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No Temp challenge disables disguise given by arc


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In Operation Skyhook from Lt. Chalmers, your first task is to steal a holographic projector from Arachnos so you can infiltrate a Council base in the second mission; the power is granted as an automatic temporary power.  But when you do this mission via Flashback with the No Temporary Powers challenge set, the temp power is disabled, robbing you of the disguise; this also affects the Nictus Gravitic Emanation click power and Nictus Absorption auto power given to you by Shelley Percy in the arc (but strangely, the Nictus Shadow Step power is not affected).


I understand that the point of the challenge is that you can't rely on temporary powers, but if possible I don't think this should be applied to powers that are specifically granted to you in the mission itself, certainly not this one at least.


EDIT: After stepping into the mission I realize the disguise power isn't meant to be stealth as the mission takes place in a Wyvern base -- the intention is actually to frame the Council and trick Wyvern into "counter" attacking them.  I'm not deleting this though because I stand by my assertion, and also because this bug really just ruins the narrative of the mission for no reason.

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