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  1. Do we know how long the duration of the effects last when leaving the patch area? If you can drop it in a location, then anyone who enters gets the buff for...I dunno 30 seconds...then can leave the patch, that would be extremely useful.
  2. Pour one out for all the Dark Melees that will never make it to level 8.
  3. Dumb question, as I havent played the set yet, but I'm curious if faraday's cage requires you to be on the ground to use it. I assume so, and just thought it seemed limiting to those who prefer supporting from hover/fly.
  4. I like the sleep idea, as I was thinking the set needed more of it too. Not sure about damage ticks though, as it might just turn the set into another proc monster candidate (I'm not against that, but I doubt the devs want that).
  5. I believe Synapse Shock is not a proc. It's like Gift of the Ancients:+Run Speed. It is a half enhancement (26.5% end mod), and half 1 piece set bonus (+15% to movement speed). Edit: others like that are the LotG +Recharge, and Steadfast Protection:+Def
  6. That's fair. On the flip side, Theft of Essence offers a 3.5 PPM for +10% endurance proc while Performance Shifter does a 1.5 PPM. Neither are unique. If Call of Sandman isn't unique (2PPM), nor is Entropic Chaos (3PPM), perhaps this one shouldn't be unique either. It's all the same heal buff.
  7. I would like to have an option to do a partial respec of a character. Personally, I dread the feeling of having to go back and select every power, select every enhancement slot, then slot every enhancement when all I am really wanting to do is select a different pool power for my build. It would be nice to instead of defaulting to level 1 with all enhancement slots cleared, we have a choice. We can select to start at level 1, or we can choose to show the current build with enhancements still in place and we can select individually which powers to remove (or swap) and which enhancement slots to remove/clear. Examples of use: #1) Let's say I want to change from Sorcery Pool to Force of Will. First I need to select the removal of my Arcane Bolt, Mystic Flight and Rune of Protection. Once the 3 powers are removed, I can go back to where the first power (lowest level) was cleared and I can now select any new power that is valid/available (in this case, the Force of Will pool will be available and I can take Weaken Resolve). Then, with the next cleared powers, I can select whatever I like. #2) Let's say I want to remove an enhancement slot from one power and give it to another. First, I will select which of the enhancements I want removed which will allocate me a new available slot to add wherever I choose. I then select the power I want to have a new slot. I can then add back the enhancement that was removed or keep it clear.
  8. Keep in mind, the testing is in an infant state. There will be fixes and balances, much like what we saw with tanker testing. Initially Tankers got a base 120 endurance, +100% arc increases, and more I dont recall but basically made them OP. Until a beta patch update becomes a release candidate, take the changes with a grain of salt (at least the expectations of the changes).
  9. In regards to P2W offering free powers such as Ninja/Beast Run, I believe the philosophy of the developers was to make sure players from live who bought these powers with real world dollars could come back to the game and still retain access to those powers. The way to do this was to make it free for everybody.
  10. I don't think the recharge matters much. IIRC, the recharge boost is something like 27%, which would only reduce the power's cooldown by 16 seconds. Also, the duration on unleaded potential is also 60s and has no recharge boost. IMO, if they are going to standardize all the T5 origin pool powers to 1000s, they should also standardize them to 90s duration.
  11. For a unique, I would think it should be a 3ppm proc, similar to Pancea
  12. Hey now, let me enjoy 4 slotting my stamina for +96.7% endmod enhancement, an endurance proc, and 30% movement speed.
  13. I think the 1 second is accurate, but it's still really nice. That's going 300 ft in that entire 1 second span. Not bad
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