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  1. It does. If you have a very fast set, something like Katana, you could leverage those fast attacks for heavy DoT stacking (I think up to 8 stacks, but seeing as how the DoTs only last about 4-5 seconds you wouldn't be hitting that anyways). Anyways, not only do you get a ton of DoTs, it also gives you more opportunity to apply debuffs as well. Debuffs last for 8.3s, so if you only have 25% chance to apply the debuff, you can likely keep a couple of debuff stacks (max 4 stacks) through the fast attacks applying more opportunities.
  2. It is, however you likely won't have Hasten on Perma, so try to account for that as well. But even then, you have 57.5% without Hasten, so getting another 12% will easily come from slotting. You can get 10% from Superior ATO. You can get 5% for fully slotting Obliterations. Or you can just grab a Increase Attack Rate buff from Base Empowerments. That'll give you 20% for 90 minutes, and it'll only cost you about 10k in influence to buy the salvage required.
  3. I agree. It is a good thing to bring up, and I appreciate that you clarified that. You are more susceptible to being hit with debuffs which is mentioned in Crater's 2nd bullet which I fully agreed with. I was not staking claim to which was better, just clarifying that resistance debuff resistance is certainly a thing and provided an example as well as adding a seldom known factoid that your damage resistance is also your damage debuff resistance. I dont know if damage debuffs are common in the game, but if you face it, you can rest assured your damage resistance is helping keep up your offense as well as your defense.
  4. The first and third bullets are incorrect. 90% resistance reduces incoming damage to 10%. Softcap defense reduces the incoming damage from 50% base chance to 5% base chance (most accuracy modifiers will scale the same, so no need to factor that in). That effectively reduces incoming damage to 10%. So softcapped defense and capped resistance is the same amount of mitigation. However, if we're talking about incarnate content and hitting softcapped incarnate defenses (58.75%), then defense wins out. For the last bullet, Resistance is its own resistance debuff resistance (and damage debuff resistance). So having 90% resistance means any resistance debuffs you take (and damage debuffs you take), you will reduce 90% of its effect.
  5. 69% for perma single stack (when factoring in arcanatime). 200/(120 - 1.716) = 1.6908 (+69%)
  6. Bopper

    Rad or Invuln

    If it wasn't for the fact Taunt is auto-hit, I probably would skip it too. Between Epic AoEs and general jumping around punch-voking everything, it would be superfluous to have Taunt. But when there are times when there's an AV with insane defense buffs, it's nice making sure you can keep the AV stuck on you. Luckily, Taunt has good set bonus options, so if you can fit the slots, it's not wasted.
  7. If its a tank or brute and I can cap most of the damage types, give me resists all day. Anything else, defense.
  8. Bopper

    Rad or Invuln

    Math looks good. Not sure how easy it is to keep 10 targets within an 8 ft radius, but that would be the upper limit of performance. Probably better off having it in Buildup for the controllability of the proc, but you probably have a chance on occasional multiple procs, so that could be nice.
  9. This is all you need: https://coh.tips/city-suggests/
  10. Bopper

    Rad or Invuln

    Got transparency to work, and I randomized the placement of dots around their true position by adding a uniform random number that spanned -DebuffAmount*(1-DDR)/2 to +DebuffAmount*(1-DDR)/2. So basically no overlap. Maybe eventually I can get fancy with it and make the randomness use weights to pull more towards the median of the dots as a way to pseudo normalize the spread. For example, let's say I take one dot location and see that it contains 20% of the sim, and the dots below it make up 50% and the dots above it make up 30%, maybe I can pseudo-randomize to shape the distribution....hmmm, i bet I could. I'll play with it more. Anyways, here's what it looks like now
  11. Afterburner does not change the speed of any of your powers, it merely increases the fly speed cap. At base value, the added speed is +14.32 mph, but you can enhance that. However you cannot enhance it past the absolute Max Capped Flight Speed of 87.95 (95% of capped run speed). Fly is capped at the Regular Capped Flight Speed of 58.63 mph. If not for the cap, Fly would be a bit faster even without enhancements. It takes Afterburner to reach its potential. Fun fact that I've promoted 100 times, use Steam Jump and Jump Pack (swap between the two to keep it permanent) with Hover and/or Afterburner. Those P2W powers provide a huge strength to flight speed which will allow you to reach very fast speeds with zero enhancements. Afterburner + Jump Pack = 87.95 mph maxed capped fly speed. Hover + Jump Pack = 58.63 mph regular capped flight speed. For more information, you can read my Movement Speed Guide. Drop down to the comments section where I posted a video demonstrating all of this functionality.
  12. Base: 200s Dur: 90s CastTime: 1.17s (1.32s arcana). If you don't care about the cast time, the amount of recharge required to reach exactly "perma-dom" would be: 200/90 = 222.22% (+122.22% added recharge). If you care about the cast time, the amount of recharge required becomes: 200/(90 - 1.32) = 225.53% (+125.53%). My guess is, while casting the power you are not able to use a power to benefit from "Dom". If so, you would only care about the first number I gave. Otherwise, you would care about the 2nd. The amount of downtime you would have for having +122% recharge is (assuming you don't care about cast time): 200/2.22 = 90.0900900900s. So your gap is 0.09s, basically.
  13. Both of those things are bugs. The Psi proc is still showing the old 20% flat proc probability. It is supposed to be 3.5 PPM like all the others. The 58.3% you are seeing is only shown when you hover over the enhancement and the window pops up. That is a bug. What it's doing is taking the 3.5 PPM and calculating the probability to proc using a 10 second activation period and assuming a radius of 0. This equates to 3.5 x 10 / 60 = 58.33%. So if you ever see an erroneous percentage like that, rule of thumb, multiply it by 6 and you will get the actual PPM of the proc. (58.33% x 6 = 3.5). As for damage from the procs, the program is calculating average damage (or "expected damage"). It simply is taking the amount of damage the proc does and multiplies it with the probability of the proc firing. The reason why the damage from the Psi proc is so low is because it is using 20% chance to fire even though it most certaily is something higher than that. Let me guess, are you seeing 71.75 x 0.20 = 14.35 psi damage? If so, that's why.
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