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An Open Plea for Volunteer Artists for Pride Event

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So, the City of Heroes:  Homecoming Pride Global Channel is organizing and hosting a virtual Pride event this year, since we can't go outside and have a real Pride.



During our planning committees, one of our members offered to provide character art to the winner(s) of one of our contests.  We felt this would be amazing!

But we also thought, maybe . . . just maybe . . . there might be some other artists out there too who would be willing to volunteer their awesome abilities as well.


So, here I am, asking all of you talented visual artists here if you would be willing to put forward your time and effort to help us really make the winners of our contests feel special and rewarded!


We're looking for two artists.

One willing to draw a coloured portrait of the first place character of the Singles Costume Contest, an uncoloured sketch of the second place, and an uncoloured bust of the third place.


One willing to draw the first, second, and third winners of the Group Costume Contest.


I realize this is a -big- ask, especially with the financial situation many of us find ourselves in during the lockdowns and quarantines around the world.  We don't have any real money donors available to reimburse you for your hard work at this time (although we would also be happy if someone volunteered to pay the artists for these as commissions!).  We can allocate some in-game Inf and/or Salvage/Enhancements for you, at the very least, though!


What do you say?   

Will you be able to help us make this a Pride to remember?


Please, and thank you for considering.

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I would like to thank everyone who contacted us to offer support.

At this time, in addition to our committee planner All Creation, we have also gained ToxinFox and Darque as volunteer contributors to our contest!

If anyone would like to provide additional support, we will be very appreciative, but at this time it looks like we're set up for tomorrow's event!


Thanks again!

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