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  1. @Without_Pause @InvaderStych then lol they must be really bad at the tanker thing in other things if they refuse to get it here.
  2. I'm not convinced this isn't a troll post.
  3. No, it is not skippable.
  4. I've done high-level TW/RAD and it's a lot of fun. Really made me like Rad Armor. Yeah, it's better on Brutes, but still really good on scrappers. And meltdown, when active, gives a 60% dmg boost along with all the other perks. It's a really good T9.
  5. Anyone who tries to argue that being able to solo a pylon doesn't translate to the rest of the combat in this game is wrong. Their opinion doesn't matter against fact. Getting good at knocking out a pylon absolutely increases your effieciency for the combat in general. But to me, you're absolutely right. They are yardsticks used to measure. That's all they are to me personally. If someone else has done the work and gotten the data, enjoy that. But there is a reason I have so much of my own. No one else has done it for the sets I'm interested in. There aren't many sets I can think
  6. I can actually talk about this a lot. You're gonna have a very frustrating time doing ST DPS with ELM on a scrapper. It's not as rough a time as Staff though, and it takes some pretty smart work to make it decent on a stalker. I actually have done ELM/SD scrapper and ELM/SD stalker. Both high end. These are averages, not best runs. Scrapper ElM/SD 4:14 Stalker ElM/SD 2:29 Obviously, the best ST option for scrapper would be ELM/BIO/Snipe, but I wanted to make a direct comparison with those two. Regardless, you can do some respectable ST
  7. Bio Armor's defensive stance pairs really well for Staff on tankers. I can absolutely vouch for staff/ena being a really fun combo on a stalker.
  8. Ohhhhh. Lol, Also, that swap to SUR in Whirling Hands is a pretty solid idea. If Oblit wasnt such a great set, it would be a no brainer. Doesn't mean I'm really not considering. My OCD is bugging me about dropping under 170 recharge though. I will absolutely see about making it work. *edit* I think I'll make that swap. It's a .06 recharge difference with TF. Just did a single run with EA off. I had a LOT of RNG in my favor. ET crits almost killed me. 95s run.
  9. lol Yeah, the Brute definitely uses Gloom in the rotation. It's actually a very similar rotation to a SS/FA/Gloom Brute. TF-ET-Burn-Gloom Gloom doesn't get used every rotation. If Build Up gets used then Gloom is the attack not used in the rotation. I want to get back to using those big three ASAP. I haven't ran a Bone Smasher run, but I don't imagine it being to much slower. *edit* I just did a run with Bonesmasher instead of Gloom. The time was the same. So, I'm sure with averages it would be higher, but I'm not that concerned with it. Why the curiosity of
  10. Alpha Muscle. Destiny Ageless Recovery. Interface Reactive or Degen. Hybrid Assault or Support Whatever for Lore and Judgement.
  11. Kinetic Melee sucks. Regen is awesome All my times are an average unless otherwise noted. This is not a best run. Scrapper KM/BIO/ZAPP 95s (1:35) I made this out of spite because of the amount of people proclaiming KM is bad here. And I turn around and see people saying regen is great. Either way, I haven't figured out how to maximize this combo. Power Siphon is weird and awesome at the same time. I originally made a KM/FA scrapper when Going Rogue went live. The damage was pretty wild. I just abandoned the set due to runners. I remember solo-ing AVs
  12. I slap my ATO2 in ET and do pretty well. Decided on this going back and forth between TF and ET (and discussion with Kanil). My numbers don't lie. I was getting better results in ET. I DEFINITELY didn't want to even attempt BS for it. I might use BS in my rotation a 1/3 of the time. Try both. Not like Unslotters aren't dirt cheap. See what works best for you and your playstyle. I'm definitely gonna agree that putting it in an AOE is just silly. EM is not the set for that. TF. Build Up. ET crits and procs. Zapp crit. ET. TF. ET crits and procs. BS crits. Zapp
  13. I used to play a sonic/cold defender a LOT. And my rotation was shout/scream/shout/screech repeat. Sonic doesn't get enough cred, especially on teams.
  14. So, Degen definitely wasn't a DPS bump on the pylon for my Rad/Bio proc build. I did practice enough that I got a new and improved average when I swapped back to reactive. But holy god, doing a proc-build for rad/bio is a super end drain. I was having to use T4 Ageless, a recovery serum, and popping a +50 blue at the last 1/5 of the pylon HP bar. The new average was 90 seconds (1:30) but man that comes with a lot of asterisks. Also, @Pzn. Whoah. Wasn't expecting a good Sentinel time. *tips fedora*. If you keep at it after you get T4 Muscle, that time with hybrid off/on is gonna dro
  15. Man, I coulda swore it was different on a Brute. I had a claws/ele brute (before it was cool, yo!).
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