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Psi Melee looks really cool, is it?


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I’ve got a lv 50 bio/psy tank and I’ve never felt crippled by the damage type. All the attacks deal a second damage type as well, either lethal (also not great vs robots) or smashing (generally good vs robots). I’m sure you won’t be winning awards on kill speeds vs robots (I only have the 1 tank so far so can’t personally compare) but it’s never felt painfully slow to me.

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I have a psi melee stalker; it's noticeable when fighting large numbers of bots (i.e. incarnate content), but it's not so bad. You do a little less damage but stuff still falls over just fine.


mainly it's an issue when I pick out a boss to take out and it takes a few more swings than usual to get the job done

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