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Handy Sentinel information


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So after@Bopperpointed me towards where I can find Sentinel ability information, I went to digging. I haven't found the information I set out to find yet, but I have found some ...not super useful info on abilities.


Defensive Opportunity:
Heal = 20% * 120.4759 * Cast_Time

End = 5 * Cast_Time



Bio Armor: (25% 52.8297 (0.8 (MIN(MAX(Base_Recharge1)20)1.8* 0.2 / AreaFactor

Internal cool down of 2 seconds


Molten Embrace: 3 ticks, 80% chance for each tick, Damage = (5% 52.8297 (0.8 (MIN(MAX(Base_Recharge1)20)1.80.2 / AreaFactor

Internal cool down of 2 seconds


I'm not sure why rain spells didn't seem to trigger ME like they did Bio Armor. 80% chance seems like I should have seent at least 1 tick after 50 casts


It really feels like Molten Embrace should be running at least a 10% mod instead of 5%, if not 15%, considering how much Fire Armor sacrifices to be more of an offensive secondary. 80% for 3 ticks should be 192.5% damage, but I'm probably wrong. So a single target ability with a recharge of 6 would be 3.49 damage * 195.25% for 6.81 average damage. How does that sound against to 17.43 damage for Bio? A 10% mod would take it to 13.61 damage, 15% would be 20.42. Once again, assuming my math on the 80% triple tick is right. Hopefully Bopper will sort me out? lol


All of this is going to work its way into the next version of my spreadsheet.

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