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  1. Nice Approach to this Combination! I had time to test some chains for Energy Melee and am now convinved that i will love to take as much fast Energy Transfers as i can. That's why i would start with Total Focus out of Stealth, Now you got 2 Stacks of Energy Focus, going EF -> Moonbeam -> Something -> EF will erase a lot mobs very fast in a short time period. now you have hopefully a few stacks of Assassin Focus and can use fast AS followed by Total Focus, because you have not used Stalkers Guile proc so far in this figth. And now you start over again. This deletes enemys s
  2. Hey honoroit, nice to see people having fun with pvp in this game. i know there is a very nice and funny community on indomitable. unfortunately they play at US times so i have only been in a few kickballs but not much more. Speaking of the pvp community, there is a active subfurum here on homecoming: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/34-pvp-build-discussion/ i am sure you will get better feedback on that forum than here. But i can try. If i open your build in mids i have 2 slots to spare so it is possible that i have not the right
  3. With the Assassins Mark IO it is true that you have to use the power at least once to make it work. if you exemplar down where you do not have that power you will loose the benefit of it.
  4. Hey @I-Dirty, if i understand you correct you will be most of the time solo, so it really does not matter which primary you pick. Savage and Elec will make you feel strong. Be sure to pick up the first two attacks, the cone, the Assassin Strike and Build Up up until lvl 8 then you can get the armor powers. As a Solo Stalker your best defense is killing everything before it kills you. Btw. The easiest way to level the first 8 levels is to join a trial called Death From Below (DFB). There are groups forming in atlas park all the time. You can do it 2-3 times which will take you ~45 min
  5. Hi all, I know self advertisement is shameless but i think i have the question of the OP covered in my Stalker Guide. It is written from a Stalker point of view but still helpfull for all armor sets. I have made a visual comparison of the various armor sets under 'Secondaries'. Just check it out:
  6. I like this discussion it helps to get insight on how people play and what they priorize over something else. To answer the OP directly: Savage or Elec? -> Go for Elec What goes best with Elec between Nin, SR and SD? Definetly SD! It is fun to double nuke. If you have never done it, try it out! But normaly i would not recommend so fast what to pick, because we need some more information. Do you play Solo a lot? Do you plan to duo with a tank or kinetic or whatever? Will you powerlevel that toon and spend a lot of time on lvl 50? Do you w
  7. You exactly repeated, what i wrote in the beginning/disclaimer but when you say it that sounds so negative. I am not offended in any way but i do not understand your post. Anyway have fun playinig the BS/Shield, i liked mine too. That was one of the first Stalkers i played on HC. Really like the style of sword and board, even though it is not the most powerful combination.
  8. If there are more than 3 enemys i usually open with: Build Up -> Ball Lightning from Hide -> DNA Siphon Now i target a Boss or Leut. In the middle and go: Heavy Blow-> Shin Breaker -> Assassin Strike -> Spinning Strike Sometimes i use Crushing Uppercut on another Boss instead of Spinning Strike because everything else is dead allready. My fingers are so used to this, that i will CU more often than SS. Also everyone else in this game spams AoE, so after the initial Ball Lightning, DNA Siphon there is not much to tak
  9. Hi @txdragoon912, i am happy to see that this thread helps players! StJ/Inv is a nice combo but will be very endurance hungry, especially with such high recharge values. If you drop the Body Mastry to get Mu, you will be very sad whenever you don't have ageless or any other means of endurance buff, be it from other party members or temp powers like the adrenalin serum. Other thing is that if you pick up the Mu Mastery i guess you would be using Ball Lightning and Zapp. You could use all the slotting from Laser Beam Eyes (just a set mule in the original build
  10. It does go off, but not very often. Very often i pick Musculature with the Stalkers and therefore i have a lot of +Damage on Powers. If i have to choose 5 out of 6 for Set bonuses i discard the pure damage one for the best efficieny on powers. You can freely put the damage procs elsewhere.
  11. That Sounds like a very nice Project. I like what you are doing here! I would recommend Carnifax Combat Parser for a little bit of analysis on your runs. Maybe you will learn something new that you did not know. I have not tried these AE arcs but if the survivability is so hard, did you consider using Ice Melee with its Ice Patch? Also Ice Armor during its Icy Bastion felt very tanky. These are just my first ideas after reading this. Maybe i will try it out myself for more input.
  12. Croax

    Solo Numina?

    I only remember that it was very annoying to solo because of the street kill missions. I use amplifiers and the signature summon from the p2w vendor. Also some of the base buffs are helpfull. As a BS/SD i also recommend the recovery serum. Your Damage should be high enough to have no problems with AVs. If you still struggle then get envenomed dagger and make it part of your rotation.
  13. Hasten can be made perma so you have the recharge bonus all the time. adrenalin booster can not be made perma, but gives some other bonuses than recharge. I would always go with hasten over adrenalin booster, but if i can make room for both, why not take them both?
  14. I would strongly advice to put the Hide Proc of Stalkers Guile into Assassin's Psi Blade and use a Gauss-Build Up Proc in Concentration. I copied this from my Guide to explain why:
  15. That sounds really different than what i have heared from other players. They wanted me to put EA in the S-Tier because it is so powerfull. I have not been having Problems with the Psi vulnerability, because i get used to play around it. SR had the problem of lacking endurance and the click mez was annoying me after a while, like it was with Nin and Shield. But as you said, a lot of this is subjective!
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