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  1. Yeah so the t9s are great in PvP because everyones defensive stats are nerfed, and the t9s are such huge buffs that even nerfed they give a lot of protection. Defense is a bit different in PvP because the PvP Diminishing Return nerfs render defense useless without the PvP unique attribute of Elusivity (the opposite of accuracy). Elude didn't offer elusivity, so it was pretty much useless t9. It now does give elusivity, so it's great in PvP just like Overload, which also is a t9 that gives elusivity.
  2. I think you summarized my concerns on potency pretty well, so I agree there. Omn some of the powers should be enhanced, and some toned down a bit. The power needs more support. But you also highlighted a lot of cautions here, some of which I have had in other threads as well. If I'm being honest, I personally am a bit fed up with such concerns. I feel as though they stifle creativity. I'm fond of Omnibus' threads because of the uniqueness of the mechanics I see. For all of homecomings graces, fresh mechanics are few and new powersets are nearly non-existent. Rather than clip the po
  3. Yeah angel doesn't speak for all PvPers, mostly arena types. I in particular like having dynamic elements to spice up the scene in certain places. But both your suggestions have been strong misses so far, they just don't make sense.
  4. Note: This is still an issue (for Warwolf Whistle at the very least)
  5. Same, but this would be more convenient. You also might have other stuff stored in AH, or have an absurd amount of undeletable catalysts, so this would still be pretty useful as even a few catalysts rusk messing things up.
  6. Noting that for some reason Superpacks, along with the other normally seeded salvage, are not currently available via the AH on the beta servers for whatever reason. I consistently use these for testing, so would like to see them returned. Edit: If appropriate, move to Bug Reports. I'm not sure if posters can move topic locations.
  7. Yeah it happens on beta as of this comment.
  8. Wasn't sure if the booster changes had been moved to live yet haha
  9. So it really sucked before if you accidentally catalysted something you just spent time +5 boosting because it gets rid of all those boosters, or prevents you from boosting the enhancement if you hadn't boosted it at all. Now that both catalysts and boosters are instantly applied (which is an awesome convenience), there isn't even a way to prevent this from happening if you catch yourself in the act...essentially wasting all of your boosters or even the enhancement itself. Catalysts also aren't deletable. I would like the option to suppress catalysts so they don't show up in the enhancement sc
  10. I don't think it's good that the conversation keeps end up being reduced to one about mez. A power shouldn't suffer solely because of one attribute. Rune offered more than just mez protection, and frankly I don't see 90s of mez protection to be even that good. I surely didn't take it for that...I know of far superior means to address it than spending 3 whole power picks to serve that end. I took it for a wacky regen build, actually. As I labored to point out in the "give squishies epic armor mez prot" thread, wholeheartedly I agree that those ATs that are meant to suffer mez should
  11. I spent a long time explaining to a certain someone the numerous mez options in another thread, so I in particular am quite aware. It's worth noting this rune change is frowned upon for various other reasons other than whatever mez application it might've had, and I see many posts talking about that. If you think that addressing mez alone will convince others that the nerf isn't that troublesome, you'd be wrong as a result.
  12. I don't see how this change fixes your problem. Are you suggesting because it was nerfed, now additional attention will be given to mez protection options where they are lacking? I don't see why this would transpire as a result of runes nerf, nor why this couldn't happen while rune was stronger.
  13. What I'm reading is "we have an official stance on the strength of pool powers, and that is that they cannot be that good." Am I getting that right? Because if that's how you guys feel, it'll surely guide a lot of conversations that take place on these forums. Nows a good time to clear that stance up. Side note, but I'll just go ahead and say the discussions between the 'value and strength of powers', and 'lack of challenge' in this game are two different conversations, and your conflating them needlessly here.
  14. Well it's a lot closer to useless in PvP after the duration reduction so not at all a fan.
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