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Dark/elec or elec/dark?


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I have a theme/concept that I like and it could go either way, dark melee/electric armor or flipped. Aside from obvious differences (self-heal and -acc in DM, tons of AOE in Elec Melee), is there any synergy going one way or the other?


And... I suppose I have the option of doing dark/dark/mu or elec/elec/soul to fit the theme.


Anybody have any experience with any of these combos?

Man, I hate altitis...



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Well if we look at the Powersets it would be:



  • AoE Damage
  • Knockdown Effects
  • Endurance Hungry
  • Energy Damage Type



  • -To Hit Debuff help to survive a little bit
  • Single Target Focus
  • Endurance Hungry
  • Has a bad Selfheal
  • Negative Damage Type


  • Good Resists
  • Vulnerable to Toxic Damage
  • Gives you Endurance
  • Movement Bonus
  • Self heal
  • Recharge Bonus +20%


  • Good Resists to all Damage
  • Self heal
  •  -To Hit and Fear Aura
  • Self Rez
  • Needs lots of Endurance


I would start with the Secondary:  If i compare /Elec to /Dark, the main difference would be that Elec gives you lots of Endurance while Dark drains it all. To have Dark be somewhat Endurance positive you would either skip both of the Controll Toggles, go with Body Mastery Pool or take Ageless. These are all Endgame options and Limit your Build Opportunitys. If you can live with the fact, that Toxic Damage will be your Bane then i would go with /Elec. /Elec also brings you +20% recharge and some movement speed. this opens up a lot of possible builds for Epic and Primary Power pools.


Now for the Primary: When you know that Endurance will not be a problem since we have /Elec, then both options are good. Now the question is would you like to be Single Target or AoE? If you go with Elec/, you should pick up moonbeam to get some Single Target Damage. If you chose to go more Single Target Damage then Dark/ is a good option! In that case i would pick Ball Lightning from Mu to get some AoE later on. In my Opinion it would be either Elec/Elec/Soul or Dark/Elec/Mu.


If you want to mix Dark Elements with Lightning Elements i think Dark/Elec/Mu will be more on point. Elec/Elec/Sould could end up beeing just a lot of lightning and little to no Dark.

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