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  1. I would strongly advice to put the Hide Proc of Stalkers Guile into Assassin's Psi Blade and use a Gauss-Build Up Proc in Concentration. I copied this from my Guide to explain why:
  2. That sounds really different than what i have heared from other players. They wanted me to put EA in the S-Tier because it is so powerfull. I have not been having Problems with the Psi vulnerability, because i get used to play around it. SR had the problem of lacking endurance and the click mez was annoying me after a while, like it was with Nin and Shield. But as you said, a lot of this is subjective!
  3. Recharge Bonus only. Other things are just a Bonus. Yes. we want 45% defense against Melee, Ranged and AoE. Preferably more but i wanted to get the most recharge possible, without sacrificing too much. I wanted Adrenalin Booster Because it is a good damage cooldown, even if you can not have it perma. it increases damage to hit and recharge. to get there i would have to take something else, so we have the travelpower and somethig else. i choose toxic dart, because i could get 6% resists with just one additional slot or simply waste the power pick. If you really wan
  4. Hi @wyvaud, Players like you are the exact reason, why i made another big post about Stalkers. Look up in my signature to find Builds for Stalkers of any combination. I surely did pick other pool powers but you could change the builds how you like it. If you choose to go into the Teleportation Pool, i would recommend to pick Fold Space. It is Amazing and very usefull for creating more density. Unfortunately Energy Melee will not be very good in exploiting that dense pack of mobs. Your build has a lot of things that i would do different. for example you have
  5. Hi @darkfry, thank you for your posts here, i like this kind of conversations! The EM/SR build uses Laser Beam Eyes as a Set Mule. The use of it is not intended. I had one Power and one Slot to spare. You can pick Elude if you want it, that should be no Problem at all. Now i do not have mids right now, but if i remember correctly you should be a little bit over the defense cap and weave is turned off. With ~50% Defenses and a toggle that can add a few more % if the situation would call for it (ITF?), You should not be worried about Cascading Defense Debuffs. And if
  6. This is a very good question. I tried to make a table with primaries as columns and secondaries as rows. But it was a big ugly bunch of numbers. It was not easy to compare so many combinations to each other. Also some of the primaries were lacking something special, like area attacks. In such a case everything offering area damage from the secondary would be helpfull. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to it. Best way i could imagine is to compare a few combos with each other, but not more than 4-6?
  7. I have played a Ice/Ice Stalker from DFB to TinPex and had a lot of fun. Ice Armor caps S/L defense very early in the leveling phase, which was very noticable. But the endurance is a Problem until you get to Energy Absorption and Icy Bastion. I would use Icy Bastion first and try to postpone the use of Energy Absorption as much as i could, to make sure that i have enough endurance until Icy Bastion comes up again. This is the only thing to watch for Ice Armor. The special thing about Icy Bastion is, that it brings huge resistance bonuses to a set that is more about defenses. It is not permanen
  8. Thank you, that you read my posts so carefully! I really appreciate that. The big difference between the Stalker Guide and this Tier List is more or less that the one is describing it and attempting to be positive about everything without judging it too harsh. I wanted to tell other Players how good a Stalker can be and what options you have. All Power combinations can feel strong, but not everyone wants to try everything. The main motivation was to get rid of the bad reputation that Stalkers had for a long time and explain the finess involved of playing a Stalker. The
  9. You should not nerf Kinetic Melee. The Set needs a rework across all ATs.
  10. Hey @Cervantis, look here for a attack chain for Street Justice: Attack Chain And for a build just look in the Thread that i recently started. You can find a link to it in my Signature. You can find a build for every Stalker combination. Have Fun with the best Melee Damage Dealing AT in the Game!
  11. @StriderIV I have now added all builds. feel free to take a look!
  12. Street Justice Street Justice / Bio Armor Street Justice / Dark Armor Street Justice / Electric Armor Street Justice / Energy Aura Street Justice / Fiery Aura Street Justice / Ice Armor Street Justice / Invulnerability Street Justice / Ninjitsu Street Justice / Radiation Armor Street Justice / Regeneration Street Justice / Shield Defense Street Justice / Super Reflexes Street Justice / Willpower
  13. Staff Fighting Staff Fighting / Bio Armor Staff Fighting / Dark Armor Staff Fighting / Electric Armor Staff Fighting / Energy Aura Staff Fighting / Fiery Aura Staff Fighting / Ice Armor Staff Fighting / Invulnerability Staff Fighting / Ninjitsu Staff Fighting / Radiation Armor Staff Fighting / Regeneration Staff Fighting / Super Reflexes Staff Fighting / Willpower
  14. Spines Spines / Bio Armor Spines / Dark Armor Spines / Electric Armor Spines / Energy Aura Spines / Fiery Aura Spines / Ice Armor Spines / Invulnerability Spines / Ninjitsu Spines / Radiation Armor Spines / Regeneration Spines / Super Reflexes Spines / Willpower
  15. Savage Melee Savage Melee / Bio Armor Savage Melee / Dark Armor Savage Melee / Electric Armor Savage Melee / Energy Aura Savage Melee / Fiery Aura Savage Melee / Ice Armor Savage Melee / Invulnerability Savage Melee / Ninjitsu Savage Melee / Radiation Armor Savage Melee / Regeneration Savage Melee / Shield Defense Savage Melee / Super Reflexes Savage Melee / Willpower
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