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  1. I just looked, and it seems rage is the same DMG and TOHIT boost for 60s that build up is for it's duration. So, bumping up base damage for the attacks in SS would still be on the board. And lowering Rage's buff would get rid of a lot of the issue with it massively boosting other pool attacks (looking at SS/FIRE/GL brutes). SS/FIRE/GL brutes used to be THE most damaging recorded melee in the game. I did that myself. I can attest to it. The chain was/is just KO-GL-BURN repeat and roll back the opposite direction. You'd one attack from SS. Numerically, it's a pretty simple fix.
  2. Ill/Cold. Your team will love you, but you don't need a team.
  3. Whoah, assault was adding a lot.
  4. What we're you getting without Assault running? I've always been curious how claws stalker and scrapper compare to each other due to the lack of FU for stalkers.
  5. x/bio scrappers are a glass cannon. They are absolutely remarkable, then in the cast time for abalative carapace, you are dead. This is playing /bio on the bleeding edge though. With other secondaries you get a couple more seconds of wiggle room, but you have to play /bio like /regen and plan to stop your faceplant before you jump in. One way of doing this though? /bio lets you kill the thing before it kills you better than any other secondary. You aren't doing reactionary saves with /bio. You just die. Claws/Bio is an underrated gem. One of my fav AT combinations. Craps out ridicu
  6. Umm, look at cold domination. -RES, -REG, and defense shields in one set.
  7. Fix Rage across the board so you can also port it to scrappers. Do the math so OVER TIME it's the same DMG/TO-HIT bonus as a buildup that last a minute. Get rid of the -DEF crap and drop the 10s of hanging out doing nothing. Maybe x% less due to activation time only being once a minute compared to 4x times a minute as with build-up. It's a simple solution and doesn't change how Rage works. Only the numbers behind the curtain.
  8. But if I don't ask, how will they know I can protect their door?
  9. I dunno, if I'm not sucking wind even WITH Ageless, I don't see myself pushing the AT hard enough.
  10. Funny, I've got WM/SD and WM/BIO experience. ATO2 Proc goes in clobber. I personally don't even bother taking PA any more (you get looked at as Bio in offensive mode then ur ded). I slot DNA Siphon with the Oblit set for the bonuses. The heal has rarely saved me. The SD version is way more survivable than Bio, but the tradeoff is damage. SD DOES get the awesomesauce Shield Charge (and the shield/mace look is AWESOME). Aid Self is a good self-heal for Shield.
  11. Man, when they changed Clobber and gave it it's crazy DPA, I made a WM/SD that day. It's an underrated set and just FEELS good. And Shatter is sooooooo satisfying. The set just feels CHONKY. Got some time with it more. Now averaging 1:27, or 87s.
  12. So, I made a WM/BIO and did some runs. Got a time in the low 1:20s and been averaging 1:30s. The combo chews end, holy crap.
  13. This...makes a lot of sense. The build having the -res procs...proccing seem to be crucial. TW seems to be VERY dependent on the procs going off to really get those low low times. ElM seems to be really consistent for low times, and it IS faster, fastest ST DPS melee character I have. Now for me personally it's ElM/BIO then these next three doing roughly the same: TW, DB, and Claws. I haven't done WM/BIO but I suspect it would be in that group.
  14. I always park my dudes in Cim for the rchg/res.
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