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QOL bug - Tailors at a base won't edit body type or height


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I have a character who was supposed to be minimum on all body sliders, including height.  I noticed they were somehow too tall.  The tailor at my super-group base dropped me right into costume editing and wouldn't let me go back and edit height.  The tailor at the Vanguard base did.  Tailors at the SG base should work the same as Tailors elsewhere.

This is a small QOL thing to be sure.  But it should also be a quick and easy fix too.

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They do work the same as the tailors elsewhere; the NPC is a tailor, not a plastic surgeon. Tailors allow you to change your costume and powers; plastic surgeons will allow you to change your body type and sliders, as well. The plastic surgeon at an Icon or Facemaker is generally in the right rear of the location.


Having plastic surgeons as one of the NPCs you can put in your base is something that has been requested a number of times.

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