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Possible change to mission progress text

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In the Path of the Dark story arc, when you leave the mission after recovering documents, you get sent to Marisel Valenzuela to decrypt them. The mission text says "You'll need to have them decrypted. You immediately thought of Marisel Valenzuela, the freelance investigator." The mission is a FedEx; she says it's easy and sends you off to another Council base.


My question here is why you would think of her, when you might not even have her as a contact, when in an earlier storyline, Citadel decrypted data for you, so you would know that he can do it. If it's just a FedEx mission, why wouldn't Citadel's decryption skills occur to you first, and you go there? The only thing I can think of for using Marisel is that she's loosely in the same level range as a contact, even though it doesn't make any difference.

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