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  1. The most recent was on the Brainstorm Beta Server. Character: Ultimate Immortal Could use some clarity on what you need to know about the respec.
  2. I won't rule it out as a possible factor, although it's been happening with fully trained 50s too.
  3. Luckily this time it was on beta, and the IOs did return after the 7th failed respec. I'm definitely not touching my character on live, and I can't think of any specific conditions that could be provoking this on either server. Strong warning to those soon to respec. The failure seems to happen randomly, after logging in as far as I can tell, and the enhancements have returned unreliably.
  4. Update: All enhancements slotted or in tray were deleted invisible after the failed respec message until you finally get a successful respec. This happens on both beta and live. It is very bad. Update: Headed to beta to test out further since I guess I'm not respeccing today. Enhancements sometimes come back.
  5. I can't guarantee my continued mental health if this happens after another hour long respec. Please make this go away forever. Edit: Why does it take an hour? I am contemplative. Does mids help alleviate this pain? No. No it does not,
  6. Your argument is the one that doesn't make sense. In fact, I don't think you've made a single point, all you've done is show a flagrant lack of understanding as to why the exploit is being revoked. I'm not one of those shouting for a removal, but you have to understand that comments like these do truly nothing to help your stance. Here's a consideration starters pack: Use in no death badge runs Use in escaping mission objections Effect on relevance of travel powers Review the consequences in PvP Come back having weighed the positives and negatives of each of these, and maybe some solutions, and I'm sure you'll be heard. As it stands, you really are just disqualifying those opinions from even being considered.
  7. Nah Agony Mages actually do spawn at level 50, or at the least level 50 defined Agony Mages exist already (via AE). What I would REALLY love to see are Elite Bosses occasionally spawning in Founders Falls and Peregrine Island, like they do in St. Martial and Nerva Archipelago. These are high level zones, seems appropriate. And also cool.
  8. That's right. I want everyone to suffer because suffering is fun. Level 50s deserve the hardest, not pity NPCs! Bring back Paragon Protectors at level 50, and also Shadow Cysts ty for listening.
  9. I go to Peregrine Island and at Portal Corp I'm always met with the same two sights. I'd like to see some Agony Mages, Overlord Bosses, and more of the lesser encountered Circle hanging around at Portal Corp. And as for Grandville, more Paragon Protectors. I never understood why they replace Paragon Protectors with Paragon Protector "Elite". The Elite are just vastly inferior, for the highest level ordinary zone there should definitely be some MoG and Elude users mixed in the crowd.
  10. @borgking001a Actually, I thought I had forgotten about a certain unique quality of HVAS that does disqualify it from getting multiple charges and I did: it lasts forever. I definitely do want to see Snow Beast from Pocket D get more charges though. I would also like to see us granted 5 charges of the RV Heavy Temporary Powers; they are far too weak to be given only one charge (despite them also lasting forever). As a result I cannot even show them off frequently, as that is all they are good for.
  11. They'd have to give it some more powers; even with the boss damage modifier it would still be exceptionally weak if it was the temporary power version. Would need to be the AE version, and maybe given Greater Ice Sword too.
  12. Very enriched way of saying I'm using a power that doesn't hit that hard because I like its effects lol This is cool, and I've been trying to see stuff like the smashing dmg proc anywhere for a while. Wonder how there would be objections to this.
  13. I was initially going to say "This will never happen" in regards to the HVAS but actually, I can't see why it wouldn't. It's the only elite boss pet that comes in 1. I think you should be able to get 5 charges like most others, as long as each purchase is individual.
  14. My interpretation of cottage rule is simply that you cannot remove function, but you can enhance it (increase values) or improve it (keep existing attributes to some degree and add new things). I honestly do not care in the slightest about cottage rule though and only acknowledge it as a courtesy to those obsessed with it. I don't mind for changes to be evaluated for their individual benefits juxtaposed with their sources individual problems...and wouldn't dismiss a change just because it is an overhaul entirely. I got a few links for you. Check those out, tell me how you feel about them. Much like you shadowrex proposed an ammo-swap, and even I also originally envisioned an ammo change of sorts going where Serum went, along with a few other things. That idea just won't be enough to help mercs though, as mercs is genuinely stepped on and requires a lot of basic and general improvements before we can even consider how Serum factors in.
  15. I do recall the future plans from the AMA's; it would've been great to see how those stories would have played out. If we had seen that storyline come to fruition then seeing travel between the two would work, most likely unlocked with completing a trial or arc. So yeah, not never necessarily but definitely wouldn't be added without some story related precedent.
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