922293a389452052f5.png Equivalent Exchange 16 Close, High Damage, (Smashing/Energy), Foe Disorient; Self Heal -Magnum Opus
Picture69.png.51784ebd96e46c66831a04d9ce8c9ace.png Chimeras 20 Summon one to two chimeras (depending on level)
Picture70.png.20d4f8effefae9c87d92fc4c3be85e8e.png Dwarf in the Flask 28 Toggle: Summon Dwarf in the Flask PBAoE Team +Res(All) Heal, +Defense 
Picture71.png.fd36ae894c4cccc32649cfb8d5a5e164.png Sage 35 Summon Sage
Picture72.png.50f2ca2f99280780d260242d31a06d84.png Blessing of the Sage 38 Ranged, Bless Modified Summons


Picture53.png.50cb31dd73245da105b2ace7436fa1fd.png Alchemic Push

You perform the alchemic stance, and extend you hands forward and repel the collected energy around you in a conical area knocking back a foe.


Picture58.png.cd83849cd1b6b5ac135a02743cf54988.png Homunculus

You summon a series of miniature artificial humans that are spawned from your own DNA. The homunculi have varying behavior, but all share a common desire to serve in combat. 

View Attributes

Recharge Very Long
Minimum Level Read Me - Alchemy Options Docs 2

Summon Artificial Humans

Homunculi 1 Level 2 pet has super strength
Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1o3eZgI4YtKunzcvHemGTmECPs-8fx80- Dull Pain (Heal, + HP)


uc?export=download&id=1tUiYWiRXcaeoHi4Wrprh7YHXxIWHVR12 Punch (Moderate Damage, KB)

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End)

Equip Powers uc?export=download&id=1ZcvmGSYyvm1QVmXYT-5BnlVk33Htcx5o Jab (Moderate Damage, Disorient)

uc?export=download&id=1-ILkjTCNeCmhCt9QGrh7f8YK7ewXPkk1 Haymaker (High Damage, KB)

Upgrade Powers

uc?export=download&id=1Bz83u8zhZSD5xFB_LubRanZdR4IJ4-bn Metabolic Superiority (Heal +Regen, +Res (all))

Homunculi 2 Level 6 pet has spines
Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1EWIm3UObmFYW_npPdAJpz4yoA0OWnLPn Dull Pain (Heal, +HP)

uc?export=download&id=1o3i1BcTkJxvQXLmP5LGPhkae1XWE3K5L Barb Swipe (Minor Dmg, -speed, -Regen,)

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End)

Equip Powers

uc?export=download&id=1nFIpz9w6JCzxPmR5zPMnbDq4HnEU9TO6 Lunge (Moderate Damage, -Speed, -Regen)

uc?export=download&id=1irW-pDOkKMO93kae8DxePWQ-Af6S-yU8 Impale (High Dmg, Immobilize, -Speed, -Regen)

Upgrade Powers

uc?export=download&id=12TJCokhDv4Gd9lf9DgQxY5JTPILWCGfn Metabolic Superiority (Heal +Regeneration +Res (all))

Homunculi 3 Level 18 pet has claws
Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1EWIm3UObmFYW_npPdAJpz4yoA0OWnLPn Dull Pain (Heal, +HP)

uc?export=download&id=15MFwU2TR2cXoD81ImBdYCW2mZAaE_7Gy Follow Through (Moderate Dmg , +Dmg +To Hit)

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End)

Equip Powers

uc?export=download&id=1aHalTzR8VdUz-2CutEDqavIKBpC98-yT Focus (High Dmg, Knockback)

uc?export=download&id=1mqWcOOOCd7NlJtAQxQnjIeE0rCBU1veS Eviscerate (High Dmg, Immobilize, -Speed)

Upgrade Powers

uc?export=download&id=17sgva38VPD6piwZsklW_JWdfAeWTbiX3 Metabolic Superiority (Heal +Regeneration +Res (all))


Picture62.png.7672e76f729f4b553705e2acbf747fd9.png  Transmutation Wave

You project a torrent of of elemental energy forward beneath the target loosing their footing knocking them down and lowering their defense.


Picture63.png.771301620743f476162698383ae15e9c.png  Orgone

You access your esoteric knowledge of alchemy to preform a motion gathering the universal life force within all things, amplifying your pets strength, defense, and durability.


Picture64.png.e443993c09ffe8922293a389452052f5.png  Equivalent Exchange

Alchemy posits that something cannot be created from nothing; in order to obtain something, something of equal value must be lost. At the expense of your Magnum Opus, striking your opponent will heal friendlies for portions of their health. Depending on your progress, either an entire phase is lost or decomposition is temporarily unobtainable (if not over 40% completed). If you have activated the Philosopher's Stone, this power has no ill-effects. 

When performed, the caption EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE will appear over a target, signifying the use of the attack. The label UNOBTAINABLE will appear above the caster in combat until 1 minute has passed.


Picture69.png.51784ebd96e46c66831a04d9ce8c9ace.png Chimeras

You release two animal based hybrids nurtured to obey your command. One is dexterous and swift, whilst the other is highly resistant. Despite their crossbreed nature, chimeras tend to be loyal and protective.

The Chimera are competent fighters, and their melee attacks will have a small chance to crit. The second Chimera's abilities are essentially identical to Battle Axe, but use animations seen commonly by council robots. These powers will place bio armor on the second chimera for their brief activation.

View Attributes

Recharge Very Long
Minimum Level Read Me - Alchemy Options Docs 20

Summon Animal Hybrids

Chimera 1 Level 20 pet is elusive
Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1-9O15FX_YSsvUJe0ha1bYr08urQfB_gd Super Leaping


uc?export=download&id=1zGs8HZYMeqSWZELR3f9Pkdqdjot2u5Em Claw Swipe (High Damage, -Def)

uc?export=download&id=1nzl0PFmJ2ltMmH5TNEvizMEypBXDJmSp Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End)

uc?export=download&id=1CrlWtMBOT5L_kXx7NkYQdpakzqOw3Sn- Environmental Modification +Def (All except Toxic)

uc?export=download&id=1MJfGJzEkrtCpj2RPwy8qSDnb3AgpDLTk Hemorrhage (Light Damage, Special)

uc?export=download&id=14_47-XAc381wXljZUNOeILglCQdPY8nD Maiming Slash

Equip Powers uc?export=download&id=1zipX6IPcZQ1rfIwo8wZQQM6bgesPsRnl Shriek (Moderate Damage, -Res (Smash, Lethal, Energy)

uc?export=download&id=1GfCOyLE6XRTj0Lbe6-dlm1bYAwain6PH Agile +Def (Ranged)

Upgrade Powers

uc?export=download&id=1vuUt81wp5VaavDWkBItw1CemmNUj1qL6 Fetid Howl (Moderate Dmg, - Res (Smash, Lethal, Energy)

Chimera 2 Level 26 pet is sturdy
Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=166SAROsGt8xQ164T5rGdPWb2JcTQH34J Chimera's Resolve Self +Res (Elements), +MaxHP)

uc?export=download&id=1VV96F9eIwiBIReqW4U0H4xA5IWR6mA0S High Pain Tolerance +Res (All) +Max HP

uc?export=download&id=1nzl0PFmJ2ltMmH5TNEvizMEypBXDJmSp Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End)

uc?export=download&id=1z3vtWJA0_bo3qlDcxVt1QPO0HuAxdC1Y Extend Arm (Melee High Damage, Taunt)

Equip Powers

uc?export=download&id=1hOyPXVzRmKWcghoY7xK3EV6U6-kwbf66 Mincing Swipe Melee, (Cone), High Damage, KB Taunt

uc?export=download&id=1z4CcJ4t6303NYhaPNS4vZl3EK4XfkIFQ Mutilating Blow Melee, (Superior Damage, Knockup Taunt)

Upgrade Powers

uc?export=download&id=1dyUo0kTB3Hnu6IofaeH99V7k4vfqggAj Rampage +Regeneration +Res (all)

Picture70.png.20d4f8effefae9c87d92fc4c3be85e8e.png Dwarf in the Flask

You bring forth an omniscient creature from your essence. The imprisoned being uses its mastery of alchemy to grant defense, resistance and healing to all friendlies within a spherical range. Its presence is such that it may Entrance enemies, confusing them. The true nature of the dwarf is not one of loyalty, and will cease to be tamed under the casters command if the caster is severely wounded.

This pet will not persist after death like other additional summons, and may deactivate if the user falls beneath 5% health. This is an effect that could be done away with, however.

View Attributes

Recharge Long
Minimum Level Read Me - Alchemy Options Docs 28
Effects Summon Dwarf
Basic Powers uc?export=download&id=1vHTttgvnQ9CgLQyM2MLM9QCwx53nRIN_ Healing Aura | PBAoE, Team Heal
  uc?export=download&id=1sJf9bGPea7V-LWWTSHy_jX0gphIg-fKU Regeneration Aura | Ally +Regeneration

uc?export=download&id=1KRgOP7ehUs8WMECykuB17m1gXh0OrsHW Field of Clarity | Ally +Mez Protection

uc?export=download&id=162l_TgCgX29kbwL2HzeLestjmKyMg89k Maneuvers | Ally PBAoE +Def (All)

uc?export=download&id=11hKGmpQ8_6ajBD88YE6T7iwKu-ADVRKA Lift | Moderate Damage, Foe Knock Up

uc?export=download&id=1_F1G0bPDxWiT1rkAW9Yt38ExfSnFql8n Enlighten (Minor Damage, Confuse) Long Recharge


Picture71.png.fd36ae894c4cccc32649cfb8d5a5e164.png Sage

You summon the Sage, a being of mortal descent that possesses complete mastery over all forms of alchemy. A sage tends to predict the outcome of combat and will anoint the caster and their comrades with vast knowledge.

The Sages Farsight is different from a players version, being an auto power that is always on and being significantly weaker than the players version.

View Attributes

Recharge Long
Minimum Level Read Me - Alchemy Options Docs 35
Effects Summon Sage
Basic Powers Picture37.png.2e2639423a7192def5c6611ad407de83.png Alchemic Burst (High Damage, -Knockdown)
  Picture12.png.1563a65396a1f79c62f731fcfc8fb2bb.png Reassemble (Smash/Lethal, Slow)
  Temporary.png.4e62b61e20fc241fb2a0da619d72ee09.png Philosopher's Stone (Special)
Equip Powers 566955810_SageSummons.png.c1ae23c2cf1b261a3a93471f173824a7.png Sage's Squadron (Summon 1 of 3 pets)

uc?export=download&id=1_F1G0bPDxWiT1rkAW9Yt38ExfSnFql8n Enlighten (Minor Damage, Confuse)

Upgrade Powers Picture40.png.ee6a34dba8d06ba7c315f3dd0f714861.png Elixir of Life (Heal +Regeneration)
  Picture14.png.de058a11f19add672e5c0818691efcac.png Mass Transmutation (High Damage, Knockup)

Picture13.png.afbe25f3d7bef89133429568ce2b2663.png Sage's Strike (Superior Damage, Knockback)

uc?export=download&id=1-Sca4FMhcO9oFsmOnhHuiRwl6xKOp2xf Farsight | PBAoE +Def (All)


Picture72.png.50f2ca2f99280780d260242d31a06d84.png Blessing of the Sage

As the name implies it is an enhancement by the powers granted by the Sage. It empowers the caster and their summons with overwhelming strength and bestows them new powers and abilities. If Sage is present he will perform the attacks directly when summoned.


Appearances and Dialogue

Pet Model 1  Model 2  Dialogue Examples













PetCommand Stance Defensive.png When Called Forth: 

  • I am ready for combat
  • I'm at your command
  • Atttaaack!

PetCommand Action Follow.png When Called Back:

  • Hmmph, I must go
  • I understand, I must go
  • No, this is not over

PetCommand Stance Aggressive.png When Aggravated:

  • Yes I have won
  • Victory is assured master
  • Hahaha more blood is shed for your growth!

PetCommand Stance Passive.png When Idle:

  • Very well.
  • Yes lord.
  • Mmm. I will fight no more.

PetCommand Action Attack.png When Commanded:

  • This one will put up no fight.
  • Victory is staggering
  • Hahah this is nothing 








PetCommand Stance Defensive.png When Called Forth:

  • I'll rend the flesh from their hides!


PetCommand Action Follow.png When Called Back:

  • As you command, I'll concede.


PetCommand Action Attack.png When Commanded:

  • For you, blood will spill!.


PetCommand Action Dismiss.png When Dismissed:

  • Arghhh! I fear I was not of use!


PetCommand Stance Passive.png When Idle:

  • Hmmph. My apologies, I must perform better.
  • I do not sense any threats... but if I do...







(Will be an eye or black blob inside of a vase)

PetCommand Action Follow.png When Called Forth:

  • You have created me right?


PetCommand Stance Defensive.png When Defensive:

  • Your performance in the ancient science is adequate  @p


When Player Defeated:

  • Your performance in the ancient science is lacking @P 


PetCommand Stance Aggressive.png When Aggressive:

  • I request back up from a more a more reliable host of power aside from @p.
  • I am the Well of Knowledge, the Font of Power that permeates this mortal plane. Behold my divine might! Oh, no arms.


PetCommand Action Stay.png When Idle:

  • Wow! Infinite knowledge and I'm left here. I should have that stone.
  • Sure. You're gonna die anyway.
  • TP?

PetCommand Stance Passive.png When Idle: (Random facts about the game)

  • Incarnates
  • Primal and Praetorian Earth
  • Ouroboros
  • Battalion
  • Ever been to Pocket D?

PetCommand Action Dismiss.png When Dismissed:

  • You wish to discard unlimited knowledge @p? Good riddance.








PetCommand Action Follow.png When Called Forth:

  • You have shown great mastery in transmutation calling to me. You have peaked my interest.


PetCommand Action Dismiss.png When Dismissed:

  • I'll return if your presence is detected once more.


PetCommand Stance Passive.png When Idle:

  • The energy coursing through all things grows stagnant. The flow is distilled.






Animated Armor











566955810_SageSummons.png.c1ae23c2cf1b261a3a93471f173824a7.png Sages Squadron

When his Magnum Opus is full, the Sage is able to summon one of three powerful servants. This minion may range from an artificial human with superior skill, an animated armor with great durability, or the mythical sphinx. 

The sages minion will persist for 30 seconds, or until the sage is slain.

View Attributes

Recharge Long

Summon Minions

Animated Armor  
Basic Powers

Mace Shatter.png Push Back Melee, Extreme Damage (Smash), Foe High Knockback

ElectricalBolt LightningBolt.png Pilum Ranged, High Damage, Lethal

uc?export=download&id=1xpUIlRQxgCjflSQxtvtHnWWlFAHCrj21 Shatter Armor, High Damage -Res (All)

uc?export=download&id=1B-asVZ6UYi5UNw8Sr_7ASVWs1V0aBiB6 Clobber, High Damage, Foe Disorient

uc?export=download&id=16HepUUET02AXOhpM2qFULUejnBg7t4OP Bash, Moderate Damage, Foe Disorient

uc?export=download&id=14rhVKow6mEullUTmxm9GOcFgQs5ZjIbR Deflect, Minor Damage. Self +Def (All)

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (Psionic, Smashing, Lethal)

Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1EWIm3UObmFYW_npPdAJpz4yoA0OWnLPn Dull Pain (Heal, +HP)

uc?export=download&id=1sTH9Q833TbOyPSQWeTcXwUOWwvHLT344 Incinerate | Melee, High DoT(Fire), Foe Knockdown

FieryFray Scorch.png Fire Smash | Melee, High DMG(Fire/Smash)

FieryFray GreaterFireSword.png Greater Fire Sword | Melee, Superior DMG(Fire/Lethal)

uc?export=download&id=1Qsv_7Bw9RKfq4yhW6HPp3hhr8GOdrydg Fire Sword Circle | Melee, Minor DMG(Lethal), Foe Minor DoT(Lethal)

FireAssault Combustion.png Maiming Slash | PBAoE, Moderate DoT(Fire)

uc?export=download&id=1KZ7GqDt4qykNcpUrDqICHc1k02YcP-P5 Blaze | Close, High DMG(Fire)

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (All Damage but Psionics)

Basic Powers

uc?export=download&id=1EWIm3UObmFYW_npPdAJpz4yoA0OWnLPn Dull Pain (Heal, +HP)

uc?export=download&id=1eA9btajRaMiG_XjRIpSwvTNSRuMJxnMA Fast Healing | Self +Regen

uc?export=download&id=1nT_R-p5tpThVqVzrUMzpx20rG5wFIrSw Resistance (Smash, Lethal, Energy, Negative, End) +Def (Energy, Smash, Lethal)

uc?export=download&id=1U5Q6nVWBQ6VG1l5cCVVafX7A3hpBqL7U Whirling Sword | PBAoE, Foe Knockdown - Def 

uc?export=download&id=1_16Es3fOkULU9cF6t5s7SCa98bwUAlDY Slice | Cone, High Damage, Foe Knockdown, - Def

uc?export=download&id=1fs1d0B4367NpTb4VaVaST_52vOB-aHne Greater Sword Sweep | Superior Damage, Foe Knockup -Dmg -Def

uc?export=download&id=1fGS3xrDP9QlsDBLZHK37C4dGMbYffnsQ Hack | High Damage, Foe -Def

uc?export=download&id=1fs1d0B4367NpTb4VaVaST_52vOB-aHne Greater Sword Swing | Superior Damage, Foe Knockdown -Dmg -Def

Alchemic Armor 

Alchemic Armor refines the basic properties of matter to beyond its normal compacity allowing you access to seemingly unobtainable substances from unknown sources. Greatly enhancing the casters defense, durability, and movement in combat. Various powers enjoy additional benefits through the Opus Bar. 

Power Level Effect
  Power Level Effect
Picture73.png.139d16a38fa7c24602130cdefc594327.png Refine 1 Auto: Self +Defense (All) +MaxHealth
Picture74.png.8db299d7547e627dc8995a6d3a0ddf12.png Vitrum Flexile 2

Toggle: Self +Resistance (Lethal, Smashing) +Absorb

Picture75.png.db26489f9461bc9c1d238e998f98f43b.png Mithridatium 4 Self +Regeneration +Resistance (Toxic) +Special
Picture76.png.739cf038e610709875abe166eccdbca6.png Stone Encasing 10 Toggle: +Resistance (Cold, Fire, Toxic)
Picture77.png.ebb8fd97aa1ab3afaae76e5176417346.png Cloak of Orichalcum 16 Self +Resistance (Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Confuse, Fear, Psionics) +Def (All)
Picture78.png.639de71ef2d1da6e1c1d7b4f47af28da.png Starlite 20 Auto: Self +Resistance (Energy, Negative, Fire) +Special
Picture79.png.68e091ed28ae50ede150f13102d70fc5.png Celestial Grace 28 Toggle: Team +Perception +Defense (Cold, Fire, Energy, Negative) Resist (Defense Debuffs)
Picture80.png.7ff96b40042e508fca0842da1e114892.png Reanimate 35 Self +Resurrect +Special
Picture81.png.4273304847e5b28f088726ee163aeea7.png Adamantine 38 Toggle: Self +Resistance (Disorient, Sleep, Hold, Immobilize, Knockback, All Damage +Defense(All Damage) Special


Powers Description:


Picture73.png.139d16a38fa7c24602130cdefc594327.png Refine

Your personal properties are cleansed of any potential weak spots, reducing ordinary flaws in protection. You gain minor defense to all types of damage. This power is on at all times.


Picture74.png.8db299d7547e627dc8995a6d3a0ddf12.png Vitrum Flexile

You transmute an altered form of glass known to withstand pressure and is impossible to shatter, this grants the player near perfect durability to smashing and even allows absorption to forms of damage. It is not impervious, and offers only minor lethal resistance. (Stance used)


Picture75.png.db26489f9461bc9c1d238e998f98f43b.png Mithridatium

You gain access to an ancient botanical remedy which provides the player an antidote to poison and all toxic type damage. This move also gives the player a large regeneration buff. This power is enhanced through the use of Magnum Opus to include absorb over time.


Picture76.png.739cf038e610709875abe166eccdbca6.png Stone Encasing

You are covered with an amplified type of cement known as Roman Concrete. This materials longevity and compactness allows it to remain intact through the millennia without eroding. You have resistance to both fire, cold and toxic based damages. (Stance used)


Picture77.png.ebb8fd97aa1ab3afaae76e5176417346.png Cloak of Orichalcum

From your hands you summon a golden sphere of otherworldly substance to encircle you, negating any control based effects on the caster for a short period of time and offering strong defense most effects. (Stance used)


Picture78.png.639de71ef2d1da6e1c1d7b4f47af28da.png Starlite

You are granted resistance to all energy based damage through an invisible synthetic material, capable of withstanding extreme heats emitted from stars. This power costs no endurance, and is on at all times. After reaching Magnum Opus illumination, this power will increase its strength substantially, and offer absorb over time.


Picture79.png.68e091ed28ae50ede150f13102d70fc5.png Celestial Grace

While this power is active, you are granted a superior agility form all types of ranged damage capable of deflecting and avoiding attacks from a distance. If used in groups, teammates within close range of the caster, gain full awareness of all calamities that happen in your presence. Allies can detect any threats, allowing everyone to perceive their environment more quickly. 


Picture80.png.7ff96b40042e508fca0842da1e114892.png Reanimate

Ethereal energy enhances your body to be amplified beyond ordinary capacity. Forcing your consciousness to be restored in a state of impetus. Your vigor has been revitalized, as you arise with a full burst of energy, granting temporary invulnerability and filling your Opus bar. This power can be used while alive, but will not offer invulnerability and will offer substantially less opus.


Picture81.png.4273304847e5b28f088726ee163aeea7.png Adamantine

You have shown your true mastery of alchemy by enveloping your skin with the unbreakable, nigh indestructible metal of the gods. Thought to be unobtainable by mankind, this power allows the caster absorption over time and resistance to all forms of effects, as not even the mind can restrict what is the unshakable. Wielding Adamantine is a taxing feat, and after two minutes will rapidly drain your Magnum Opus to sustain itself.

Using this power with Magnum Opus filled will offer a short lasting weaker buff to all nearby allies. 

This power can be used with your transformation abilities, but will last for a shorter duration when combined with them.


NEW Animation and FX for Visualization


Icon                                Power Name                                                 Animation                                                                                           FX



Philosophers Stone

Power Up

Conductive Field, Temporal (Hands)


Attacks specified to have the Alchemic Stance will use the Kuji in Sha animation with a blue aura for their first animation and FX.




Alchemic Strike     

Quick Strike

Quick Strike (Blue, Default)


Alchemic Slash

Shivan Summon

Summon Weapon (Choosable)

Attack: Mercurial Blow


Alchemic Thrust

Stone Spears

Stone Spears, Blue Energy (Hands)



Power Shield

Power Shield (Blue, Default)


Alchemic Smash                        

Force Shockwave

Force Shockwave



Psi Blade 

Psi Blade (Invisible)



When Self (Personal Force Field) Location (Stone Cages)

Stone Cages


Sages Strike

Power Crash

Power Crash (Blue)



Kuji In Rin

Granite Armor

Special 9th Tier Powers



Thunder Roar                    

Movement: Fissure, Attack: Thunder Clap

(Thunderclap FX comes out of mouth)


Damascus Steel              





Hydro Blast 

Hydro Blast


Spiral Storm

Whirling Hands



Greek Fire

Energy Transfer

Incinerate (Green)


Physicians Strike

Mental Strike

Mental Strike (Blue)



Mass Transmutation

Atom Smasher

Attack Kinetic, Caster Electric, Ground, (Banner of Fiends Runes)




Icon                                                            Power Name                                                                                                                         Animation                                                                    FX


Alchemic Blast 

Power Bolt

Power Bolt


Alchemic Lance   

Power Burst

Weapon (Choosable)


Alchemic Assault

Masterful Throw

Masterful Throw (Blue)


Alchemic Burst

Energy Drain

PPD (Praetorian) Force Burst



Sniper Blast



Third Eye                   




Elixir of Life                     

Drink Vile

Drink Vile


Elemental Barrage            

Force Bolt

Nemesis Staff (6 times)


Prima Materia

Power Shield

Shadow Cloak w/ Books

Special 9th Tier Powers


Shadow Wave                     





Recovery Aura

Recovery Aura


Ray of Light

Praetorian Police Dpt (Force Shockwave)

Force Shockwave (Yellow) or Fortitude (Yellow)




Attack: Stone Cages (Crystal, Gold), Caster: Nova (Red)

Ground: Ouroboros Teleporter (Red)






Physicians Blast

Quick Strike

Ice Blast



Primordial Bombardment

Rune of Protection


Energized Halberd Strike




Icon                                                   Power Name                                                                                        Animation                                                                               FX



Alchemic Push       

Force Bolt

Force Bolt



Seeds of Confusion

Seeds of Confusion


Transmutation Wave

Energy Torrent Ground: Fissure, Attack: Ice, Fire
Picture63.png.771301620743f476162698383ae15e9c.png Orgone

Enchant Undead

Enchant Undead (Blue)


Equivalent Exchange                        

Speed Boost

Speed Boost



Grave Knight



Dwarf in the Flask              

Increase Density







Blessing of the Sage

Strength of Will





Icon                                                                        Power Name                                                                          Animation                                                                                    FX







Vitrum Flexile

Frozen Armor

Frozen Armor (Gray)



Adrenal Booster



Stone Encasing 

Rock Armor

Rock Armor (Gray, Color Tintable)


Cloak of Orichalcum                        

Kuji In Sha

Energy Drain (Yellow)






Celestial Grace               

Kuji In Ren

Kuji In Ren




Speed Boost FX



Rock Armor 

Rock Armor (Chrystal, Gray)


This Alchemy powerset draws heavily from the historic science, as well as from popular media. You might find reference to sources like eastern animation, lost technologies, and ancient various inventions. I hope to give a bit of historic trivia as well a complete powerset. Thanks again to those who helped, and let me know what you think.

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Additional Animation and FX for this Archetype for Visualization
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3 minutes ago, OmnibusOmnh said:

Apologies for the icons on the last pet powers, they were showing previously but aren't working anymore.

Worry not, it's a glitch that corrects itself normally. Nice work!

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This all seems pretty cool! My main issue is that it seems both too niche and trying to do too much at the same time. PBAoE inherant effects with ranged OR melee attacks along with Armor OR pet-focused secondary...


Also, when I think alchemy, I think of potions and chemestry and stuff. I know you SAID you took references from different places, but the reliance on FMA-style transmutation is a bit on the nose. It's like making an AT that has melee fighting with ki blasts and different from-armors and who get stronger whenenever they die, but then saying that its not just related to Dragonball Z.


Even so, this looks pretty neat, I'd love to play it! You clearly put a lot of thought and work into this, and its definitly an idea worth pursuing, imo.

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4 hours ago, EmperorSteele said:

This all seems pretty cool! My main issue is that it seems both too niche and trying to do too much at the same time. PBAoE inherant effects with ranged OR melee attacks along with Armor OR pet-focused secondary...


Also, when I think alchemy, I think of potions and chemestry and stuff. I know you SAID you took references from different places, but the reliance on FMA-style transmutation is a bit on the nose. It's like making an AT that has melee fighting with ki blasts and different from-armors and who get stronger whenenever they die, but then saying that its not just related to Dragonball Z.


Even so, this looks pretty neat, I'd love to play it! You clearly put a lot of thought and work into this, and its definitly an idea worth pursuing, imo.

Thank you, I appreciate you recognizing the fact that a lot of effort went into it, I do hope it is an idea worth pursuing.


In regards to FMA, I did reference it a bit but that's only because it's the most iconic and popular source of media, and every other power does not draw much reference to Fullmetal alchemist and actually draw directly from the archaic science itself. I tried to specify this in the descriptions, as a lot of vials, bottles, tablets, and inscriptions will be throughout the animations.

Only the first few powers are like that as a nod to show and I'm glad that you caught the reference.



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I've been looking forward to the unveiling of this archetype, especially as somebody with an interest in alchemy and hermetics too!


I can see this working as a very unique EAT that has a lot of lore potential in regards to the Midnight Squad or Circle of Thorns. or even their Praetorian adjacents. You've certainly captured the stylings of a transmuter, but there's certainly more themes you could explore, like apothecary, pyrotechny, toxicology, and so on.

Perhaps having some sort of ammo-swap style mechanic could introduce them into the mix.

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15 minutes ago, Tyrannical said:

I've been looking forward to the unveiling of this archetype, especially as somebody with an interest in alchemy and hermetics too!


I can see this working as a very unique EAT that has a lot of lore potential in regards to the Midnight Squad or Circle of Thorns. or even their Praetorian adjacents. You've certainly captured the stylings of a transmuter, but there's certainly more themes you could explore, like apothecary, pyrotechny, toxicology, and so on.

Perhaps having some sort of ammo-swap style mechanic could introduce them into the mix.

Absolutely, there are various lore and mystic opportunities that can be explored through enemy factions as well as provide them with new powers. As this is a new archetype, there is a possibility that the themes you propose can be added as pool powers, unique to alchemist themselves. This is also an idea I have been exploring.

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It really is best to have someone proofread a large suggestion of this kind before posting it, I'm afraid.

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Homecoming Wiki  - please use it (because it reflects the game in 2020 not 2012) and edit it (because there is lots to do)

Things to do in City of Heroes, sorted by level.   Things to do in City of Villains, sorted by level.   Things only Incarnates can do in City of X.

Why were you kicked from your cross-alignment team? A guide.   A starting alignment flowchart  Travel power opinions

Get rid of the sidekick level malus and the 5-level exemplar power grace.

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Well done! The icons look fantastic, and I hope to see something like this added to the game. I'm a big fan of the Chrysopoeia icon.  I appreciate the references like Greek Fire and its clear that you did a lot of research for this. This would be a very cool to see in the game. Once again, well done.


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I like it but all of the most direct "obviously FMA" references like "Dwarf in the flask" "equivalent exchange" have to be removed or made more ambiguous think how the OG devs introduced bank mish detectives by basing them off of TV or Movie detectives but using synonyms for their names(ex. tubbs vs basins) making them lawyer friendly.

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13 hours ago, Chance Jackson said:

I like it but all of the most direct "obviously FMA" references like "Dwarf in the flask" "equivalent exchange" have to be removed or made more ambiguous think how the OG devs introduced bank mish detectives by basing them off of TV or Movie detectives but using synonyms for their names(ex. tubbs vs basins) making them lawyer friendly.

The concept for Dwarf in the Flask is actually an existing principle for traditional alchemy, as I said we maid some references regarding FMA as it was the popular source of media. I kept it as well as Equivalent Exchange to set the tone to feel like your performing the medieval science itself.

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5 hours ago, OmnibusOmnh said:

The concept for Dwarf in the Flask is actually an existing principle for traditional alchemy, as I said we maid some references regarding FMA as it was the popular source of media. I kept it as well as Equivalent Exchange to set the tone to feel like your performing the medieval science itself.

Fair enough 

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2 minutes ago, Chance Jackson said:

Fair enough 

Yeah, we try to create a fair balance between references however most of the principles in this archetypes are concept of historical alchemical practices such as the stages for magnum opus, materialization, enhanced substances etc...

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16 hours ago, Monos King said:

It would be great to see some of these added as new Pool options, if nothing else. Pool powers can be somewhat lacking in advanced themes compared to what they could be.

Absolutely, I have already begun looking into options for new pool and epic pool powers as @Tyrannical has mentioned. Possible ideas I have been looking into were based on popular media but unique in its own right. Botanical remedies, charms and possible affects and enhancements through alchemy.


  • Abnormality (Enhancements through alchemy to provide great strength and support beyond normal capacity
  • Azothry (Expands normal alchemy doesn't require philosopher's Stone (Based of Alkahestry)
  • Automechanics machinery used to enhance physical qualities and an extension of the users body. (Inspired by automail
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Wow! You put a lot of effort into this. I'm very impressed! Nice job!

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ArcID #125 Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm;  ArcID #2551 Comic Con Fire Farm: Cave Edition

ArcID #133 Comic Con S&L Farm;  ArcID #9911 Comic Con S&L Outdoor Edition

ArcID #2915 $Comic Con Fire Farm$ArcID #11612 $Comic Con Fire Farm Outdoor Map$

ArcID #16607 $Comic Con S&L Caves$ArcID #16610 $Comic Con S&L Outdoor$
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On 2/10/2021 at 7:39 AM, brigg said:

Wow! You put a lot of effort into this. I'm very impressed! Nice job!

Many thanks I tried implementing this to the cake server In hopes of it being playable however I need to to have knowledge in coding and game files. Very glad you enjoyed it a lot of work went into this proposal.

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