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Bastille Boy's rogues and heroes

Bastille Boy

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Here is a list of my level 50 toons. All of these toons are on Everlasting, except for the PVP stalker, which is on Indominable. Since the list has gotten long, I'm only listing biographies for select characters.


Many of my characters are in the same story, involving the world's only minimum-security prison for superpowered inmates.

From the rogue warden's point of view: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/20463-dear-ziggursky-correctional-officers-youre-doing-it-wrong/

Wikipedia-style article: https://fbsa.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Port_Oakes_Penitentiary


The blueside characters are residents of Paragon City, classified as "heroes." They're doing their own thing. Damon Glasseater is probably my best roleplaying concept. When he's not in the lab, he's confined to Pocket D. The huge windows are always a temptation, but DJ Zero keeps him well supplied with empty bottles.


Port Oakes Penitentiary: Corruptional Officers


Herocatcher Jake (Corruptor, Ice Blast / Thermal Radiation)

What drives a hero to inject a 5'5" property criminal with power suppressing drugs and throw him into a cellblock with violent people? Why don't heroes control their prisoners in a gentler way, like with damage resistance auras, operant conditioning, or stout irons?

It's not their fault that they're so cruel. They haven't experienced a loving home.

I'm the lead corruptional officer at the Port Oakes Penitentiary. It's my job to give captured heroes a good home. Better than the one they gave me.


Little Mikey (Defender, Empathy / Beam Rifle) (PVP)

Little Mikey wanted to be an archvillain like his mom, but he had no powers. Other kids in Port Oakes beat him up and stuffed him in lockers. He was always picked last for kickball.

At age 18, Mikey tried to sign up with Arachnos, but they said he was too weak. The police said he was too soft. But the warden of the Port Oakes Penitentiary decided Mikey would be a perfect guard. He had empathy!

The captured heroes in the Pen like Officer Mikey. He makes them feel fortified and regenerated. What's the harm in cooperating when he tells them what to do?

Also, it turns out Mikey's a good shot. He'd never aim a gun at a prisoner. But he just might be tough enough to disintegrate a Longbow intruder.


CareBot v.0.8 (Defender, Electrical Affinity / Electrical Blast)

Aeon Corp is developing a semi-autonomous robot to care for orphans and the elderly at reduced cost. The Rogue Island Department of Corruptions is testing CareBot v.0.8 in its miniimum security men's facility.

Right now the "boys" are all snug in their beds. CareBot only needs 90 minutes to recharge, so it is running errands. The night guards will want their cookies and bourbon soon. Joey "The Fist" wants to send his uncle a message. He is always so thoughtful, isn't he? Later the robot will pick up some books from the Circle of Thorns' library. It is such fun to read the boys bedtime stories from those old tomes. You never know what will happen!

Of course the warden's request is the most important: cash. Any convenient source will do.


Officer Bathtime (Defender, Time Manipulation / Water Blast)

Oliver Hobbes (Corruptor, Ice Blast / Nature Affinity)


Port Oakes Penitentiary: Part-time Prisoners


Mackie Mastiff (Brute, Super Strength / Super Reflexes)

He used to be more of a Doberman. He was a correctional officer in the Zig, and he was a nasty brute. During a breakout, the escaping men decided to take their "best friend" with them.

He was not happy about getting collared. He wouldn't obey any commands. He wouldn't even take his pills. But the guards snuck the medicine into his food. The drugs did wonders for his body and his behavior.

The first time he jumped the fence, he tried to run away for good. In just three days, he felt himself getting weak and slow. He hunted all over, but he couldn't find a substitute for the drugs his masters had given him. After a month, he went back to the kennel with his tail between his legs.

He's a good dog now, mostly. Sometimes he knocks people over, but he doesn't bite. Every so often, he jumps the fence. He always comes back in time for his next dose.


Cinderfellow (Controller, Illusion Control / Radiation Emission)

When Alfonse was a little boy, growing up in Port Oakes, he was the target of every bully, his Mook stepbrothers included. One day, he went crying to his godfather. He said he wished someone would whisk him away to a magical castle, like the mice did with Cinderella.

Years later, he got his wish. It was pigs, not mice, who drove the wagon. His new clothes are a long-term loan. His Prince Charming is a defeated Longbow Flamethrower. The lessons in fairy magic were a reward for good behavior.

He'll do anything for his new family.


Little Zebra (Defender, Pain Domination / Sonic Attack)

He's dressed like an escaped convict, but he doesn't act like an escaped convict. He has the emotional energy of a little boy who got separated from his parents at a carnival and is trying very hard not to cry.

He addresses people as "Mr., "Ms.," or "Mx." He introduces himself as "Robby" and gets confused if anyone calls him "Mr." He speaks with perfect grammar and a childish lisp.

He did not have a lisp when he was an assistant district attorney in Paragon City. Then he decided to go after a  corrupt cop with connections to the Rogue Island Police.


Jailbird Joe (Tanker, Willpower / Super Strength)

Full biography: https://fbsa.homecoming.wiki/wiki/Jailbird_Joe


Bastille Boy (Tanker, Invulnerability / Street Justice)

Full biography (which needs an update after i27p4): https://fbsa.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Bastille_Boy


Pit Bull Terry (Defender, Empathy / Sonic Attack)

Slammer Max (Tanker, Shield Defense / Super Strength)

Arthur Ward (Tanker, Shield Defense / Energy Melee)

Jailbird Jim (Tanker, Super Reflexes / War Mace)

reroll of Jailbird Jimmy (Scrapper, War Mace / Super Reflexes)

Ricky Staccato (Stalker, Street Justice / Super Reflexes)

Neatnick Nick (Brute, Staff / Radiation Armor)

Lockie Lockup (Scrapper, War Mace / Invulnerability)

Lucky Lenny (Stalker, Electrical Melee / Energy Aura)
Mikey Iodine (Defender, Radiation Emission / Sonic Attack)

Reckless Robbin (Corruptor, Psychic Blast / Pain Domination)

Shortbow Seamus (Corruptor, Shame / Shame, i.e., tinted Fire Blast / Electrical Affinity)

Nick the Felon (Stalker, Psionic Melee / Energy Aura) (PVP)


Assorted Heroes


Damon Glasseater (Brute, Radiation Melee / Fiery Aura) (Farming) (known as Fireplay before shard transfer)

Browsing in a used book shop, Dr. Albrecht looked at the occult section on a whim. "Practical Summoning" looked fun. The scientist flipped the pages quickly. She read one of the incantations out loud, smirked, and put the book back on the shelf.

When she got back to the lab, a seven-foot tall person (was it a person?) with unnaturally red skin was sitting on the floor, playing gleefully with her glassware. He (it was obviously a "he") had somehow melted several of her test tubes and was turning them into some sort of sculpture.

He greeted her in perfect Latin. Then he started munching on a graduated cylinder.


Nuclear Sub Nate (Tanker, Fiery Aura / Radiation Melee) (farmer on alt account)

Nate's captain looked panicked, but Nate knew everything was okay now. He smiled as he saluted.

"The engines are fixed, sir."

"You're on fire, Nate!"

"Thank you, sir!"

"No, I mean you're flaming."

"Sir, if you have a problem with an out sailor on the..."

"Nate! There are flames. On the side of your face."

The captain pointed at a mirror.

"...HOLY @#$%!"


Tim Sundae (Scrapper, Ice Melee / Willpower)

Boy Sig (Tanker, Electric Armor / Electrictrical Melee)

Brother Badley (Tanker, Radiation Armor / Radiation Melee)

Supersoaker Steve (Defender, Nature Affinity / Water Blast)


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On 7/25/2020 at 9:18 AM, Patti said:

I think I got to see some of yous.  Do you have pictures to share?

I do now! In order:

  1. Bastille Boy. The lack of trouser pockets is a recent development, not unrelated to the pose he is in.
  2. Herocatcher Jake. He isn't usually this stern. He really dislikes having his photo taken. He likes this photo because you can't tell that he's really short.
  3. Jailbird Joe. The work release uniform suits him well. It is quite unflattering on some other characters. His glasses were specially made to withstand impact.




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getting photos in a row
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In honor of Jailbird Joe's 40th birthday and the second anniversary of his appearance on Homecoming, I've given him a full-length biography on FBSA Wiki.


Of my many level-50 toons, he's the one I come back to most often. He has the best balance between a concept I like and game mechanics I enjoy playing. I'd rank his powers as "A tier." In addition to the vulnerabilities of having Willpower as an armor set, he has one of the worst possible weaknesses for an outlaw: a powerful subconscious inclination to trust cops. As long as he stays in the Rogue Isles, this mostly works out for him.


P.S. I used to have a Time/Sonic defender named "Jailbird Joe," but I renamed that character.

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