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  1. That would depend on how much of your attack chain is using procs. A proc build will still provide adequate dps during the downtime.
  2. Is this still true? I've seen other debuffs that have been described the same way actually get impacted by the purple patch. But in any sense, it still makes your point, assuming resists and purple patch, the 150+% I quoted may not be enough (I do assume sleet and snowstorm are applied as they are AoEs, SS is a toggle so you'd anchor that on your hardest target and keep it on, and sleet offers good debuffs). So it would be worth a test to see if those powers combines could floor a targets recharge ro -75% on a +3 AV/GM/EB.
  3. This should be added in next update. I had been helping the programmer with this and we were able to get toggles and clicks working. However pseudopets are a different problem and won't be fixed until later.
  4. Is it worthless? Seems like a pretty awesome debuff power. But you're right, it is an ideal power for procs: longish base recharge with a quick animation time. The -recharge debuff proc can probably be skipped though. Odds are your enemy will already be capped at the -75% recharge limit (infridgidate and snowstorm does -150% and I forget what sleet does, so odds are even if resisted, you will cap it). But like you said, a 1 sec animation power that you can cast every ~5 seconds to do 215 damage while debuffing defense and resistance is awesome. Personally I would 4 slot it with the 3 damage procs and Achilles. Since you're already debuffing defense, you won't need the +tohit (but if you have a slot to spare, it is a nice buff for your other attacks)
  5. Correct Not true. But it certainly is a popular choice. It depends. You should compare the dps of a traditional attack chain with the dps of a proc-based attack chain, then decide.
  6. In the guide, I specifically tested empty clips if you'd like to see the performance. But as mentioned, the probability to proc is equal to 1 - Probability to not proc on all hit targets. Using the formula in the guide, you get: 1 - (1 - Prob2Proc)^n, where n is the number of targets hit by empty clips
  7. Yup, that is correct. So if 6 slotting a toggle (which is a big investment), the question becomes how much do you value the damage over the set bonuses (4-6 in this case). As for why people dont like to slot in auras? It depends, I suppose. 10 seconds is a long time to wait for a proc if you are railroading mobs (but if you're railroading mobs, do you care?). Also, there is no exploitation with toggles like what you can do with long click powers. You can have enough global recharge to proc out a click power for reliable DPS, you dont get that with toggles. Finally, let's go back to those 3 slots you spend on the aura. Does 66 damage per 10 seconds per target (6.6 dps/tgt) make it worth it to spend 3 slots on? Depends on your build. With some builds being so tight, it might be too difficult to squeeze out that little bit of extra dps.
  8. They took that out in the most recent patch. It's possible they could bring it back, but I think it won't.
  9. Depends on the type of proc. But if we're talking damage, I recommend having Damage Inflicted and Pet Damage Inflicted
  10. Death Shroud at base does 12.51 damage per tick (every 2 seconds). To lose 25% damage (100% vs. 75%) means you lose 3.1275 damage per tick. Over 10 seconds (5 ticks) that's a loss of 15.6375. Every 10 seconds, a damage aura will have a chance to proc. With a 3.5 PPM proc (71.75 damage per proc), you will have a probability to proc of: 3.5×10/60/(1+0.15×0.75x8) = 30.7% The expected damage every 10 seconds becomes 71.75×0.307 = 22.02 damage. So if you only care about damage, then using procs are more helpful than getting that last 25% of damage boost.
  11. Yes and yes. Basically, you will do more damage (higher damage modifier and also a higher damage cap) and it will be easier to hit more enemies (AoE increases and increased target caps).
  12. http://web.archive.org/web/20140625171903/http://tomax.cohtitan.com/data/powers/
  13. I believe it does. CoD shows it summons a Kinetic Transfer
  14. Incredibly tested. Sir Myshkin has posted videos of his test in his threads. I have also tested the procs themselves to prove the formulas for procs.
  15. I think preference should be based on other powers in the pool. If you want Rune, you take Arcane, if you want Unleash Potential, you take Project Will (or other powers in the pools you might want). If its strictly a choice between these 2 powers, I think it's close enough that its pick your poison. Without the power descriptions (not sure of City of Data is accurate) and details, it's hard to say for sure.
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