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Hi there! 1st time poster here.


I'm trying to come up with a Predator-inspired toon. A natural or technology Claws Stalker seems like the best fit but I can't decide on a secondary. I mainly solo PVE but would like to be helpful with DPS in groups. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Stalkers!


I would suggest you take a look in the animations of Savage Melee. It could fit a Predator Style even more in my opinion, but it would lack the cool claws.


You can not do much wrong with the secondaries on Stalkers. Some demand you to look at endurance, or health, some will need you to get swarmed by enemys and some will try to avoid that. For a carefree approach i would suggest you take Invulnerability or Super Reflexes and leave out the Last Power in these secondaries. Just take everything else. That way your secondary will protect you all the time and you don't have to care about some of the deeper things that are going on in the other power sets.

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I think Savage with regen, wp, or invul would likely be the best thematic pairings. 

Top 10 Most Fun 50s.

1. Without Mercy: Claws/ea Scrapper. 2. Outsmart: Fort 3. Sneakers: Stj/ea Stalker. 4. Waterpark: Water/temp Blaster. 5. Project Next: Ice/stone Brute. 6. Mighty Matt: Rad/bio Brute. 7. Without Pause: Claws/wp Brute. 8. Emma Strange: Ill/dark. 9. Nothing But Flowers: Plant/storm Controller. 10. Obsidian Smoke: Fire/dark Corr. 


"Downtime is for mortals."

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Bio is more active than other sets. It is a strong set, but to me it wouldn't necessarily fit the classic Predator YMMV. You can minimize a lot of the effects, but for some of them there is no working around (Ablative Carapace, DNA Siphon).


In my experience, /Bio is a rather smooth leveling experience because of Adaptation (@ lvl 16), and to some extent Boundless Energy (@ lvl 4). These powers can significantly help with Endurance issues without investing slots; Endurance problems are the number one fun-killer for me. Adaptation allows you to get a little more offense or defense as needed.



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