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  1. It does. It's like looking at Combat Attributes, but it's the enemy's Combat Attributes
  2. Well, I'm actually not seeing a message and I have almost everything on in my chat log. But I also have the Power Analyzer going and I see the debuff applied everytime I hit the target. With just auto-kick going, the debuff would keep a 5% to 10% to-hit debuff. With a damage aura on and auto-kick going, it would typically be 10% to 15% to hit debuff, occasionally dropping to 5%. I switched to Jab for faster attacks and I basically was at 15% to 20% debuff the entire time. Looks like its working fine.
  3. In game, go Menu>Options>Windows Go down to Chat and select the Log Chat and make it Enabled. But if its only 1 thing, I can test it now. I actually have that Interface already.
  4. You'll need to provide us your build and probably a screenshot of your combat attributes to give us a better idea as to what's going on. Numbers could certainly be off, but given it's a Spines/Fire, I'm not aware of anything weird happening with those sets.
  5. Can you screenshot your build and provide us with your Mids build? Hard to troubleshoot with just the numbers you gave
  6. @Number Sixthis was what I saw on Discord. It was a very specific test, but I dont know how well it was logged/controlled. They were checking the Cognitive Confuse Proc using Pets while monitoring the Confusion Status Protection of the target using a power analyzer. They said they never saw the Confusion Protection change.
  7. I am not tracking it nor keeping a list. Out of curiosity, which interface are you wanting to know about, and I can maybe tell you if it's working or if I simply don't know. I mostly work with Degenerative and Reactive, and those both seem to be working as intended. But it could be worth a revisit. However I'm not very motivated in testing every single interface proc. If folks would like to run tests of different interfaces and get a bunch of data, that would be useful. My preferred method of testing is my granite tank. I can stand in front of a pylon and have no survivability issues. I make sure to grab an AE mission before I get started that way I don't get booted for being AFK. Then I proceed to auto-kick the pylon for 8 hours while I sleep, then parse the data afterwards. That being said, if anyone wants to lend a warm animated body to do that test with the different procs, and properly save their log and make sure they capture all the pertinent information needed...then I'd be happy to open it in excel, filter out the strings I care about and say whether or not the procs are firing as often as they should.
  8. The fix was implemented awhile ago, however there have been mentionings of some interfaces being bugged. Not sure if it's related or not, and I haven't tested it to verify.
  9. For base to hit chance for various level shifts, I refer you to the Attack Mechanics article on paragon wiki https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Attack_Mechanics In Incarnate content, you can achieve +3 level shift, which makes +4 missions a +1 relative to you (use 65% base to-hit in Mids to show +1 level). In non-incarnate level 50 (maybe anything 45+), you will still have +1 level shift for having a T3+ Alpha slotted, making +4 content a +3 relative to you (use 48% base to-hit in Mids to show +3 level). If you have no level shifts, then the +4 would have a base to-hit chance of 39%
  10. That can probably be negotiated. Worth asking for on Suggestions Forums
  11. If it's going to be treated like Call of the Sandman, and work like Call of the Sandman, it needs to not have a higher PPM than Call of the Sandman, especially given how easy it is to slot PT into Stamina whereas Sleep attacks require effort to include in a build. 3 PPM at 15% is equivalent to being able to slot 3 of the 5%, yet get to do it all in one slot. That's uber-OP, especially for a proc that is already stronger than all the other unique regen enhancements.
  12. They certainly can do this. They could make it 2 PPM and unique with a 10% or 15% HP. You'll make a lot of electric players unhappy, but you'll get more out of doing a single slot of the proc in stamina. You can suggest doing that in the suggestion forums.
  13. For procs, Time/DP is strong because you gain so much To-Hit and Defense from Farsight that it affords you some trade space in adding more procs. Storm in itself is an offensive set, so you can go that route as well. My main is Time/DP so I know it well, but I havent played Storm so I can't provide you with any gameplay advice.
  14. Who said sonic is overrated? It's very powerful in team content, but undesirable sometimes for solo content (slow attacks, AoE is mostly weak hitting cones, but the nuke is nice). DP is a good option too, thats what my main uses. I havent played beam rifle, but I bet it does well.
  15. You can play a sonic/sonic. Buff your allies at start of map for 2 minutes of resistance buffs. Anchor your tank with the toggle resistance debuff. Then follow the tank with your Sonic Dispersion and spam your howl for more resistance debuffs.
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