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Sentinels of Freedom


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Just ran across this game on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/812870/Sentinels_of_Freedom/ and it looks like it has some potential. Reminds me a bit of Freedom Force just from looking at it, though this is completely turned based. Haven't played it yet as I just bought it, but I'm hoping this is a lot of fun. Anyone else heard of this game, this universe, or have any thoughts?

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At first glance it reminds me of Xcom, I'll be interested to hear how it plays.  Unfortunately I'm temporarily sidelined gaming wise; my gaming rig corrupted it's drive and I took the opportunity to order a new M.2 SSD for it... I'm waiting on UPS before I wipe and reinstall.


I can't do much gaming on my business machines; for one I don't want to introduce potential issues to my video editing systems and for another both it and my laptop are Macs.  Hopefully I'll have my gaming rig back up over the weekend.

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I've done the first mission so far, but I liked it. It's turn based like XCOM, but I'm not yet sure if you get to customize every hero or just your character. It's cheesey sorta like Freedom Force. 


I'd play it more but I started watching The Last Kingdom the same day and that's pretty much gonna be my life until I'm caught up. 

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It's not a AAA game but it's a Super Hero RPG that lets you make your own character. I don't know of any other XCOM-style game that does that (at least for supers). The Costume Creator had an offline application but when you're used to CoH it's hard to compare. Styles were mostly street/casual/tights/Iron Man-ish. The game world is based on the Sentinels of the Multiverse collectable card game.


I kickstarted it just before CoH was announced as coming back so I barely noticed when it finally launched (I did the same to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3). I played the first area outside of a bank heist only. I just logged it back in to do the inside of the bank mission this past week. The mobs were tutorial-level weak so I don't know how difficult it will eventually be.


With time I'd be ok with it. It's a middle-of-the-road game. It hit the Nintendo Switch at 25 bucks a few weeks back, but I'll wait for a sale considering I have it on Steam. My biggest knock on it is it feels like its made from left over K-5 Educational Shovelware and I'm not quite sure what my powers do past I Guess This is Faster and I Guess This Hits Harder. 

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Thanks for D-Sync Enhancements! Just wish things like Resist/End, Heal/End and Damage/Mez had a third stat that made them more viable. Suggestions - add Recharge to Ribosomes, Range to Golgis, and Slows to Peroxisomes. These changes would allow for an endurance cost/range, recharge/endurance, and slow/mez or slow/damage enhancements.

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