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  1. I would go with something like that: I choose to ignore that there are some rare psi enemys that could be a problem. Attack chain would be GPB->TB->PB->AS repeat. Laserbeam eyes is just for the set bonus and the least needed power. Hasten is on perma with a single proc of FF in TB.
  2. Hey @Lockpick This is what i came up with, a while ago. I did try it out on test server and did not create it on the regular server, because it had no Travel power (the only reason for me really). Also i ignored that Psi is so dangerous and just use some purples or oranges when psi comes across my way. Also hasten is not on perma: So why would you play this Build? it has some selling points like beeing very durable, no problems with endurance and having not to worry about any buffs to keep youself alive. You can just put Hasten on Auto cast and focus totally on the Street Justice Attacks. You will be safe, you can punch and the cozy toggles will keep you rolling. It has 3 performance shifter procs and even one Power transfer so your blue bar will not go down until you kill your 3rd pylon i a row without pause. and power transfer, panacea and the regular regeneration will keep your green bar up if you would ever get hit by something. Little bit of chip damage is no problem for you. Oh My! You encounter a big baddie, the stars aligned and you DID take a big hit? Just use Dull Pain, you silly. It will heal you for tremendous amounts of health and push you to 2039 Health for the next two minutes. That is just 49 Health away from the MAXIMUM health cap. Now you can just pretend to be a tank and hit the baddies some more with your Justice from the Street. Did i mention that you have the important -Resist procs in your regular Attack chain? oh by the way your regular attack chain would be: Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> REPEAT! It is a spicy attack chain believe me, there are several threads in this forum where people go over the beauty of it. I did plan some Incarnates for you. Funny thing, the Destiny is totally free to pick. Use Incandes to port some noobs into the Freedom Phalanx in LRSF? Use Barrier and wwrite in LFG: "Tank Stalker LFG", get Ageless and reach perma Hasten???, Use Rebirth, and scream lol nerf REGEN!? And finally why would you play this build? It has a never to be used but silly and funny mule power : LASER BEAM EYES! Who does not want to shoot lasers from the eyes? Ok, i changed my mind. totally going to make one of these now on the regular server. Cya round, gtg, gl hf!
  3. I am currently at work, and will take a better look later, but the first thing that i see is that you have put much effort into the psi hole. On my Energy Aura and Invul i just ignore that psi is a thing. It opens up a lot of build opportunitys if you choose to live with that handicap. Another difference would be to go with the Body Mastery and picking up both Endurance Powers to slot Performance Shifter Procs. That way Ageless is just optional. I can post my own StJ/Invul later here, if you want that.
  4. This convetsation just 'spin' away from the OP. 😉 So back to topic: I kove playing Street Justice on Stalkers because it may not be specifically tailored towards Stalkers, but the Assassin Focus mechanic fits so well with the 3 Point combo system. I really love the flow that is created playing this way. Another example of feels good on Stalker is Savage Melee. Because it has many dot like Powers. Having a powerfull attack like Assassin Strike makes a huge difference sometimes. One oddball and a set that i do not like is Kinetic Melee. It looses out some of it special stand alone percs on a Stalker. But if you are willing to ignore that fact you will have the best Single Target dps with the first 3 attacks followed up by Assassin Strike. Ignoring the T9 and ranged power, because they are bad. And burst crits allways from Hide, not only 50% like most other Primaries. For Elec you allready have heard the suggestions. Still one of the best Stalker Primaries. Noticable mentions because they are good: Ice, Psi and Rad. But they do not have something special, just good on Stalker.
  5. Hey @Mezmera, nice to see someone looking deep into the Stalker AT. I like to do that myself too! So When you said unresisted, i was thinking of AVs because you have been speaking of dealing an AV unresisted damage. I could not let that stand there without asking. And for PvP? That may sound weird but getting an AS on someone in PvP is insanely hard. Your best bet would be to get CU out of hide and proc that attack with 4 damage procs or using one of the snipes out of Hide as a long cast. AS or Shin Breaker is barely used in PvP at all. You can be happy to get regularly 2 attacks off, before either shit hits the fan or your target just runs away, like a squirrel on crack, while shooting you with unbelievable high damage numbers. I have to admit that i do not have understand your last sentence so i will just tell you something about the Difference of AS from Hide and AS in combat. When we factor in a good rotation that lets you frequently crit (i was thinking this thread is about that?!) then you are comparing a 3,67 second cast Attack to a 1,17s cast that will deal only 26% more Damage. The triple part is somewhat misleading, because the ingame numbers vary very strong from what is considered superiour or extreme. For Example on my StJ/EA i hit a rikti pylon for 293,62+528,52=822,14 Assasin Strike from Hide, in combat it is 324,15+324,15=648,3 crit. That would be 822,14/3,67=224 DPS and 648,3/1,17=554,1 DPS. Half the damage! The upside of doing a slow AS? Your endurance had 2 seconds longer time to recover while you watched the blue animation circling around AS. Normaly i do not go deep into Numbers on the forum because a lot of this is misleading and people enjoy the game differently. This has nothing to do with Bio increasing your damage or something like that. it is just what i have writen down from combat log after hitting a pylon 2 times. no big deal. you can do it yourself! Give it a try, you will be surprised! Why i mentioned my Pylon time was, because i have spend a lot of time on Stalkers and want to make them as strong as possible. i am well aware of other people playing the game differently then i do, but if it for optimal rotation maximising the damage there should be only one answer. And the OP was asking the community what that answer could be. Survivability is a good point for Damage dealers! After soloing the Freedom Phalanx i think very different of my fellow Team mates, that debuff resistance or regen on AV. It makes a huge difference. But at the point where you are just facetanking all of the AVs it comes down to the question: How can i kill them? -> More Damage! I have stated my opinion and have proven why i believe it is like that. Then i have gone to the testing and verified my theory. I guess that is as logical, open source for everyone to try that too and free of assumptions. Just facts. You still have to prove me why your way would be more damage. I have no problem testing or learning something new! Maybe you can share a build with us, where i can go out and have a more optimal/damaging rotation. i Would love to stick it to these TW/Bio scrappers.
  6. I am more the 'Stalker-Guy' and not so much the scrapper guy. That is why i can onky help so much with your Follow Up. You have slot the full Hecatomb Set. If you can live with only 5 of them you could put the Gauss Proc in there for extra Buikd Ups. I would leave the Damage/Endurance one out.
  7. Why is it unresisted? If you cast AS from Hide you deal triple damage, of the Damage Type that is present in this set. For StJ it is Smashing Damage. This will be reduced normaly from the smashing resistance of your target. Using a slow cast AS mid combat is a big damage loss because the cast time is very long, even for the triple damage bonus out of Hide. Just critting normaly is a much better option. Also you loose all AS Focus stacks when you enter Hide, which is a big downside to the whole Stalkers AT and the changes that have been made to the AT. And if you cast slow AS in combat the chances of getting interupted are high. But just for giggles. Do you know how much Damage your rotation is doing on a pylon? You could maybe test it in game and prove that it is valid for dps reasons because you reach high numbers. Using my rotation up there on a StJ/Bio, i have killed Pylons in 1:22 Minutes which translates to ~595 dps. I would love to see players who claim to have superiour StJ Rotations to prove or showcase it.
  8. It is a good power without a lot of procs, because the base damage is high enough. but if you can spare the slots, sure proc it out!
  9. I was recently testing two Stalkers because i could not decide which to play. I guess i can post here my results' The Test have all been done with T4 Incarnates using, Musculature Alpha, Degenerative Core, Ageless Core, Assault Core. I walked to the pylon and cast Hasten, Ageless and Toggled on Assault. Hit Build Up queued Crushing Uppercut and hit Start on the timer before CU Hit. Now the times: I used this rotation on both Stalkers and clicked no other Powers beside Build Up. Build Up was used allways instead of Heavy Blow: Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> REPEAT Both builds are for generell PvE and not tailored towards Pylon kill times. The EnA as a Defense set has 75% SL Resist just to make sure in which direction these two are optimized. I like to play both. These times are not breaking any records. But i wanted to share my pylon kills with you 😁
  10. You depend too much on Shadow Meld. it is a good emergency power or opener but it is not the backbone of your Stalker. And even if procs are cool you over did it in my opinion. But the coincidence is, that i have just done yesterday the same powercombo for a sg mate. Feel free to copy whatever you want from it. We did take a lot of the powers in the same way. So you have been on a good way. Had the right procs in the right places. Just how i did it:
  11. Test it and write down your pylon times. Let us see if you can reach better or equal times with the three different attack chains. I would like to see what comes out to be the highest damage attack chain.
  12. Scrappers may get away with mindless button smashing but Stalkers need to utilize Assassin Focus Stacks. Each stack increase Assassin Strike crit chance by 33 %. So you would want 3 Stacks that give AS a orange circle to indicate a guaranteed crit. With StJ you also want 3 Combo Points, because it increases the damage of your Finishers. Combo Points also give some secondary effect but we don't care for that we want 3 Stacks for max damage, especially with Crushing Uppercut out of Stealth for anorher guaranteed crit. Idealy you want therefore 2 Attacks + Assasin Strike + Crushing Uppercut and just repeat this chain all day. Unfortunately CU has such a big cooldown that you have to alternate every second cycle with another Finisher. This could be spinning strike, but let's be honest spinning strike sucks on single target fights. This is the reason why i like to pick Sweeping cross as my second finisher on Single target figths. The rotation would be: Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin Strike -> REPEAT!!!!! If you do it this way you have 8 Attacks with 2 Assassin Strike as guaranteed crit Crushing Uppercut with 3 Combo Points as Guaranteed Crit Sweping Cross with 3 Combo Points as guaranteed crit Achiles Heel debuff in Shin Breaker Fury of the Gladiator Debuff in Sweeping Cross 4 out of 8 Attacks guaranteed crit. 4 attacks have 'just a normal chance' to crit and some resist debuff on your target. I use this rotation on AV and it has helped me a lot. I have not done the math but you could replace Sweeping Cross with moonbeam i guess. it will hit harder but the -Res proc will be missing. And to be honest, it is a chance to get a Assassin Focus stack and attacks can miss. That is just in a ideal world. I hope that i could help you!
  13. A possible way to go would be to get all the buffs you can. Including Super Inspiration, Temporary Powers, Nukes and Amplifiers. Then you ignore the adds and just focus on Recluse. At least i would do it this way. Keep Ice Patch on Coldown, but with defenses eay above 50% there should be no need for it. On prolonged fights it can be usefull to use envenomed daggers and power analyser. You can keep track of recluses regen this way. Finally i think the answer is to deal more damage.
  14. Yoru is right. I mixed the LRSF up with the MLTF. That one is very different than any other Recluse. Maybe the RV one is the easiest. For Warburg nukes look here @Six Six. There is a step by step guide: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Missile_Launch_Mission What is exactly the Problem you have with Recluse? Your Incarnates seem to be Ok. Do you die? Does the fight take forever because the damage is not enough? Getting some TempPowers was just a generell advice. What happened there to you with Recluse?
  15. Are you speaking of the Patron Arcs Recluse or the LRSF? And if you go with hard stuff to solo i would bring a Warburg nuke for the +150% Dam buff for 5 minutes and the -res for 2 minutes. the Base Buffs and the p2w amplifiers. That change a lot. I do that kind of stuff only when we are going to speedrun and go for personal record times. Also having the incarnates all on T4 is very usefull. The Interface should be the Degenerative for this kind of challenge because the -HP is stronger for Hard single targets.
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