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  1. If we're talking about P2W vendor additions, can I get a Malta Kronos Titan pet for 10bill? Just one.
  2. I don't believe I did, no. I think that if you want any chance of convincing anyone that something like this is acceptable, you'll have to examine the very real counter points I did make. Those namely being how the suggestion steers in the direction of undermining the current play-style trade off dynamic, and how the OPs second suggestion would set a harmful precedent as a result. I can't even decipher what your trying to say in regards to bringing up the PvP IOs and such, but everyone here should be ever open to being persuaded. You'll probably want to look at what we're actually complaining about first.
  3. An issue I've noticed for a while now. Zoning in does not play the neighborhood music. Zoning in music is how most even learn about the songs that play, so I'd consider it troublesome. An example of this is if you ouroboros to Sharkhead, the Port Noble music will not play.
  4. In other news, Amp Up still does not activate its intended -end + knockup proc when used on pets.
  5. Defibrillate is described to do -regen erroneously on the receiving end. It is clear that the affect is showing the description of discharge rather than defibrillate.
  6. You see, the "giving people freedom to play" argument can only go so far. It's awesome that this game permits so many routes to achieve and strengthen and reach 50, but there's a point where a route just objectively undermines the others. I'm sure there are people that would like to start the game at level 1 with incarnates and all their powers as well, or like a once-a-month AH discount. At the end of the day, games have confines and rules. Games are fun because of the sense of accomplishment, which comes from working within a set of confines because if you didn't you'd just be doing whatever you want and there's little fun in that. That's relevant here because we have established how you get the rewards in CoH...you play the game. It's simple. You can powerlevel to 50, we've probably all done it at least once, and then in exchange there are things you'll have to go back and do that you would've already gotten if you level traditionally. Accolades and badges are an accomplishment you just work for. This suggestion starts to teeter the trade-off...and the point.
  7. This power probably needs to add another +max absorb to not become totally useless later on. Current absorbs (especially bio) already fall into the pit of being overpotent beyond need, as ablative carapace with basic healing enhancement can overcap absorb without even putting on defensive adaptation.
  8. They do still deactivate when you get mezzed though, the toggle just keeps running.
  9. This is just not true, Patti. Being level 50 is in of itself a reward, as you've unlocked all your powers and such at this point. I guess that's somewhat undervalued since it is now so easy to reach 50, but to suggest there are no rewards from lower levels is like suggesting there is no or simply superficial progression, which is perhaps most untrue in this game compared to almost any other. I'm not even against incarnates but absolutely not. You can't obfuscate the unique privileges of being at the end game with "reason to play", that means you have been only looking at the end game; as a reference point no less. I know your trying to create greater reward (and by extension stronger progression) but things like what you just spit-balled is like the death of progression. That would just be getting rid of the uniqueness of the privileges of being upper level and homogenize the reward pool - there almost wouldn't be much special about being higher levels if the ultimate unlocks weren't even unique to end game, and then people would just demand even more from them. Not to mention there is just zero reason to do something like this.
  10. All I can tell you is if you have even a semblance of interest in PvP, roll the blaster.
  11. However, some henchmen should thematically be running faster, much like how beasts does now. 100%. This is a good idea I think should be implemented anyway, if for any reason because it gives all the pets the options for thematic runs when appropriate. Beasts will end up being literal speedsters with it, which is already fun to see. Might have to be more careful in damage patches though. I have a beast/kin and giving pets that much speed is not beneficial when you meet caltrops. Even with the go-to command they'll scatter 100 yards away with intense speed and leave you defenseless in quick successions.
  12. The addition of a "Come to me" command I suggested in the mastermind proposal thread should solve all of the movement issues. I'll recap it. -Automatic out of range henchmen teleport is removed -Pets can now stay in position no matter how far the MM goes away (including the end of a mission map) - Come to me added to advanced MM commands list -Clicking activates what the current automatic pets-out-of- range teleport automatically does, instantly teleports pets to your current location. Should work out for all instances where we see henchmen speed being problematic, and give the added bonus of stay/go to gaining greater utility.
  13. There are only contiguous elements in this mission, and though the requirements are apparently recognized to be fulfilled, AE does not let me publish or even test the mission.
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