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New Possible Purchase: +5 Enhancement Boosters?

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This may only be (mostly) a problem for level 47-50 players of privilege, but would it be possible to allow for a new Enhancement booster that adds +5 in one shot, in addition to those that increment by +1?


I realize that there would have to be level checks to verify that the +5 could be applied (that is, it shouldn't work if an Enhancment has any +N boost already applied to it). I also realize that the existence of such things would at best only be saving about a minute per IO. I will add this: I have several toons into which I would sink both INF and merits to have a pure Level 50+5 build for almost all of the IOs (watching Recharge on the proc powers, naturally) if it was less time-consuming to apply the Enhancement boosts.


I recognize that not every player bothers with the boosts, and that a fraction of us number-crunchers don't automatically want +5 boosts on every IO... but every so often on a new high-level build I find myself burning time slowly boosting those IOs I want to push to the limit.

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tbh i would much rather they change the +boost to actually leveling up the enhancements that way there'd actually be a reason level 54 enhancements are listed on the market. It would also be nice if u could boost low level sets all the way up to the 50s as well. I know it would be expensive but ive got money to burn lol

Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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