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  1. While I agree that on teams full of people with thought out builds empathy has trouble providing much value. Although to be fair, this is true of basically all defensive utility at that point, empathy just leans further into defensive than average for buff/debuff sets. That being said, unless you are only playing in a static group with your empath (at which point, you could plan your builds around having an empath on deck) all your teammates not needing defensive help is not always the case. People with defenses that haven’t been softcapped love fortitude. Heck sometimes the ones that are softcapped do, because they aren’t softcapped to [damage type/position X]even if they are to others. By no means am I saying empathy is going to be the standout support set on optimized teams, I’m just saying it can be pretty good in other places. random tangent: If I were to build an empath now I would probably skip absorb pain, but man back in the pre ED days I loved it for heart attack tankers.
  2. I would look for set bonuses that help my build and go from there. That said, there isn’t really a wrong answer here. I personally prefer set bonuses and consistent damage over basing some of my damage on RNG (even if the total damage may trend higher) but that’s a matter of taste more than a definitive answer. As long as it has enough accuracy to reliably hit the rest isn’t a huge deal.
  3. I believe I know why this is. 1) Incandescence boosts healing recieved by applying a heal resistance buff. Similar to the way resistance debuffs from our abilities make enemies take more damage, a heal resistance buff would make heals more effective. 2) Some heals are flagged as unresistable, meaning they will do their normal amount and not check resistance. Both PB self heals are flagged as unresistable as are I'm sure several other self heals scattered across power sets. 2b) While this is a bad thing in the case of incandescence, it's a good thing if you ever get hit with a resistance effect that reduces the amount you heal. It's not the most common effect thrown around but it is a thing. Off the top of my head I believe Hami applies it, not sure where else it would be offhand.
  4. I’ve got a lv 50 bio/psy tank and I’ve never felt crippled by the damage type. All the attacks deal a second damage type as well, either lethal (also not great vs robots) or smashing (generally good vs robots). I’m sure you won’t be winning awards on kill speeds vs robots (I only have the 1 tank so far so can’t personally compare) but it’s never felt painfully slow to me.
  5. In my experience, it’s nice to have but it doesn’t need to be heavily invested in. Anything near me is generally handled by auras/gauntlet, but the taunt power can be pretty handy for pulling an enemy off of someone from outside melee range. Sets without a taunt aura probably will get more mileage out of it. (I know all auras on tanks taunt with gauntlet, but ones that rely on damage ticks tend to be less reliable about it. Or at least this was the case, the recent tank changes may have shaken it up a bit.) You can tank for a team without it, but you may need your team to slow down a little and let you establish aggro for a second before they start lighting things on fire.
  6. Luigrein


    Dark/Stone can definitely stun packs of mobs, including bosses. That said, without an immobilize they will wander around while stunned. You can solve this with web envelope although it will need to be applied twice before bosses are immobilized. Knockdowns from tremor may help as well. Also to consider, keeping enemy attention on you is a form of control as well, as long as you are able to take the hits regardless it's decent mitigation for the rest of the team. After all that... I tried my hand and making a build anyway lol. It can theoretically permastun any non-AV while still having softcapped melee defense, and capped S/L/P resists always, N/F/C will become resist capped once you start taking damage and/or stacking might of the tanker. It is not an endurance light build, incarnates aren't factored in but a cardiac alpha and/or ageless destiny is encouraged.
  7. Since both sets have typed defenses I would personally advise picking up psionic resist/defense from IOs over shooting for positional defense. It's not that you can't get positional defenses to a decent level with just IOs/incarnates, but against everything but psychic enemies it's not going to do much for you because they don't stack with your in powerset defenses, you just use whichever number is higher. Yes aiming for high psionic defense/resist also limits your build choices some, but I think it's less of a limit than trying to build up positional defenses. To be fair, I'm sure people have put together some great builds that have solid positional defenses, I'm honestly curious now and tempted to see what I can figure out in mids even as a more midrange builder compared to some of the other people around. edit: So I messed around a little in mids and got a Kin/EA stalker (chosen because EA was one of the listed sets and...my stalker is Kin/EA lol) and got a build that is over the non-psi typed softcaps, 31.7% psychic defense, and 55.8% psychic resist. These numbers are with no incarnate abilities, at full health, with 1 target in energy drain. Could the build be improved upon? Almost definitely. But it looks playable at a glance, sure some weird slotting can be found but nothing that kills core functionality. Invuln could probably get higher psychic resist since it has more places to fit in Impervium pieces, for other primaries psychic defense may not be as high as I was able to leverage Kins ranged attack for a 5% defense set bonus.
  8. I had a stone/stone tank on live and he was great. That said: in granite without IOs you will have better survivability than some IOd builds. With IOs you are THE most unkillable thing. The catch is you give up a good chunk of movement, recharge, and damage for that title. Meanwhile solid IO builds are just ever so slightly behind you and give up none of those. Running out of granite you can be a perfectly fine tank, you won’t be in contention for toughest thing ever but the situations that call for that level of survivability border on nonexistent (possibly ARE even.) However, while your recharge and damage are back to normal, you still have a mobility penalty. Rooted is your mez protection toggle and it comes with mobility limitations. If it fits your concept and you like the aesthetics/feel of the sets go for it! You’ll be a little clunky on movement (teleport is the only travel power that plays nice with stone armor) but it’s not like you’ll be a detriment to your teams.
  9. I had a fire/cold/mu back on live that I quite enjoyed. If not for my promise to myself that I would mix up my powerset choices and not exactly repeat things I would have remade him lol. Playstyle wise he was mostly a blaster, shield the team periodically, drop sleet, maybe benumb tougher targets, and run in for heat loss once in a while. Everything else is setting things on fire. (Also? Raining fire and ice at the same time? Great!) Of course, my Time/DP defender also mostly blasts, but I suppose it's another fairly low maintenance powerset. I definitely would feel a little guilty about taking a very busy support set on a corruptor. If I'm not going to have much time to blast anyway, may as well do it on a defender. On corrupters (and controllers for that matter) I prefer a more passive support set so I can devote more attention to my primary powerset. I made a water/dark the other day and he seems fine so far but he's still pretty low level. Can't really weigh in on how he feels later on yet. I will second hoever that if we're talking higher end IOd and/or incarnated characters running content, I don't think it really matters which AT you are bringing to the table, not even as a corrupter vs defender question, just in general. Go a step below that to running at max level without incarnates and maybe a less expensive IO build though and I think ATs have a little more space to shine in their niches. Even then though for support sets I think which support set you are bringing matters more than the AT you are doing it on.
  10. Luigrein

    Psionic Melee

    It’s not as bad against robots as you would think. It’s not great either, but every power deals either part lethal (the psi blade attacks) or part smashing (the punches and levitate). Lethal is also generally not great against robots but smashing tends to be solid.
  11. Chiming in to echo the “play a tank you like” choice. There is no tank that can’t be made very durable, some may have a theoretical advantage in X situation but A: your team is usually a bigger factor in that situation than your powerset choice, B: there is probably a Y situation where your set is better, and 😄 if the difference is big enough to cause issues using some inspirations will cover the gap. Just experiment with your powers while leveling/getting a feel for the character. Find the ones you like and the ones you don’t, you get a few free respecs and it’s not particularly difficult to get more. There’s also the alternate build thing but that takes more investment.
  12. Echoing what has been said, while there is the occasional issue of buttons not showing recharge state properly if it’s consistent you are probably running in to your nophase time. You can check! Nophase shows up as a debuff if you aren’t hiding your icons for those.
  13. The numbers may have been tweaked for the dominator version, but mud pots is also available in stone melee for ATs that get it. I know back on live it was the damage aura for my tank.
  14. I had an ice/DB back on live and quite enjoyed it, but it definitely didn't have too much breathing room for power choices if you want to go into power pools. From a tank standpoint, the sweep and weaken combos can both help you survive while leveling. Obviously at max level and IO/Incarnated out that's not super relevant, but an AoE debuff available fairly early on and an AoE knockdown available later in the build can be nice for the ride there. You can have an attack chain at lv 20 of cycling the empower and weaken combos, although on my DB scrapper I find I need to throw in a quick pause (whatever the CoH equivalent of skipping 1 GCD is) due to the timing of the combo system buffs wearing off which is unfortunate but not a deal breaker. As a tank this may just be a place to throw in a taunt if you are taking it.* This does take roughly half of your power choices, but you can probably rely on those for the a bit while you gather the other parts of your build together. *From what I can tell the issue is caused by the combo system relying on short term buffs that you get for landing the attacks that enable the next part of the combo to give it's buff. The problem being the starting power's buff last for a duration just longer than it takes to pull off the combo. When you hit with Nimble slash, if you still have the buff from your previous use up it doesn't give you a new buff or refresh the old one, and your ability to combo off of it will fade before you can really get any further into the second combo. Normally starting a new combo (or breaking your current one without starting a new one) wipes all the buffs from your old ones, but since nimble slash starts both...issues. Also disclaimer, this observation is NOT based on knowing the code involved, just put together from trying to figure out the behavior using in game feedback.
  15. For a pure healer type playstyle my first thought is mastermind as well. You need 5 powers from your primary set, only 3 of them need slotting. You can devote the rest to your support abilities and power pools. If you are ever stuck soloing you still have a team to support. Time investment in the primary can be as simple as summon and upgrade pets, put them on defensive follow, replace as needed. Rest of your time and energy is on support. I’d recommend a buff focused set to stick with the feel, but literally only healing will probably run in to some issues. I feel like healing+ buffs sticks pretty close to the goal though. Is this going to win awards as best/most effective build? Probably not but it can solo and contribute in teams while fitting the pure healer playstyle decently well.
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