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  1. I have tested a EM/EA Stalker and want to share my thoughts here. All of this is from a Stalker Point of View. When i look at a Attack set i ask myself: What Power will i be using after Assassin Strike? Normaly that is the hardest hitting ability of the Set like Greater Psi Blade or Crushing Uppercut. For EM i was looking at: Totall Focus: A crit does very little extra Damage and gives another Stack of Energy Focus. The extra Damage is not worth it, maybe the extra Stack is good. Energy Transfer: Instead of dealing extra Damage i get healed and do not get damaged myself. Not getting extra Damage is bad. And in a world of Panacea, Power Transfer, Numina and various other ways to passively heal up for every Stalker, i do not need the extra healing. Power Crash: It is a Cone and has a reduced chance to crit from Hide. Bone Smasher: No real Downside but this Power is by far not the Hardest hitting ability. Now i would have to choose which one should follow up after Assassin Strike. ET and PC are ruled out because of reduced crit or no crit. TF also is not dealing enough Damage but there is a second stack of EF. So i went out and tried different attack chains with TF and BS after AS. My problem was that BS would consume EF stacks and just be a gimmick which i could ignore. In fact i came to a situation where i would random crit TF, use one stack on ET and now i was avoiding BS because i hoped to get another fast ET instead of a stupid BS that consumed the stack. It felt punishing to crit with TF. That was really weird and it was much more stupid when i used TF after AS. I had 3 Powers on my bar with a white circle knowing that i only want to use either fast TF or better PC. Hitting BS with a white circle felt so wrong. Especially if you are hitting enemys that will not life long enough to make a stun usefull. Should i jump into the next group to get more out of my PC in such a case? Or use a snipe? (I had none in my build). It was the most uncomfortable thing i stumbled upon. Now if i look at the 4 Powers that i considered, i came to the conclusion that i do not want any of them after Assassin Strike. A Snipe will not grant Assassin Focus Stacks and is available very late in terms of levels. Since TF is a big commitment because of the long cooldown, long casttime, i still started to hope that it does not crit for the sake of the feeling to waste EF stacks on bad powers. For a crit based AT that is very paradox. If the EF stacks would 'flow' better i would not hesitate to waste/use it on BS. Or if EF stacks would increase the Damage of BS. I would like to use it on it and would start to hope for crits. One way could be to give Build Up the opportunity to grant EF stacks. I am sure it would spice up the rotation, more for Stalkers than it would for other AT. In most modern mmorpg proc based powers that break up 'rotation' into priority based attack chains tend to be more fun. A builder/spender combo gimmick system will somehow be brought down to the best possible attack chain. But this was the first time in playing COH that you guys made me think of modern rpgs and how Energy Melee could be the greatest Attack Set. It is not yet there but it has potential. If you would release it to life in the state the set is right now, it will be OK. EM was bad and is now mediocre. It is in line with Psi, Ice, Fire and Kinetic. It is outperformed by Savage, Street Justice and Electric Melee. It is better than Broadsword, Claws, Martial Arts, Dark and maybe Dual Blades. I hope that EM will see some more adjustments before it hits life.
  2. Hi Quantum, i have looked into different Epic Pools and was sure to pick up Mu Mastery for extra area damage. But when we talked about what you are going to do with this build and that exemplaring would be a important part of it, i chhanged my mind. In my opinion having a build that exemplars well is best possible when you reach the Def caps early on. This build has 45% M/R/A at level 25 when exemplaring down. Also important is to keep your powerfull set bonuses while exemplaring down, that is best achieved with having the slot heavy powers early and leaving the "one slot wonders" and set mules to later levels. Unfortunately This leads to having very few slots to later levels. which ultimately forces us to take the Body Mastery Pool because it is very good with just initial slots. Doing this also removes every Endurance Problem you may have. Ninjitsu is prone to knockback effects and in my opinion having only +4 protection is not enough. with another IO it will feel much better. That is why i have sloted Hide with it and also some other unique IO to make early levels a breeze (when exemping). Maneuvers is there to go over the cap with you defenses, especially in higher levels. Why would you do that? Well in higher levels enemys will debuff your defense once they hit you. So for Example at lvl 35 you will maybe encounter angry romans that will reduce you defense with a successfull hit by f.e. 10%, which makes it easier for other romans to hit you again. That will reduce your Defense some more and you will die instantly. That effect is called Cascading Defense Failure (CDF) and is common in endgame content for Defense only Armor sets. Ninjitsu is no exeption to this Problem. The game gives you 2 options to deal with CDF. First is to have more Defense than you would need. That is why you have Maneuvers and can use but should probably not use Guarded Spin. Using a purple inspiration is maybe a better option. Now the other way you can get around CDF is to gather huge amounts of Defense Debuff Resistance. That is not so easily achieved because it is baked into the various Armor Sets. Ninjitsu only gets a small amount of 34,6%. I do not know the real math behind it but This Defense Debuff Resistance will now reduce the amount of the Defense Debuff. Not the duration like other resistances. The Roman will now reduce your defense only by 7% not anymore 10% like in this example. These are just examples. I do not know the real numbers. Well this makes it easier for you to survive. Well why would i write so much about defensse? Easy. Pick the Ageless RADIAL Destiny. It will make sure that you have 119% Defense Debuff Resistance instead of only 34,6%. This will save you in Endgame Content much better than other Destinys. The original Devs gave Ninjitsu so low amounts of DDR because you would have a self heal and are supposed to hit Kujin Retsu when you are struck by defense Debuffs. I personally do not like Kujin Retsu because it is a time bomb that will get you killed. At least that would happen to me. So a possible rotation for Single Target Damage would be: Precise Strike -> Mercurial Blow -> Assassin Strike -> Sky Splitter For Area Damage i would just replace Sky Splitter with Eye of the Storm. Ok i guess that would be all. Here is the Build:
  3. I would use the Overwhelming Force KB/KD IO in Shockwave. But than again i would play claws on a Scrapper because of Follow up and Spin...
  4. @Krzbrg1 sign me up on this project. My Global is @Croax. I will be glad to help. I am online on the evening hours of the EU.
  5. Instead of the stun proc i would mule a LotG in energy drain. And energize i usually my 6 piece Preventive Medicine. It gives good bonuses.
  6. @beradical can you this with Street Justice?
  7. I was yesterday in RV on Indomitable. There was one guy only and we started chating. He wanted to test his build and would ask me to try to kill him. We hit each other for a while and chated. Then two others would join and we started complimenting each other for the big damage spikes. I have to admit it was weird to be called bro and fam so much. A while ago on Reunion i did attack 4 people and would kill them a lot. They did not react friendly or just asked if they could complete a badge. They just started insulting me, so i killed them some more. Toxicity is not monopolized by PvP Players. I really like helping other Players with builds, tipps, PL, inf or whatever. But i expect a little bit of friendlyness. The arena PvP community has been very friendly. I wish the time of day when people play arena would not differ so much to my gaming schedule.
  8. @StrikerFox thank you for this tipp. I did not know about the combat log. I will do the test with Assault equiped but not toggled on. Also Alpha and Interface equiped. What about Ageless? Are we allowing ageless to be active or not? It concernes the endurance consumption a lot. The Rotation and recharge is usually fine.
  9. You should test Zapp from the Mu Pool too. It has the same damage as Moonbeam but you also get Ball Lightning. I think it can not hurt to have another good area attack and it fits better thematicaly.
  10. Now i was shocked by my pylon times today: 108 117 130 102 (Switched Builds) 93 96 99 (Switch Builds) 116 Gave up I was thinking i did something wrong and changed the build to my Zapp Build and used the Rotation again. i would reach ~95 seconds with the Zapp build. I can not understand why the difeerence is so big and the Soul-Build sloting wields such worse results. unfortunately i can not make videos so that you can analyse them. But believe me when i say that the Mu Build is better than the Soul build and procing out AS and Shinbreaker seems like a bad idea. I think i will settle with the rotation that Strikerfox and I used and will simply try to skip a heavyblow every now and then. If someone could support me with a PvE Build that has very high recharge i could try the more "theoretical" rotations. But since i tend to use these Toons on generell PvE content i want something that is not purely designed to kill a pylon. On my Zapp Build i have Ball Lightning and a Procced out DNA Siphon to support Area Damage for example. That is more designed the way i like to play it. But i am still willing to test other Builds and rotations!
  11. I look at EM from a Stalkers view and compared to all other Stalker Primaries it is just bad. Single Target Damage is lower than StJ, Psi, Savage, Ice, Fire and Dual Blades. These are the ones i personally tested on the test server. Even Broadsword was better just because it had crits on the Heavy hitters. Not critting is a huge nerf to stalker attacks. For Area Danage it is a much easier comparison, because it has none. The secondary effect is weaker because you either would want an area attack to effect as many enemys as posdible (Mass Levitate for example) or it should be applied in a fast manner to shine ( Kinetic Melees -Dam). So we are looking at a Attack Set with no Area Danage, useless secondary effects and the worst single target damage of all Stalker Primaries. Even if it would be good on one of these 3 categories i would not play it. For me you have to check at least 2 boxes (Single Target, Area, Utility) or be the undisputed Number one in one of the categories to be worth playing ( Elec Melee Nr. 1 Area).If someone asks me which Stalker Primary is best for Area it is Elec Melee. For Single Target Damage i would say StJ and Savage. Utility is not asked much but probably a Powerset with 'Parry-equivalents'. But there is not a single szenario where i would recommend Energy Melee it is just so bad. If you would want to improve it, the things to look have been said over the last decade. Animation Time and crits are my suggestions on how to improve this set. And if you just don't touch the area aspect and just pimp out the single Target Damage, People will just keep on playing Super Strength, Titan Weapon, Street Justice and Savage. But EM would not be total garbage anymore. The PvP meta has long ago moved to something else and is not comparable to 2008. No one would be pissed because you buff Energy Melee. Everyone would like it.
  12. I made this here: If this is OK i would take it to the Pylons.
  13. Let me redesign the build with moonbeam and i can post it here. If you think it is ok, i can try it with a proper moonbeam.
  14. I think this thread is very interessting and has shown me some sides that i had not considered yet. I would like to tell you here my contact with PvP and how it was for me. I am not a helpless puppie who cries when people call you names and i am not an incompetent faceroller who is surprised by the fact that you need a dedicated PvP build. So before i entered PvP i read up on the forum and discord. There is a lot of information if you are willing to look for it. I knew what to expect and just used a build i could find. Since i like to play Stalkers i just typed 'Stalker' into the search function of the PvP Discord and found one from the player @M3z called 'Psi/Bio of Doom' without instructions, just the build really. Now fast forward PL Firefarm and equiping that toon. After this i stepped into RV ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum. But unfortunately i found no one. I relogged this toon severall times but no one was found. I did leave PvP there and did other stuff, until some poor souls would start a badge run in RV and LFM in LFG chat. I immediately logged onto my Stalker and started my Assaults on them. I did not say a single word and was the only villain against 4 Heroes..... it was glorious! i had not PvPed for a decade and would quickly kill these poor PVE players like nothing else in this game. And quickly the toxic levels rised in chat and tells. I did not write a single word and just killed them all again. After 30 Minutes they quit and i was again alone in RV. That is PvP on Reunion.... Time passed and i had not thought about PvP when @Poned made a Post on the Reunion Forums looking for PvPers. I give it a try and was surprised how nice, helpfull and friendly the people of this PvP community are. I was very excited again about PvP when a PvP event was announced that would take place at european friendly times. I immediately jumped on that opportunity and joined said event. I haven't had so much fun in this game for a long time. There was over 20 people so that it was a lot of teams going on and constantly changing the teams to make it enjoyable for everyone. I was a little bit of an oddball as the only melee AT in the whole bunch. But i had fun and i would love to play that again. I even got a tell if i would like to join a team for some test matches but it did not fit my game schedule since the US and EU are very different on the clock. it would have been in the middle of the night for me. i want to thank all the people and especially poned for showing me this cool side of the game. i now even have a Blaster and Empath ready for next time to be in line with the meta. unfortunately the regular teams and events are all on 2am in the morning for me. I just hope to see some more events or even more EU players in PvP. I loved what i saw and i would love to play it more. Just living on the wrong side of the globe. And this as how a curious gamer had contact with PvP on Homecoming.
  15. As i said, we can agree to make these tests without any incarnates on. You can unslot incarnate powers, like it is done in PvP for fairness. Can you give me the build you used? then i could try it on the test server.
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