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  1. This is called being lacking in purported purpose, and is one of the reasons threads like this exist to begin with. It wants to be a team benefit, but is lackluster and overlookable. So here we are.
  2. The current archetypes pretty much have every metric covered, so if you want a new AT to even be in contention, it has to be much more notable. Like I had said, the effects of the current sentinel in terms of role are already easily simulated by other ATs. That's why it needs extra effort to gain an identity. Inherents working with the primary/secondary combo is a great way to do this. A great example: brutes and tanks. These two are essentially identical in role and potential (as was really intended since at the time City of Heroes and City of Villains archetypes were mutually exclusive but had to fill out the same basic roles) but their inherents make them bring completely different offensive strengths. The Rebirth Servers Guardian AT is a good example of an exception, since the primary and secondary are so unique and clear in purpose that they don't even need a unique inherent to expand on their role...yet they have one anyway.
  3. It would be great to see some of these added as new Pool options, if nothing else. Pool powers can be somewhat lacking in advanced themes compared to what they could be.
  4. I can't see why I would play a Sentinel over a blaster or scrapp in terms of role if Sentinels are stripped of their "group performance" enhancing element, and instead just receive a damage boost. They would have no identity, and just become a primary/secondary combo that could be simulated by various other ATs with ease. This at the least results in something unique for an AT that struggles to have individuality once the novelty of having both range and armor is outleveled. It especially keeps things meaningful once raw damage overcomes the need for protection. What some of you might call overly complex I consider engaging. I disagree heavily with the "just amp their damage" perspective.
  5. I wouldn't call CoHs enhancement system anything like gear in MMOs, especially not like more modern ones like DCUO. Gear is the harbinger of endless grindfest by its very nature, whereas IOs can last with decent (or even permanent) efficiency throughout the leveling process. IOs are pretty one and done.
  6. Funny thing is unresistable -res is already accessible to players if they really want them. I'll be taking guesses as to what those are. It is. Unless for some reason the power were marked to ignore level differences (something else entirely which is actually ALSO player accessible, taking guesses.)
  7. No thanks, I'll pickup provoke when I don't want my fodder taking blows for me. I do like taunting at times though, so I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a taunt temporary power installed in the game somewhere. Maybe from a zone event or holiday arc.
  8. If Fly was made to keep your character on the ground visually when it was activated, then pressing space bar or whatever key you use to ascend could be made to activate a takeoff animation I would think. It could be a setting in the tailor for fly, under "dynamic exit" or something.
  9. I just want Sentinels to become fun and meaningful so I'll actually play them. Removing most sources of -res and replacing them with damage buffs is frankly a bad take, as a mere dmg buff is pretty boring, and would actually clash with the purpose of the sentinel adding team support in battle. Fortunately, there isn't actually reason at all to assume that will be the way Sentinels get handled. Yep.
  10. I'm not familiar with the sentinel version. Does that one offer +to hit and such?
  11. There's really no reason for Swap Ammo to not come automatically upon reaching a certain level, or just upon creation of a character.
  12. -Res cap is -300%. It's definitely not a cap you usually reach.
  13. Actually, if we're talking in lore Romulus should honestly be a way bigger threat than he is in the ITF - seeing as in one of the signature stories it's expressed that both Imperious and Rommy bathed in the power of the gods...so he's actually a Nictus empowered incarnate. This guy could've eventually been fueled by two different planets wells. That ideas further supported by the fact that what killed him in the past was the same incarnate power stripping ritual that axed Statesman too. I could get behind a buff to him just based on that. Maybe in later content his sword swings actually double in damage when transformed, instead of just dividing into equal parts lethal and negative energy damage.
  14. Far from it, it's already been emphatically explained why melees are given mez protection in this very thread, and that your comparison is a very false equivalence. You're not doing yourself any favors suggesting that squishies require mez protection or that changing the way melees work now is the same as maintaining how squishies currently are. As has been said before, the difference is in the tools they have already been given and the purposes they were designed with mind to. I've been plied a bit by some of the arguments here in favor of the mez prot for squishies in certain forms, but you seriously just take away from that with this nonsense.
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