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New Badge - Rescuer


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      Lately I been going after my defeat badges, and in the process been rescuing a lot of citizens whose purse were being stolen by baddies, don't ask me how a young lady is hanging on to her purse when a Tsoo is pulling it, but after I wipe them out, they come running and say thanks.


      So it occurs to me, that maybe after 1,000 rescues you should get an atta-girl badge...





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While the idea of a badge for rescuing those random NPCs on the street is a good one, 'Rescuer' already exists as a badge. You get it for rescuing Penny Yin's dad in one of the Faultline story arcs.


See: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Rescuer_Badge


Instead, they could perhaps reuse one of the old AE rescue objective badges that got removed - Do Gooder, Safekeeper, Savior or To The Rescue. Though I think some of those may have been reused already for other things?

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