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  1. An Arachnos invasion of Paragon would be a really cool event. Fliers dropping off troops. At four locations, Recluse's big lieutenants appear at the same time. You have to defeat all four of them within X amount of time and then Recluse shows up for the finale. In his party are Red Widow and Arbiter Daos, and he keeps spawning bane spider soldiers. Fliers can always be taken out like one in Grandville.
  2. Something Wicked Sunday 8 will be a double feature! Like the two circles of an 8! Stick around for one! Stick around for both! Villains do what they want! Part 1: Captain Mako's patron story arc as run through Ouroboros. Meet up in Ouroboroborobobro. There is like a level minimum here because of stringent Ourobro protocols. Is it 35? Maybe! Also there may be an alignment minimum here as well. So be either of Rogue or Villain alignment. Part 2: Barracuda's Reichsman's SF! This one is a bit different from the Dr Kahn version. This one feeds on a variety of archetypes. Try
  3. @TrixieKixx put me down for Devil's Workshop for Kahn. He is an Arachnos Crab Guy. With Arachnopets! If you're lucky, he'll wear his "Third World Country General" costume!
  4. At high level they should have Praetorian Resistance guns and occasional Resistance advisors.
  5. I use powexeclocation for Spring Attack and Shield Charge. (And Caltrops and Lightning Rod.) I use them pretty much at point blank range to smash those around me. 0:5 or 0:7
  6. And speaking of Crimson Revenant... If you do his arcs before all this, he'll join you in that mission instead of fighting you. It's quite a thing having both Leonard and CR help you tear up that street.
  7. These are a few of my favorite blue side arcs... Ubelmann the Unknown, Ashwin Lannister The Mysterious General Z, Christine Lansdale On the Run, Janet Kellum. Especially this one for the retired Night Fox character and we discover Countess Crey isn't Countess Crey A Path Into Darkness, Colleen Nelson. I like this one for the history of some Paragon's original heroes. Freaklympics, Collin Larson. Just the name is enough. Love fighting Freaks and their kooky names!
  8. I don't know what Public Fame is, but you can run all 10 alignment missions and the morality mission in a single day. It all counts.
  9. Found it! Marshal Brass. Cap au Diable. The Aeon Conspiracy, 4th mission. Thanks!
  10. Yes, but I'm thinking of something else. It's an interior map space like a Crey lab/base sort of map.
  11. I have another one I'm trying to pin down. I remember on live there was a mission or two full of Shivans. Was that in Bloody Bay?
  12. Yep! I am quite familiar with the patron arcs, and that can absolutely be a thing. With Terror Volta, it'll have to be done through Ouroboros, but that's not a problem. We can also pick up an Ouroboro badge or three as well. Perhaps next week for SWS8!
  13. Ass Traps it is! I'll be there with Bivouac.
  14. @TrixieKixx I have 14 characters that need Numina. Two of them will complete their Task Force Commander with Numina. Bivouac. Ass/Traps Corruptor. Man-Orca. Sonic/Sonic Defender. You choose!
  15. @Panache man, I dig Sky Devil. That's a great vintage Golden Age/Pulp look. This is my pulp era vigilante hero Spider Smasher. Heavily inspired by The Phantom's look. I'll post his nemesis, Count Nero, soon as well. Spider Smasher, Street Justice/Invulnerability Scrapper, Indomitable. (And yes, he sets the Spider Smasher badge title.)
  16. Something Wicked Sunday 7 Little bit of short notice, but I just learned a terrible truth. Terror Volta does not have the Ice Mistral SF yet. And since it is the WST... That's what we'll do! Meet up by Ice Mistral (St. Martial, in the Giza.) Level 35+. Bring your best villainy!
  17. @TrixieKixx If there's still a spot open, I'll reserve it for obe of my dudes, please. It's been a week hete as well, and I've forgotten to pick someone. But, like Jax, I've got a bunch of toons that need it. I'll take a look this evening.
  18. I read sometimes that blue side stories aren't good. Red side stories are better. Gold side stories are betterer. Maybe that's the general consensus, or maybe not. It does, however, make me wonder... Of regular blue side contacts and story arcs (not the task forces), what are your favorites, and why? The ones you'll play through over and over again -- because you like them. I don't want to hear about your least favorite ones either. Or comparisons to red or gold side. I just want to know what your favorite blue side content is.
  19. I dig this idea. I especially like the idea of being able to use custom designed mobs like in AE missions. I love it 3000.
  20. Lots of fun today on the Something Wicked Sunday. All the exploration badges were had. A few history badges. Deathsurge, Ghost of Scrapyard, and Caleb. The Family Raid raid in St. Martial. Good stuff! Not sure if I'll skip a week next Sunday yet or not. I will update soon!
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