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May 2020 Donations & Finances


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On 4/29/2020 at 9:37 AM, Hells_Hound said:

Completely missed this one!  But thanks a TON for the great work and the awesome resurrection (Defibrillation inbound!!!) of this super game!  I played it from day one (got a pre-release version from Game Stop back in the day) and missed it terribly when NCSOFT bailed on it.  Soooooo glad you could bring it back to life!  Keep it coming!  And, while I know the peculiarities of the not-for-profit status prevent you from moving to any sort of direct pay-to-play model, if there is a legal way to add some developer time/value to the overhead, count me in!

I understood that at least until (?) things get sorted with NCsoft, and it's clear what the rules will be, they want to avoid being seen as "profiting" in any way "personally" from this undertaking. It hopefully makes the situation with NCsoft easier to resolve.


But I totally agree that the team is doing awesome work. Never hoped my characters would by flying and running and jumping around the city again. I'm glad I saved everything 7 years ago with help from SentinelPlus).

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