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  1. The prestige sprints are now in the Prestige Powers window. Unfortunately with old builds, its likely that those powers are stuck behind other inherent powers. Try going into the prestige powers and deselect the prestige sprints, then re-elect them into your build. Hopefully the show up then.
  2. Do you need to delete them? You might be able to right click it and hit the + 3 times.
  3. That's a known issue. The program got renamed to MidsReborn (previously it was misnamed Mids Reborn), so thats the cause of the shortcut break, the filename changed. As for grouping, we did update some stuff to help keep like-powers together (so all incarnates will line up next to eachother, as opposed to purely first come first serve). We discussed the column grouping thing, but the logic is gonna need some serious work so it will be something potentially down the line.
  4. It didn't actually update? I'm used to errors thrown while it updates, but not actually error out the update. Ok, try uninstalling and reinstall it from MidsReborn.com. The reinstall will already be set to, so no need to update after. Let me know if that works. If not, I'll ask someone smarter than me as to what's going on.
  5. @Zed can you provide details? I never used the function.
  6. The reason for the brokennshortcut is because the name of the program changed. It is no longer Mids Reborn.exe, it is MidsReborn.exe (no space). You need to go into your directory of where Mids was installed and reset up your shortcuts with the right program
  7. Might be a graphics issue. Have you tried resizing and/or changing your column layout?
  8. I looked up the power info, it appears to be a flat 12% chance to proc. The heal should be 53.545 HP. I also see no special requirement for what kind of attack. As long as it has a cast time or activation period it should have a chance to fire. If I get time, I can dig deeper, but hope that helps.
  9. I think Level Up mode was sort of brought back in this version. But its called Normal/Respec instead of Level Up/Dynamic. You can swap between Blue (hero) and Red (villain), but I dont know what other options are available for configuration.
  10. Both are expected. We had to rename it to MidsReborn.exe, your your shortcuts will be broken. Go into where you have Mids installed and re-setup your shortcuts. The error throw on the updating is actually fixed in this version (just hit continue when you see it), so future updates will no longer have that error (hopefully).
  11. Odd, I'm surprised you have the version and not able to pull the newest update. Go into your Options>Configuration>Updates and Paths. I need you to verify your Update URL is set to: https://midsreborn.com/mids_updates/update_manifest.xml If not, change it to that. Then restart your Mids and try again. EDIT: If that doesn't work, then uninstall your Mids, then re-install from MidsReborn.com
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