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water/bio or water/elec?


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Just got my first 50 in a decade or two, a BR/Inv sentinel. I've tried all the other AT's and keep coming back to sentinel.


So for my next one, I have a concept for water blast, and either bio or elec would work as secondary. Any thoughts on which synergizes better? Any pitfalls to look out for?

Based on research, it seems both have good healing/end management. /bio has nice offensive boost, but is more click-heavy, more slot-heavy, more power pick-heavy. /elec would give more flexibility and a recharge boost.


Anything else I'm missing? Thanks for your help!

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8 hours ago, queequeg77 said:

Any thoughts on which synergizes better? Any pitfalls to look out for?

I don't think there can be any serious conclusions about which one has better synergy without more context.  Water Blast offers the same utility to both secondaries.  Bio Armor's damage boost is very obvious and direct.  Electric Armor's recharge bonus is less obvious and direct on its impact.  

Pitfalls, on either pairing, would be worrying too much about soft-cap defenses.  You can potentially give up a lot pursuing that goal, but you need to do what makes sense for you.  Bio Armor can conceal the damage shortcomings a bit with Offensive Adaptation, but temper your expectations.  Electrical Armor is a bit more forgiving due to that recharge boost.  I think you already realize this though. 

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