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  1. Sounds like a great idea. And if it interests you at all, the recharge time with the FF proc should actually be 13.2368 seconds, so even better!
  2. That is difficult to quantify without knowing the rotation. But you're right, you would sprinkle it in every 10 seconds. In the case of jab, it has a 1.32 second arcana time and does only 30.25 base damage. Not a great T1 power to sprinkle in. With the possible exception of Frozen Fists, Jab is the worst T1 attack as it has the worst DPA and is relatively slow to cast.
  3. Great breakdown of numbers, but there is one minor issue. Bruising requires use of your T1 attack in your attack chain (typically a weak attack and single target), whereas now you can stick to whatever attacks you want that optimize your attack chain. The lack of bruising will be missed against AVs, as teammates also benefit from the bruising, but you'll make up for much of it with superior performance in AoE and general mob fighting.
  4. I'm not sure if the title of the thread is intentionally click-baity or if the OP is suggesting the game in general "sucked" because of lack of powers while early leveling. Either way, the QoL changes are nice and appreciated, but the game never sucked just because it originally was more challenging. Real life friends who played and the friends made within the community helped make the game enjoyable and overcoming the early level challenges with friends were always the most memorable moments.
  5. Correct, all of those types of winter sets are attuned. The regular Frozen Blast Proc combines a 18.55% recharge enhancement with a 2.5 PPM immobilize proc that I believe is an 8 second duration at Mag 3. The Superior Frozen Blast Proc combines a 23.1875% recharge enhancement with a 3.5 PPM immobilize proc that I believe is a 10 second duration at Mag 3. I hope that helps.
  6. Every 10 seconds it has a probability to fire equal to PPM*10/60 (assuming self affected power only, like health)
  7. Huh, no replies on this yet? Might be the longest the tanker updates have gone without a comment.
  8. I don't have Mids on my phone to offer any specific advice to your build, but you can use the formulas in my PPM guide (see signature) to calculate the impact of recharge added. Generally speaking, adding just a little recharge will have a drastic impact on the probability. Due to diminishing returns, though, added recharge starts losing its effect as it increases. So if you're going to add recharge, might as well add as much as you want. That being said, avoid adding any recharge unless truly necessary or if it won't impact the max probability of 90%, as is the case with some long recharge powers like the epics.
  9. Don't undersell yourself, you understand the math well. Also you have a good guide. It just struggled with handling multiple temp buffs. I believe you stated something like "the more buffs you add, the harder it is to even remotely accurately pin down". It's true, it gets harder, but my formulas show you can get it dead on balls accurate (it's an industry term...and I may have watched My Cousin Vinny recently) and my formulas show you can get away from doing it iteratively and just calculate it directly. This is why I started with examples that showed all the calculations before I showed any formulas. Much like how you showed your steps to your work. P.S. welcome back. I hadn't seen you post in awhile. I'm glad we didn't lose you from the community.
  10. Haven't played it, but I believe a Sentinel could do what you're looking for. Plus Screech actually does good damage, as opposed to the other sonic blasts
  11. Here is some MATLAB code to show Example 3.2 from the guide. I chose this example to highlight the need to re-check your work just in case a temporary boost actually acts as a permanent boost. Everything in green are comments in the code.
  12. I know it might not be the point you're trying to make with that statement, but would you like it if I provided code that does some of the math? I can show basic for-loops to iterate through the summation process (the sigmas).
  13. Do you have the chat log saved? I'll add your findings to the PPM guide for completeness.
  14. The math for calculating the recharge time required is simple enough. You must add up the arcanatime of all the powers used between the given power and the last time it was used, that becomes your target Recharge time. Then you simply calculate the amount of recharge rate enhancement you need to achieve that target Recharge time. RechargeRateReq = BaseRecharge / sum(arcanatime from in between powers) Let's say your attack chain is 1-2-3-4 (repeat), and you want to know the amount of recharge required in 1 to keep the attack chain gapless, then we add the arcanatime of 2, 3, and 4 (AT2+AT3+AT4) then divide that into the base recharge of 1 (BR1). So we solve RechargeRateReq = BR1 / (AT2+AT3+AT4). You do this for each power in the chain. It will get tricky if your chain can't achieve gapless, as you will have to calculate those gaps and incorporate them into your numbers. If you give me a specific chain, I'll solve it and post it as an example solution in the guide. But don't give me a chain from Kheldians as I won't have their power info (City of Data only has human form). Unless you give me the base recharge and cart time of each pet, of course.
  15. It's funny, this was actually the first thing I programmed up when I came back to the game. I made an excel spreadsheet that allowed me to make an attack chain, and it would calculate the required recharge of each attack...and if necessary it calculated a gap (it also did other things like calculate expected damage from procs and produced a DPS value). So yes, it's in my wheel house, I'd just have to clean it up if I were to share it (basically I would need to tweak things I did manually that would need to be done automatically instead). I have never played them, so I am unfamiliar with the shenanigans you speak of. But if you have an exact chain in mind, I can calculate what you need. I'll just need to know all the steps involved, for instance, is there a cast time to changing forms?
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