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  1. I'm young enough to have Snapchat on my phone, just to eye it with disdain.
  2. I like this. I personally think you shouldn't even get the new LRSF unless you've played through the accompanying who will die arcs, but this would be an acceptable alternative. Pretty sure that's how MLTF was but I guess continuity is just moot.
  3. Oh I haven't given up, I just think we got a pretty decent amount of good suggestions that can be revisited when desired. The devs have certainly seen the most productive proposals as well.
  4. Oh that's just a joke your comment is very much valid lol We are certainly very and unavoidably powerful once we're maxed out, and it would be silly to call content universally easy once we're at the precipice of power. There are just some other conspicuous factors, like how we got there.
  5. That isn't quite the scenario that is being discussed here. I can find some quotes to bring you up to speed if you're interested, as I imagine you haven't in fact read "the entire discussion". Though this thread is now a discussion of iron man's morality and the meaning of being a hero so maybe that'll have to wait.
  6. Another reason I'd like to see some thoughtful mechanics added to enemy groups and missions. I said this earlier, but incentive to play the game less hastily is also something that will help mitigate the out-pour of those that are too strong stomping on content with the lesser powered, and thus increasing those players sense of efficacy in teams. Also if it's any indication from responses in this thread, it'd probably be more enjoyable. Though I do realize some have expressed they aren't too fond of it as it exists now, such as Luminara, so perhaps we could think of some that would appeal to t
  7. I'm debating whether or not to let this thread devolve into "Determing Whether or not we're actually Heroes".
  8. I can tell you are somewhat weathered by the topic. I've found myself informing nearly everyone that jumps over the last few pages of this, but you'll be happy to learn the point of this thread is not to discuss options to make the game more difficult or to suggest buffing enemies. You hit the nail on the head, at the very least a vocal quantity of players do not want things getting generally harder. Once you dissect the matter, though, you can find that a large part of the issues with the games ease don't stem from the ease itself, but from factors discussed throughout the thread
  9. Like in Lambda instead of making mez short out some part of Marauders protection, they made a temporary power to cuck controllers and then spit on them by literally naming it a "Pacifier" grenade. Then while screaming "West Side!" it called it's boy Jocas just so they could mug mez itself in the Magisterium. Well, that might not be exactly what happened but it feels like it. I'm definitely of the opinion whatever trials may come in the future could fix that little problem.
  10. That's a great question. I would say most MMs don't have a strong role on teams, but when there is an AV encounter they can really contribute to damage, assuming their pets don't die the first, second, and etc seconds in. Outside of that, they struggle to keep up with the quick pace of teams annihilating what is in sight. We all know there are a hefty amount of MM issues though, and the devs are working on them already. I don't play controllers. Some of the people I know used to. But they stopped, because they didn't feel there was much a point. From what I gather, many controller
  11. Slightly unrelated, but I was playing on the hyper OP server formerly called Cake, and was absolutely delighted at what I could do. Cake is characterized by SUMMONING AN ARMY OF ENHANCEABLE ELITE BOSSES and literal tyrant powers and of course And I was enjoying challenging myself by soloing Magisterium, and Hami, and other ridiculous things. No matter how exceedingly OP you get, you can probably create a challenge for yourself in this game. So yeah, simply being strong isn't an issue if what you're looking for is a way to challenge your build. If what you want thoug
  12. This is natural, and a byproduct of both Nash Equilibrium and Dominant Strategy of Game Theory. As a result, doing anything else when these options are available quickly becomes "going out of your way", so I wonder if everyone actually enjoys those Architect farms, or just finds the rest of the game to be a hassle. I'll admit I do find that to be an immense shame, as there is a lot of content that makes the game special that is skipped over as a result of it. But people at the very least seem to like it, and that sort of things been staple since the game began, so I see it as fine.
  13. That is the position this thread has been primarily focused on breaking down, explaining, and remedying. I believe this is the 8th entire I'm saying this, but I also don't think the game being easy is bad; it's better for some of our delightfully weathered community. But it is also a problem for others, so looking at means to offset the actual problems easy progression creates (people feeling like they don't have worth in teams, people not feeling like rewards are worth anything because they came too easily) is worth doing. The thread has long progressed past this p
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