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Any old Goonsquadders here?


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On 7/3/2020 at 1:55 PM, Hemanoncrack said:

I learned that this game is back out and super stoked (of course on the day the servers are down too!)


Came over from SomethingAwful where I used to play with the Goonsquad as Hunks. 


Can't wait to get back in the game!



Didn't expect this one...

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I can help you with the application process to join up. But we have to do a background check so I need full API's with access to everything. Since we are located very far away we can transport your assets over to it for you....just contract your assets over to our freighter pilot and he'll deliver it to you tomorrow. Set your home to our station and suicide yourself so you'll respawn in the safety of our station. Once we see you there we will get you appropriately tagged and give you a ship over our SRP until your assets arrive tomorrow.


Some good days back in EVE...

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