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Asymmetrical power customisation?

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Ok I realise this is the absolute epitome of pie in the sky suggestions, but. We have asymmetrical costumes now, and people have done some amazing things with them. But I was looking at a friend's energy manipulation blaster with one blue glove and one red glove... but two red pompoms. And I thought to myself, imagine if the glowing pompoms could match the gloves. So I thought it might be worth asking, is there any way in the nightmarish jigsaw of horrifying spaghetti that is the CoH codebase that power customisation could be extended to allow such a thing? I was thinking an option to make the primary colour one hand and the secondary the other hand, with the combined effects on the attacks remaining as they are now mixing both colours. It'd work for energy melee certainly, assuming it could be made to work at all.

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