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  1. You never would want to use it in an attack chain because it eats up your EF stack. EF stacks are best used in fast ET in single target situations.
  2. Hey @Bopper, nice math! I wanted to help you with your project here, so here are my Rotations: TF(i got 2 EF stacks) -> ET (fast) -> Zapp -> ET (fast) -> AS Normally i should be hidden, then i start that chain again. When i do not get the double stack of EF i go with: TF(i only got 1 EF stack) -> ET (fast) -> Zapp -> AS The mindfull player will now find that the first chain has a small gap when i use ET-Zapp-GAP-ET. Even with very high recharge it is a very minor gap that did not break my dps on AVs because this gap is here for Build Up, Energize, Hasten, Incarnate Powers or Insiprations. Also i use to avoid slowET like hell and for single target i try to only use the 4 most damaging powers. It worked for me very well so far. Because of the frequent use of fast ET i end up damaging myself a lot, so Energize every now and then is very helpfull. I choosed to use the Purple damage proc in ET, but the proc chance might be low, i don't know. Anyway i hope that i could help you. Here is my build:
  3. Hi Bopper, nice writeup and build. it is very similar to mine. But i use Bone Smasher and Maneuver instead of Kick and Cross Punch. I did miss having another AoE Power from time to time but i did not consider Cross Punch, because it would make me take another Power (Kick). So good job to tweak that all and still be tanky.
  4. Croax

    Best Solo Build?

    Hey you all. This conversation is going wild. There is a reason why i do not like debates. I would be happy to go into details with Stalkers soloing specific tasks, like the OP asked initialy. I think that Stalkers are very potent, but to be so strong you need a strong build. I think that boggle is not useless but i simply do not use it. There is a limit to which powers you can pick and how many slots to distribute. When i make a build i also am careful to pick them exemplar friendly. That makes builds somewhat tight and i end up droping powers to make room for the more impactful powers. If i look into /Nin for example there are Smoke Flash, Caultrops and Blinding powder. I am sure you can do silly things with it and slot them to get a lot of nice set bonuses, but you could also just pick Maneuver, Assault and Vengeance. Without any slots into these 3 Powers you can now slot 2 LotG and have nice but small damage and defense increase. Something that the 3 /Nin Powers never could support with only the initial slots. These are some of the tough choices i do make in my builds. And be sure that while soloing the freedom phalanx, you start to learn some things. For example which heroes can fly, numina heals other AVs and pen is a bitch. Soloing, while beeing one of the few challenges in this game, is not the most efficient way of doing things. Also you have to start with some preparations. Like getting the four stat enhancing accolades, warburg nukes, temp powers like daggers, analyser, lvl 4 incarnates and the good inspirations. And i now buy amplifiers for almost all of my high level toons. That you can solo something does not mean it is a walk in the park.
  5. Croax

    Best Solo Build?

    I do not like to be negative with my comments here. I will try to tell you here something what i did and not what people can not do, like posters above have done. That is why i want to say that i have played recently my EM/EnA Stalker a lot. My only AE damage Powers are Power Crash and Lightning Ball which comes very late. I soloed, the task force commander. (Yes, all of the TFs) Also i did the respec trials (again all of them). I have done the beast under the mountain and the sky riders TF on red side solo. I am sure i could do some more but i ended up teaming other TFs because, they had been weekly recently (ML, LRSF). i have to admit i did them on initial level, that is +1?. But just because i wanted to do it fast. I have no idea who is soloing TF and do it at +4. Most teams do not run TF at +4, because a lot of people just want to complete it quickly. In all of the TF i have done, the only one giving me trouble was Dr. Vashilok. And with trouble i mean i died once. The other TF all could have been Master of, but i do not use any modifications, i just start the TFs. With other Stalkers in the past, i have soloed Apex, Tin Mage and LRSF too. I am sure i could do some more. And in all of my Stalkers builds i completely Skip Powers like Boggle, Smoke Flash and Blinding Powder. If someone ever argues to pick these Powers because they are enablers for specific things. I would say that is a big noob trap and do not listen to any advice that these person gives to you.
  6. Croax

    EM/SR build.

    I would recommend going EM/EA, because of the selfheal and endurance management of EA. HIgh recharge EM builds will do some severe self damage. SR is not enough to keep you alive from your own damage. But this is just my Opinion, YMMV. If you change your mind here is a build:
  7. This is the build. i have not touched it since over a year, so some things could be different now maybe. I only play it on high level content because ageless is mandatory. @McOz
  8. One of our fast Tinpex Runs. 2159,38 damage is nice. The other Stalker had a Greater Psi Blade crit with over 2k damge at the same time. Bobcat just droped dead from ~40% hp to 0 instant. Everyone on discord asked if we exploited sonething and if we could repeat it. It just turned out that the Stalkers crit at the same time. One of the best memories.
  9. Croax


    Hibernate, while beeing a purely one slot fun-pick in some builds, is just a epic pool power which is not in any way effecting the stalker ice/ice playstyle at all. also i do not think that it have been changed. which patch notes have that been? And after this little impact of a "starter", what else has been changed that would make the builds in this thread outdated? I think that @Sovera is comparing apples to bannans here. Ice Patch and Burn are very good powers that are PBAoE with an impact for the playstyle and/or Damage while Chilling embrace is much more comparable to Disrupt from EA, or Genetic Corrption from Bio or the Dark control Toggles. They are Toggles to start with which drain your endurance all the time. Ice Patch and Burn are used when needed and have a great impact with every cast, so they are worth the long cooldown or Endurance cost. The control Toggles are usefull in big enemy mobs and prolonged figths, but the reduction of recharge/damage/stuns whatever are not so meaningfull, because you can take out targets very fast as a stalker. A lot of Stalker builds just skip these control toggles at all. I don't think they are useless, but i understand that not everyone plans for prolonged encounters on stalkers. Also the Endurance management of a /ice Stalker relies on keeping Icy Bastion on cooldown and Energy Absorption to fill up the blue bar when Icy Bastion is not active. You have to get used to cycle these two powers and will have no endurance problems after that.
  10. Croax


    Could you tell us which Powers you are speaking of? Usually i read the patch notes closely but i may have missed it.
  11. Hide grants bigger defense values when you are hidden. The moment you are not hidden the defense will be lower. Since that Screenshot is in the AE building i asume ypu are still hidden.your s l defenses are caped while hidden, but after you start attacking your def will drop by ~2%. You will have a huge boost to aoe defense, that will drop completely out of hide. The purple patch and eliteboss mechanic just adds zo the problem. Maybe OP can post the build?
  12. I said that. In the first post after the OP. Also you will more likly use Stalkers Guile proccs for TF to get 2 EF stacks. That way you will have a lot of fast cast ET which will not allways crit. Energy Melee is heavy on your healthbar. You do not crit often enough to compensate. In a high recharge build you will need some other source of healing. Either all the passive IOs, Inspirations or straight healing abilities like Energize or DNA Siphon.
  13. Dark has Selfhealing, -toHit and will have another AoE with i27. Ice has a knockdown patch, sleeps and slow. Rad has Selfhealing and Knockdown. Staff, Broadsword and Ninja Blade have +Defense. But the best advice i can give is to not play Fiery Aura on Stalkers. It is better on other AT. If you want to play Something Special on Stalker i recommend /Invul, /Shield, /Energy Aura, /Ice, /Bio as Secondary and Energy Melee(i27), Street Justice, Savage Melee, Psionic, Ice, Dark(i27), Dual Blades, Electric and Kinetic as Primary. Any Combination of these would be different from other AT and play into the Strengths of a Stalker in its own way.
  14. On the beta server there are changes to Dark Melee. Touch of Fear will be changed into an Area Attack like Street Justice Spinning Strike. It will still fear the targeted enemy but will be a new Source of Area damage. The downside is that the melee cone will be more in line with the other melee cones like Street Justice Sweeping Cross. Maybe having this in Mind will impact the build. I would be angry if i spend millions on the AH to find out that i need to respec two weeks later. Also on AT like Scrappers you could have Soul Drain, Dark Consumption, Touch of Fear, Shield Charge and Shadow Maul. That is a strong area damage rotation. Even more if you slot Soul Drain and Dark Consumption with proccs. I know that Dark Consumption is not a solution to Endurance Problems, but it helps. Speaking of Endurance there is a very nice proc for Endurance that can be sloted into Siphon life, which procs quite often. If you frequently use it, there will be a noticable change in endurance consumption. And you should use it often, because it is a strong single Target attack.
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