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  1. In personal synopsis, there is no fallout, and there is no harm. There might even be a benefit in certain maps, but I wouldn't know since I usually play with sound off besides music fx or during mothership raids. No complaints from me, though I wouldn't call it priority myself. Or even necessary.
  2. I'm for the eventual removal of the enterbase command, but indifferent to this suggestion. These are just non-analogous instances that can't really be compared. This one is a bit of a slippery slope fallacy. You don't have any evidence that adding a mechanism that already exists to a different thing in a almost identical mission will suddenly erode the games culture or immersion. That isn't the case with glowies now. Why would it happen here? I can also tell you there are already speed runs of missions where people don't give a hoot for the story or immersion, and it has little to do with the fact that there are objectives that make noises. When I make a team, I say "speeding through some missions" or "playing through the story of...". It's easy to specify what your doing if immersion is your goal, and the story/whatever route is almost never even slower than a normal "kill errything" route. Get the objective and go runs are what are speedy, and already exist. There's no harm in them. Just don't do them. If anything, having the trapped/scared/antagonized victim making audible sounds is immersive, and random objects exuding audible radiation or whatever it is isn't, but that's just a nitpick.
  3. By the gods! Impressive. I have scarcely seen so large a storage. But I see that there still are temporary powers (notably summons) that you lack. If you were to join me Ein Teph, I could unlock in you power beyond the chambers of your belief.
  4. If this isn't proof they require a special yellow title, you are wrong!
  5. I don't know who or what this "Ein Teph Sevire" character is but I think they deserve a special title commemorating how amazing they are. Something also tells me that Ein Teph Sevire is the leader of a temporary power hunting super group, which has unrivaled power and bottomless knowledge. Probably not though.
  6. Revisiting this, my Lost Cure has stayed in my inventory for exceptionally long, until I switched build. I have a lot of temporary powers, so it is difficult to scroll through, but the power was previously in my tray. Once I switched builds, the power disappeared.
  7. I've never even done this mission before but what you just described is so absurdly ridiculous that Vanden's exaggeration now sounds like a well-warranted approximation. That is rough. Unless the reward is like 150 merits or such at the end of the mission, no one should really need to do all that. Haven't suffered it myself, but I think I'm in favor of this proposal.
  8. Yea it's a display bug because of how resistance and damage interact
  9. It's not really an exploit, it's the badge description saying it only allows bosses that's the bug.
  10. The debuff isn't able to stack in that proposal. I'd like to see a diverse tally of differently equipped mercs myself, but I don't know that that would even succeed with the current primary set up. Having a bomber and sniper amongst the t1 pets for instance would be cool, but probably not very strong considering their modifiers. We'd just have a not so strong AoE dmg, a not so strong sniper, etc. No real focus in the set would mean it's just mediocre in a bunch of things rather than good at a few. I feel like this kind of theme requires a different kind of mastermind set up to really work, perhaps one closer to crabberminds in this case. Being able to switch out strong pets like a "swap ammo" for the t3 or summoning all of them at once for a short time (while being much stronger than now) are ideas I have, but I haven't put much thought into it either.
  11. See, that one can't be true. That feels like more of a projection of the damage centric meta, because trollers never needed to do a lot of damage and don't (themselves), and if that is the case it would mean all of the low dmg ATs are just badly designed, plain and simple. However, I don't mind that procs give the opportunity to rise to much higher damage, if that's something the player is interested in, in exchange for losing out on some duration and accuracy enhancements. I'd like to know if the fact that procs let controllers and other ATs do a lot more damage is why they might be considered OP.
  12. Well 1) Some people actually enjoy the equip/upgrade animations and find them to be more immersive. 2) Making them both auto voids the possibility of allowing the remaining upgrade to be an additional buff, or do something additional, because being auto would make said possible buffs instant and no trade-off, and thus be too powerful. As for the additional powers, I am more in favor of making them a unique ability that is in line with the theme of the primary, like a passive zombie summoning aura from slain enemies for necro or an ammo swap for mercs. I'd like to see the MM primaries get more identity.
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