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Incarnate Powers Alpha Slot Questions


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I have two questions regarding the alpha slot and powers and wasn't sure where else to put this, and my search fu wasn't strong enough to find the answers.


If you create the powers are you able to swap powers in and out of the alpha slot?


Does Vigor increase regeneration and absorb or only direct/self  heals?


Thank you!



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22 hours ago, Aiax said:

Thank you for the reply!


Just another follow up question, does the alpha slot also affect set bonuses?



No, not directly. Alpha only impacts the enhancable attributes of a given power, consistent with the diminishing returns ceiling of a given tier of the Alpha ability.

Think about it as:

Universal Enhancements

“The Alpha Slot Incarnate Abilities give their aspect enhancement to every power that a character has that can utilize it. “




The Splintered Soul Project: (Nyght****) 21 and counting (18 max). 


DSorrow: “Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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