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  1. Utility Belt and Gadgetry was in the files as far back as November 12th, 2012. Safe to say the idea did not come from any of the post-shutdown servers. The likely possible reasons for not having these origin pools on HC yet are: Priorities/Time constraints Graphics Balance of these new origin powers Planned overhaul of all Origin Pools (Sorcery got this, so it's fair to assume the other pools and future pools could have similar overhauls in mind) Code/engine development (maybe a new form of travel could be introduced, like I picture Utility Belt
  2. The backbone is still Ruby's tool. But UberGuy updates their version of the code when needed.
  3. CoD is still active. It may not have been updated after the most recent patch but that was a small update. It's also not dependent on RubyRed's tool. UberGuy has made his own updates for Page 2 and beyond.
  4. It is currently still processing, so only low-def is available (give it a few hours for hi-def), but here is a video I made of my Fortunata downing a pylon in 2:20 (400 DPS). I guess technically it was 2:19 since my initial attack missed (go figure). No temps, no insps. For incarnates I used T4 Ageless Core, T4 Musculature Radial, T4 Degenerative Core, and T4 Assault Radial (no clicked).
  5. Correct. I dont click my hybrid either. I do use Ageless though.
  6. What is "superior claws" and what are the times to beat? I need to go back, but I think my Night Widow was around 2:20, but I wasn't trying to design a pylon killer.
  7. I find Fortunatas to be especially nice. Dominate is Psi only, and Mass Confusion is solid. I haven't tested it, but I have a feeling Mass Confusion will neuter the Phalanx Fighting.
  8. Nice find, I see what the problem is and it was likely introduced in Page 2. The activate period is set to every 3s but the FlyingSpeed only lasts for 0.75s. So you get a 2.25s gap of no flyingspeed.
  9. Compensate by not remaining stagnant. The buffs are only 8 foot radius, so I recommend to move around so they can't remain clustered and pick them off individually. The duration of the buff is only 1.25s, so it won't take long to move a foe outside the buff radius and have their defense drop. I'm not saying to completely separate them, obviously...that's an extreme playstyle change. But you can easily make it so 16 foes are not all within 8 feet of eachother allowing for super strong defense buffs.
  10. As a tester, I really hope someday we can get a /Slash command that tells us distance to target. @Number Six is it possible to create a /dist2tgt Slash command?
  11. From hide it has a 50% chance to crit. Looking at CoD I see nothing wrong with how the power is set up so can you confirm how many attempts from hide you tried and if all of them did not crit?
  12. Again, I have no affiliation with the HC Discord, so I have no moderator privileges. You have to talk to HC Staff or HC GMs to discuss ways forward with joining their Discord.
  13. I have no affiliation with HC's Discord, so your standing in that discord plays no part in mind. I looked through my logs to find Spectrum too and I see nobody by that name join.
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