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  1. I am a big fan of savage melee. It feels fast has good single target damage and good ae damage. I like to pair it with radiation armour for even more recharge speed, endurance recovery and another ae. You won't get really big numbers like some of the other sets but the speed is there. The attacking with just your hands takes a bit of getting used to, but I find it a very fun set to play.
  2. Aiax

    Gotta scrap fast!

    I was always a fan of savage/rad for speed. You have some good + recharge, + recovery and I felt that the animations of savage feel fast and flow together well.
  3. Have you considered savage melee? I think it would fit your concept and I really enjoy it :-)
  4. Hi All, I am working on a concept for a character and have a question about Meltdown in rad armour. I am deciding between tank, scrapper and brute and wondering which one benefits the most from the dmg buff of meltdown? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the reply! Just another follow up question, does the alpha slot also affect set bonuses?
  6. I have two questions regarding the alpha slot and powers and wasn't sure where else to put this, and my search fu wasn't strong enough to find the answers. If you create the powers are you able to swap powers in and out of the alpha slot? Does Vigor increase regeneration and absorb or only direct/self heals? Thank you!
  7. Aiax

    Costume Help

    Sadly don't really have much to take a pic of us as I keep getting stuck on the feet and haven't progressed beyond that. I will check those ones and see if anything clicks. I think I looked at the resistance pants and was debating them. Thank you very much!
  8. Hopefully I am posting in the right spot. For some characters depending on concept I have used bits and pieces of the cybertech costume parts. For one character I have decided to go entirely cybertech with a few tweaks here and there, to fill in missing pieces. I like the look, except for the boots, they don't seem to follow the same design concept as the rest of the set. However I am determined to use them (keeping with theme and all) but for the life of me I cannot find a set of pants that works. None of them seem to flow right. So... if anyone has any suggestions or have found a cybetech boot / pant combo that works I would be much appreciated. Also I double checked under all the categories but just to confirm there are no shoulders, chest pieces, belts or fancy hats/helmets (I know there are the hair styles and face details pieces) for the cybertech set, correct? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Aiax

    Crazy about PBAE

    I love jumping into a group of mobs, firing off pbae attacks and watching them all drop. If anyone has played a DAOC ice wiz you know what I mean. I know this gets harder as you level and the mobs get cc groups have more bosses and lts but I can handle that. Back on live I had a rad/fire blaster that I was working on and enjoyed, on HC I recreated them as a water/fire blaster thinking that whirlpool would be awesome.. which is... but water doesn't feel right for the pbae part. Which got me thinking if there is a better power combo or even archetype. I know that elec/shield have their teleport pbae attacks and many sets have an attack and a toggle, but I can't settle on a combo. Does anyone have any suggestions about maximising pbae in both primary and secondary, for any archetype? Thank you!
  10. Just recent;y came back to the game and still learning all the new changes and adjustments. :-) I re-created an AR / Devices blaster as I always enjoyed running around sniping and playing a hit and run game. I got a lucky drop on another character of the Experienced Marksmen IO that causes snipes to be instant cast. When I got the snipe on my blaster, I noticed that during combat snipes are instant cast as well, which I think is true for all snipes. My question is, is there any benefit to slotting the IO or is it essentially the same thing just done differently and how is it best used ? Thank you!
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