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Link Minds -should- benefit from external buffs

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Titled in the style of this post:

Looking at the Issue 26 Page 5 patch notes, powers providing enhanceable resistance are meant to ignore outside buffs - it's why such powers were adjusted accordingly to no longer do so. Link Minds from the Dominator's Psionic Mastery ancillary power pool provides a boost to Defense and ToHit, along with a very small, unenhanceable boost to Psionic resistance (1.7% to be exact). However, it's unable to be boosted despite this.


Given that powers were corrected one way to fix powers not working as intended, I think it makes sense for all powers to be corrected accordingly in both directions - Link Minds does not provide enhanceable resistance, and with such a small amount of Psionic resistance, even if it were enhanceable it would not do much at all. Therefore, I think it makes sense for it to be affected by external buffs such as Power Up, and so on, similar to powers of the same nature, such as Farsight and Deflection Shield.

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