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  1. Seems like it's time to post this again: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/18342-list-of-character-lists/
  2. Echoing what @Patti and @MTeague said: Despite some shoehorned efforts late in the game's life, "Endgame" has never really been City's strong suit. The question was posed in another thread recently, asking "how do you not get bored of this game?" My personal answer to that question is to avoid "Endgame" content and just take my time, savour the experience, interact with other players, and roleplay, roleplay, roleplay. If you chase "Endgame," then really . . . I think you're just going to hit a brick wall eventually. The Legacy Devs could barely keep up the pace and they -had- to for fiscal reasons . . . I really don't think the Homecoming Team should be aiming to follow in those particular footsteps. And even if they intend to, it's going to be a long, long time before updates on that massive scale get implemented. I strongly recommend adopting a style of play where you can find enjoyment in all the wonderful little things this game and community have to offer. It's the more sustainable alternative, I think.
  3. I dunno . . . I think I'd like to see @aethereal's math on this. If anything, it might be illuminating for someone to see the work laid out in detail, and maybe give them a critical bit of insight in to the actual necessity that may or may not exist.
  4. A well disciplined Medic, some Vitalize'ing, and the glories that are Temporary Resuscitators and their ilk. . . . And a few Longbow crimps . . . . . . Ok. MOSTLY the Longbow crimps.
  5. What might be more irksome to you, @roleki, is that's Healing done as a Mercs/Traps Mastermind, without touching the Medicine Pool.
  6. You know, I was thinking the exact same thing, @SuperPlyx. I have been trying to save up for the Anniversary Badges. If I had 2,370 Reward Merits, then I kind of imagine I would have unlocked all those Badges. Instead, I'm sitting at around 300 in inventory, and only have less than half the Anniversary Badges unlocked. If the method by which the game is recording Merits Earnt is somehow bugged, then it's likely the Devs are also being fed incorrect data whenever they're attempting to monitor that information. Which also suggests that players may have far fewer Merits than the datamining indicates. We should probably try to monitor that ourselves a little and see if there's any discrepancy.
  7. Oh, no, you're totally right. I'm mainly just using a little playful irreverence to call attention to your idea for a couple of regular posters here who happen to have "Coyote" as part of their usernames.
  8. When the subject of Elemental Masterminds come up, I can't help but think of Heroes of Might and Magic (III and V specifically). http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes3ab/confluxcreatures.shtml http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes5/neutral_creatures.shtml Lots of potential inspiration to be had from there, I think.
  9. Usually? Infamy (or Influence/Information for you boring people) Endurance Recovery Rate Endurance Usage Recharge Rate Then Regeneration Rate and/or Damage, depending on the character's Archetype and/or their Powers. Sometimes some other stats too, rarely but depending.
  10. I mean, if anything, maybe these records of drops from farming could be used as a benchmark to increase the rewards from levels 1 to 45's content. Would be delightful to see Purple Recipes drop at all levels, even if the Homecoming Team never gets around to making the Enhancements slottable at all levels. That could certainly help players feel more incentive not to just sit and grind in AE, ESPECIALLY if those drop-at-any-level-Purples were exclusively from non-AE. In other words: More carrot, less stick.
  11. It's come up from time to time. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/2060-name-release-policy-feedback-and-suggestions https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15661-name-squatting https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16241-naming-characters
  12. I mean, if they just add the Clockwork wind-up key as a Back Detail costume item, and then get the customized Henchpets thing done, then we could just make our own wind-up soldiers! But I'll generally not say "no" to additional Mastermind Sets. So, sure! Have at it!
  13. Not that I don't think your suggestion isn't a good one. Great, even. But "flea-bitten?" I have to wonder what @Coyote and @Coyotedancer will have to say on that!
  14. You can even type /localtime to just get your computer's clock data repeated in your System chat, if you're playing full screen.
  15. Following up with @Frostbiter's scientist friend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_of_Caerbannog
  16. Legally? I don't think there are any laws anywhere in the world yet, except maybe Korea, where online bullying can be redressed in a court of law. Even if there are, proving it to be bullying is likely to be an upward battle. Ethically / Morally? I don't have enough information to make an appropriate personal value judgement. Even still, whether you feel a certain tactic is valid or not, society tends to collectively determine what is or isn't toxic. If the community is leaning toward branding a certain tactic as toxic, then mob rules; even if said mob was influenced by a few individuals in a position of authority. Whether or not that was an abuse of that authority is also difficult to tell from the limited information provided here. But, just like toxicity, if the community is largely accepting of that particular exercise of authority, then mob rules again. Logistically? Ultimately? You're just one player in that game. PvP, by its nature, invites the opportunity for toxicity. As many game devs can tell you: It's damned near impossible to effectively police, ESPECIALLY when there's also profit factors for them to worry about. The decision they're going to make is usually going to be the one which they believe is the most likely to provide gainful returns. Devs make decisions like this all the time. They'll do something which they are aware will upset a subset of their player-base if they believe that the majority, or the long-term prospects, outweigh the impact to the subset. If changing the game mechanics aren't easy, then turning the community against players who engage in conduct which they want to see removed from the game is . . . well . . . Again, I'm missing the full context and impact here, but I do see it can easily be more than a bit shitty on their part if that's truly the case. The Short of It? I understand that this situation could be rather upsetting for you, but really . . . you're a player of their game. Whoever owns it (on paper, at least) decided to hire these new devs. Ergo, they have the authority. You can try talking to them, publicly or privately, in the avenues which are available to you. Try to convince them of your point of view's merit. You could try looking for another way to play, either by changing your own play style in the existing game servers, or by playing the way you do now but somewhere else/bootleg. You could give up on the game and play something else entirely. I can't think of any other options right now, but hopefully this perspective will be helpful for you.
  17. You know what, @0th Power? Let's schedule a date! Go ahead and put something in the Player Event Calendar here on the forums, and let's see how many of us will be willing to list Rare Salvage at 1 all at the same time. Let's give it a few months? So everyone can build up a surplus stock?
  18. That's just Protean disguising himself as Blue Steel.
  19. The big argument comes when you start asking "but since we needed metallurgy and smithing to make the sword, doesn't that make that Broad Sword/Super Reflexes Scrapper a Technology-Origin character?"
  20. If it's felt that Critical Strike really needs some extra oomph, I suggest that it gets increased chances for Crits again Elites, Arch-s, and Monsters (et cetera) based on how many Minions, Lts, and Bosses are nearby. In short: More mooks around the Scrapper equals more Crits against the BIG bad. a.k.a.: More Risk. More Reward. It'll also encourage people to not just nuke the minions away at the start of every fight.
  21. Well, I think a lot of that is sourced to other teams. GOG is the distribution platform, and they've definitely done their part to bring a few oldies back to life on modern operating systems/hardware. However, I'm also certain that several of those renewal projects were headed up by other folks that just happened to release said stuff on GOG. All the same; being able to download and maintain copies of my games on my own computer is huge. Steam and Epic can fiddle-dee-diddle right off with their always online nonsense. A single-player game should -never- have an online requirement.
  22. Keybinds and UI -are- saved Server-side for active characters.
  23. I am very much in the same boat: If a game is available on Steam/Epic or GOG, I will 100% tell people to buy the GOG version. Even though CDPR isn't a faultless company, they are a damned significant assload better than either of those two juggernauts. But when the opportunity presents itself, I recommend supporting Itch.io over GOG.
  24. Aye. Original Dungeon Keeper also ran like that. I'd boot up a level, and then instantly lose since the game calculated that the heroes spawned in and destroyed my Dungeon Heart all in a matter of milliseconds. Then came Good Old Games, blessed be! The version of Dungeon Keeper available there resolved that overclocking silliness. . . . granted, I never did enjoy original Dungeon Keeper as much as Dungeon Keeper II even after getting the chance to actually play 1.
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