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  1. How much recharge was slotted in the powers and of the 13 freaks you attacked, how many were actually hit? The number of procs on Glue Arrow has me thinking...
  2. The 5% will always be the minimum. But you can go beyond the softcap via defense and to-hit debuffs to give you a cushion for when you face enemies with defense debuffs.
  3. Both have a 25 foot radius, so for a 3.5 PPM proc, the probability to proc on each tick (every 10 seconds) would be 15.3%. I don't know how long the duration of the pseudopet is, so if it's less than 10 seconds, then you probably only have the one opportunity to Proc.
  4. Pseudopets are certainly disappointing in that regard. I should correct you on one thing though, the ActivatePeriod used is from the Proc enhancement itself, not the power. So 10 seconds is used for the Proc probability calculation.
  5. If you do more rigorous testing, I can probably help you with the calculations/formulas. Keeping track of the effect proc will be simple enough, how many times did you hit a target and how many times did the effect proc: % = effect/hits. The more rigorous test will be tracking every DoT tick. You will need to track the number of times you hit the target, the number of times you get 1 tick, 2 ticks,...5 ticks. That will require a lot of samples, but we should be able to determine a few things.
  6. I don't think it uses PPM. I thought I read each tick of the DoT has a probability to hit (25% or 75% depending on which T4 you pick). If a DoT tick misses, the DoT dies. If I can find where I read that, I'll link it. Until then, take my words with a grain of salt, as I have not tested it. Update. Here is the link
  7. Ahh, good to know. And I believe I noticed that with one of the damage procs. Thanks for the clarity. Either way, we will just be concerned with the PPM values in this context, as that is the desired reference for doing PPM calculations.
  8. Definitely slot Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Increased Global recharge into 5 of your powers. That will give your +37.5% recharge boost...plus some defense. As for the rest of the slotting, it might depend on what you want to accomplish. Personally, I focused on shoring up the one weakness, Psychic Resistance. So I went heavy on Impervious Armor. It costs 30 slots, but it will get you roughly 52.5% psy resistance and some psi defense, iirc. But honestly, I went that route only because I wanted to live through anything. You might have different goals. Other IOs I used were Aegis 5% Psy resistance, and the two defense IOs that give another combined 8% resistance. If you need additional recharge, look into the Force Feedback proc. If you have any AoE attacks that do Knockback/Knockdown, that can be useful as it gives 5 seconds of 100% recharge boost.
  9. I can probably help you with Proc effects. Probably not tonight (Happy Hour night!), but I can dive through my spreadsheets and give you some updates to effects tomorrow. Some examples that I can think of, the Anhillation -res proc is 10 seconds of -12.5% resistance (unresistable, unlike Achilles Heel). Also, I believe the duration of the holds for Devastation and Lockdown are 8 seconds, not 6. I'll PM you if I see any discrepancies, and please feel free to incorporate any of the formulas on the front page for your calculator. Those have been confirmed via testing and reviewing source code.
  10. Thanks, I found you referenced on reddit, wasn't sure if you existed on these forums. I'll attribute you appropriately. If you like, I can try to vet your PPM numbers and let you know of any discrepancies that exist.
  11. No. Only the Alpha incarnates could count as enhancements. Everything else (like Destiny incarnates) are treated as Global buffs.
  12. From what I've seen, the procs themselves have no special coding. The special coding seems to be in the Tanker Melee, itself. I'm working off of i24 files here, but from what I can tell, the difference between Scrapper's Crippling Axe Kick and the Tanker version is that the Tanker version has some additional fields marked TRUE, whereas the Scrapper does not have anything in those fields. So again, the Tanker Melee does show up as a sphere attack (radius 10 feet) that hits up to 5. However, the fields that the Tanker has marked TRUE are "AnimMainTargetOnly" and "ProcMainTargetOnly". So again, I don't know exactly how this is worked out in the source code, but I would strongly suspect these special fields are the reason why the damage and proc damage only hits the single target. I also poked around the i25 source code and haven't seen anything special being done for PPM or AreaFactor, so I can't explain how any of this truly works (if I dig harder, maybe I could find something...but it's a lot of files). As for why the taunt bypasses this, I don't know. But for the purpose of Procs, I don't think there's much else that needs to be determined that my test didn't show already. As for researching taunt duration and the mechanics of Gauntlet, I don't thing that is within the scope of a Proc Guide. It is worth bringing up in General Discussion, for sure. I just don't have the experience to do that sort of research. From what Number Six had mentioned a few pages back, the entire thing is a hack job. Single target attacks get a taunt aura, but cones don't. I don't recall PBAoE attacks. Beyond that, I just don't know. I personally haven't played a tanker in almost a decade. With all that being said, if you have a very specific request (explicit, but simple), I can take a look for you. It would need to be something that is somewhat obvious. If it requires me to run huge samples, I won't be able to help as HeroStats is no longer working for me on Beta Server and I have to manually read the chat log to count up these numbers (days of 800 samples are over).
  13. I also thought Tankers made sense for Proc Monster analysis. I was thinking Titan Weapons with the defense debuff and knockback procs with momentum improving cast times could lead to decent attack chains.
  14. Performed a test with a Tanker just now. Only looking at the single target melee attack, Crippling Axe Kick, which has an 11 second recharge and 1.6 second cast time. Test 1: No recharge slotted, using a 4.5 PPM purple proc. If it uses a ST formula, the probability to proc is 90%. If it uses a 10 foot radius for an AreaFactor calculation, the probability to proc would be 44.5% First thing I'm looking for is any procs via Gauntlet. I did 58 attacks, not once did a Proc occur on an enemy other than my target (expected). Next thing I'm looking for is if the ST attack uses ST PPM formula, or if it has an Area Factor due to the Gauntlet. Of my 58 attacks, I had 52 procs. This suggests the ST formula is being used (expected). Test 2: Used the taunt set damage proc Perfect Zinger. Of my 62 attacks, 51 had procs (82%). For a 3.5 PPM proc, I expected 73.5%. I was a bit lucky, but either way we can clearly confirm it did not use an Area Factor of greater than 1. In terms of finding anything special with Tankers and its Gauntlet inherent, I see nothing that would have different PPM mechanics than expected. I'll revisit this if anyone does see something that I missed during my limited testing (didn't see procs hitting other targets, didn't see degradation in single target attack procs).
  15. When you get Farsight, you shouldn't need ACC. Go ahead and load that baby up with 4 damage procs and 2 hold procs. It'll be fun to hold an Elite Boss and wittle him down with proc damage.
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