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Ice/earth question

Nightmarer 2

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I've been musing about an ice/earth dominator since I liked the idea of ice slick + fissure + tremor but then I realized both Fissure and Tremor are KB Mag 0.67 so, although it is effectively KD, my fear is that adding this 0.67 to ice slick will turn it into KB again. According to Mid's, if I slot a KB to KD enhancement in Fissure and another in Tremor, their KB mag lowers from 0.67 to 0.25 but if memory serves, I was under the impression that the Sudden Acceleration KB to KD just converted any KB Mag into 0.67 so not sure Mid's is right here.


Can anyone please confirm if using a KB to KD will reduce the KB mag further below 0.67?


Thank you very much indeed for your help.


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KD powers will stack, but only if they happen on the same server tick, AFAIK. I think that's in the neighborhood of .16 seconds or so, so .... It will happen, but rarely.


Also, Ice Slick is KB 0.5, not .67. Add .67 and you're at 1.17 KB, which isn't very far even on +0s... on +1s it's at 1.05 which is almost knockdown, and on +2s it's knockdown even if stacked. So I wouldn't worry about having any knockback issues with a very small chance of stacking 0.67 KB on top of Ice Slick's 0.5 within the same server tick... because in most cases even if it happens, it won't have a noticeable effect.

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On 7/1/2020 at 5:34 PM, Falsey said:

Curious about this combo. How do u like it so far?

Not the OP, but I've been messing around with the combo.  It's super fun so long as you can stay alive.  IMO it shines on a team where others can take the agro for you and (hopefully) heal you up when you inevitably take a hit.  Ice slick is a wonderful power, but things can still take pot shots between slipping and falling down.

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